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Flim Flam Enchantment


The Flim Flam Enchantment is an enchantment added by OpenBlocks. This enchantment is applied to any armor piece up to level IV. It will bring bad luck to other players while the enchanted armor is equipped. Players with access to cheat commands can also target a player with the enchantment's effects with the /flimflam <player> <desired effect> command, and change a player's luck with /luck <player> [amount].


Bad luck can cause these effects:[1]

  • Add Bane of Arthropods on random items.
  • Spawn Charged Creepers (with 0 blast radius).
  • Cause negative potion effects such as Blindness and Nausea. It can also give Jump Boost and Speed. These effects have extremely short duration, but very high potency (around level 50).
  • Encase the attacker in Dirt when they put down Torches.
  • Shuffle their inventory.
  • Make about 30% mobs in a 20x20x20 centered around the attacker invisible.
  • Cause them to drop their items.
  • Add some random lore to their items' tooltips.
  • Make them mount nearby mobs (except Squid and Creepers).
  • Rename mobs in a 20x20x20 area around them.
  • Change the color of sheep in a 20x20x20 area around them.
  • If they are surrounded by air on all sides, creates an Ice platform 100 blocks above the ground and teleports them there.
  • Throw Snowballs in a random direction.
  • Play random sounds.
  • Spawn a Squid with a custom name and make it your hat.
  • Teleport them randomly by throwing an Ender Pearl as if it were thrown by them.
  • Spawn in 0-durability items with random enchants (possible exploit with the Ars Magica 2 Arcane Reconstructor, the MineFactory Reloaded Auto-Disenchanter, and Corail Tombstone's Book of Disenchantment).

The effects have different weights, meaning some are more common than others, which is inversely proportional to the severity of the effect. As effects are applied to a player, their bad luck will gradually decrease. Presumably, a player's luck worsens with a higher-tiered enchantment and the more armor pieces it is applied to.



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