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On this page, the changelog for the Flaxbeard's Steam Power mod can be found. This is the official location for the changelog.

Beta 0.29


Released on May 20, 2016

  • INFO: Well, it turns out there were gigantic gamebreaking bugs. Hopefully this is the last one for 1.7.10, but I am not going to promise that because, hey, look at what happened with 0.29.2! \o/
  • FIX: Fix crash when putting armor pieces (like the Traveler's gear) in the Tinkers' Construct Tool Forge (#439).


Released on May 3, 2016.

  • INFO: Assuming there are no gigantic gamebreaking bugs (like every item being given NBT tags when broken *cough cough*), this is the final 1.7.10 version. After this, we will begin working on the update to 1.9.
  • NEW: Native MineTweaker integration. You can now add/remove carving table molds, crucible liquids and recipes, rock smasher recipes, and steaming recipes. Please keep in mind that some things may not work as you hope when using /mt reload. Some things cannot change mid-game for FSP, so when modifying the script, if using reload did not work, be sure to restart the game (#386).
  • TWEAK: Forest Fire improvements: Does not consume additional steam on use, can burn blocks that aren't logs, and burns blocks in Y levels above and below the starting position (#412).
  • TWEAK: Leaf Blower improvements: Destroys leaves in 9x9 area instead of 3x3, and better checks to allow non-OreDict leaves and other materials to be blown (#411).
  • TWEAK: Dragon Roar is now equipped in the mask slot (#409).
  • TWEAK: Rebreather is now equipped in the mask slot (#404).
  • TWEAK: New "single button trackpad" config option to resolve issues with single-button trackpad users (like those who use a Macbook with no mouse, like me) not being able to use the ctrl-click feature with the Esteemed Innovation journal. This will make the ctrl-click feature not care which mouse button is down, as long as one of them is, as LWJGL seems to register all single-button trackpad clicks as only a single mouse button, rather than 0 and 1 respectively (L and R).
  • TWEAK: Indicate that The Void requires the tool be wound up in the book, as it was not obvious before (#395).
  • TWEAK: Improve area of effect mining speed a bit, so it is actually worth using over your fist.
  • TWEAK: The Void upgrade now displays your inventory's coordinates when in a tool. If no inventory is set, it will simply say "The Void" (#407).
  • FIX: Precise Cutting Head priority is lower, which resolves ore duping issues.
  • FIX: More permissive can-harvest-block code for the Precise Cutting Head, which resolves issues where blocks that have no specific harvesting tool or a really low harvest level (like Glowstone) were not getting silk touched (#410).
  • FIX: Fix Redstone Ore not dropping Redstone Ore. The fix for this is moderately hacky, since Redstone Ore and Lit Redstone Ore (which is the block broken) are different blocks, but there should be no side effects.
  • FIX: Improve entry finding code for ctrl/sneak clicking stuff with the Esteemed Innovation journal. This resolves the issue where these features will take you to the middle/end of an entry (for the crafting recipe) or the first page in an entry with many different subentries like the upgrade pages. For example: Steam Hammer would take you to its crafting recipe, and Timber Chain would take you to Forest Fire. These issues never existed at the same time, but there was always at least one of them present. Now, neither.
  • FIX: Items dropped by things that modify block drops, like the Multiplicative Resonator, were not effected by the Void. Now they are.
  • FIX: The Void not sending items anywhere if the inventory was full. Now the items are dropped like normal (#407).
  • FIX: Resolve many NullPointerExceptions caused by connecting/disconnecting steam transporters with the Pipe Wrench (#405).
  • FIX: Set damage to 0 (0 SU) instead of 1 (800 SU) when it is going to get all of its steam drained.
  • FIX: Fix reversed divison in addSteam resulting in bad values thanks to int divison.
  • FIX: Battle Drill properly requires the player to be sneaking.
  • FIX: Fix Exo Projector for steaming recipes with old metadata style (-1 -> 0).
  • FIX: setHarvestLevel is called in BlockSteamcraftOre. This should fix various strange issues, most notably fixes the Exothermic Projector not smelting our ores (zinc and copper).
  • FIX: Fix steam tools ever losing steam such that they would break (#399).
  • FIX: Steam Saw can efficiently break leaves (#396).
  • FIX: Drain the proper amount of steam from the Exosuit when the tools have run out of steam, and they get revved (#400).
  • FIX: Fix NullPointerException when using fake players with the steam tools, like the tablet from Thaumic Tinkerer or Thermal Expansion's Autonomous Activator (#385). This also prevents crashes from mining non-standard (instantly broken, like tall grass) blocks (#392).
  • FIX: Fix Air Strike Conversion Kit only working when the player is not rocket jumping (#387)
  • FIX: Use EntityLivingBase#ticksExisted instead of our own integer to check when to remove the good and bad Exosuit boosts. We try only once per second instead of 5 times per second to remove them now. This inadvertently resolves an issue where the bad boost was not removed if the last piece of armor removed was not the chest plate (#413).
  • FIX: Non-steam tool items no longer get the Ticks and Speed NBT tags set to them. This solves an issue with item stacking (#389)
  • FIX: Flash Boiler filling bug preventing the user from filling outside of the GUI (screw, right clicking with a water container, etc) (#390)
  • FIX: Leap Actuator entry is in the right category in the book, Foot Slot rather than Heel Slot (#391).
  • FIX: Fix NullPointerException when mining the inventory set to the void upgrade, or when that TileEntity has been mined. When this occurs, the void inventory will automatically be unset (#394).
  • FIX: @VERSION@ in mcmod.info properly gets replaced by the version number in the build script.
  • API: ISteamToolUpgrade#getInformation now gives you two ItemStacks, one for the upgrade, and one for the containing tool.
  • API: ISteamTool now extends ISteamChargable.
  • DEV: New -Pdev option to create a dev build, with version numbers as RELVERSION-LATESTCOMMIT-dev.


Released on April 24, 2016.

  • FIX: Shovel and Saw no longer have experimental sound code that I apparently forgot to delete.
  • FIX: Don't modify tool NBT while mining. This resolves a bug preventing the tools from mining at all
  • FIX: Handle client chat messages only on the client, not the server. This fixes the NoClassDefFoundError when installed on a server.
  • FIX: Properly check harvest levels (greater than -> greater than or equal to) for steam drill heads.
  • FIX: Fix potential issues with client-side classes in the Hydro/Pyrophobic Coatings code.
  • FIX: Actually include the Rock Smasher's NEI GUI.


Released on April 23, 2016.

  • INFO: New issue and pull request templates on GitHub repository.
  • INFO: Welcome Lance5057 (of Tinkers' Defense) and DoopPatrol to the Aesthetics Team! Also welcome DivineAspect to the Testing Monkeys team. Divine also helps out a lot with game design, and Lance helps out a lot with development and game design. These new team members have been crucial to this release, and many more to come! <3
  • NEW: Steam Tools can now be upgraded in the Engineering Table. Each tool has a head slot, and a core slot. Some upgrades can be placed into the core slot of any tool!
  • NEW: Exosuit steam will now automatically power the steam tools if they run out.
  • NEW: Steam Cells. Empty Steam Cells can be charged in the Steam Filler to produce Full Steam Cells, which can be used to charge the Exosuit and the Steam Tools with a right click, or automatically with the Steam Cell Filler bauble.
  • NEW: The Void universal core upgrade
  • NEW: Exothermic Projector universal core upgrade
  • NEW: Overclocker universal core upgrade
  • NEW: Big Drill drill head upgrade
  • NEW: Battle Drill drill head upgrade
  • NEW: Stone Grinder drill head upgrade
  • NEW: Precise Cutting Head drill head upgrade
  • NEW: Thermal Drill drill head upgrade
  • NEW: Multiplicative Resonator drill head upgrade
  • NEW: Calamity Injector drill head upgrade
  • NEW: Dynamic drill heads. These can be modified in the FSP-materials.json. I can't briefly describe how this system works, so please read the wiki article about it.
  • NEW: Internal Processing Unit drill core upgrade
  • NEW: Leaf Blower saw head upgrade
  • NEW: Timber Chain saw head upgrade
  • NEW: Forest Fire saw head upgrade
  • NEW: Chainsaw saw head upgrade
  • NEW: Cultivator shovel head upgrade
  • NEW: Rotary Blades shovel head upgrade
  • NEW: Backhoe shovel head upgrade
  • NEW: Sifter shovel core upgrade
  • NEW: Rebreather Exosuit helmet upgrade
  • NEW: Hydrophobic Coatings Exosuit boots upgrade
  • NEW: Pyrophobic Coatings Exosuit boots upgrade
  • NEW: Anchor Heels Exosuit boots upgrade
  • NEW: Piston Push Exosuit chest upgrade
  • NEW: Reloading Holsters Exosuit leggings upgrade
  • NEW: Frequency Shifter Exosuit helmet upgrade
  • NEW: Dragon Roar Exosuit helmet upgrade
  • NEW: Zinc Exosuit Plate
  • NEW: Gilded Iron Exosuit Plate
  • NEW: Gilded Iron Plates, made from dunking iron plates in gold
  • INFO: Release files now use the naming convention "FSP-MCVERSION-RELVERSION"
  • NEW: Tinkers' Construct integration with a new Steam Modifier for tools, which repairs them using steam. TiCo tools with this modifier can be charged in the Steam Charger (Issue #307, PR #369) (Lance5057).
  • NEW: NEI support for Rock Smasher and Steam Heater recipes (#328, #243).
  • NEW: Non-vanilla water containers can now fill boilers (#245, PR #339) (Vidar Johansen, vidaj)
  • NEW: Steamed Salmon (#141).
  • TWEAK: Gilded Iron Ingots are now registered in the OreDictionary as ingotGildedIron
  • TWEAK: Entries opened through shift or control clicking now open to their first page, rather than the page that contains their recipe (#377).
  • TWEAK: SU amount now only shows up in the Exosuit's tooltip if it actually has a tank installed.
  • TWEAK: Valve Pipe redstone control is enabled by default now.
  • TWEAK: The Valve Pipe's redstone control is much more consistent now. When the signal is applied, it closes the pipe, and when it turns off, it opens the pipe. This change does not sacrifice the existing manual system (#263).
  • REFIX: Server crash caused by shift-right clicking things with the Esteemed Innovation journal (#168 #347 #362).
  • FIX: Improve tool tick/speed saving. These values are no longer saved with the player, but with each individual tool. This fixes rendering weirdness when there are multiple tools on the screen. Unfortunately, this also brings a new issue that will not be fixed until post-1.7.10, where the reequip animation plays a few times when winding up the tools.
  • FIX: Pages in the Esteemed Innovation journal no longer overlay on top of each other when the book is opened through in-world shift clicking or in-inventory control clicking (#287).
  • FIX: Exosuit Chestpiece properly loses its charge when its tank is removed (#185).
  • FIX: Exosuit Chestpiece (and really any other thing that had this issue) no longer spins around when charging on the Steam Charger with ItemPhysic installed (#357).
  • FIX: The Rock Smasher API is actually used now.
  • FIX: Vacuums, Fans, and Steam Hammers render on the right side of Item Frames now (#163, #51)
  • FIX: Improve performance of Steam Exosuit, Survivalist's Toolkit, and Steam Tool events (#354).
  • FIX: Improve performance by dynamically setting needed villager fields accessible only once, instead of every tick.
  • FIX: Improve performance by not using unneeded Java reflection in the following areas: pre-initialization, Extendo Fist range extending/checking, Steam Whistle sound playing/checking, villager updates, Blood Magic integration, Botania integration (#353).
  • FIX: Piton Deployer uses the use keybind rather than the right mouse button (PR #350).
  • FIX: Greatly improve networking/packet code. We now use the SimpleImpl system rather than an ancient packet sending/handling system. There are 5 fewer packets being sent, so you should see a huge improvement in the client/server bandwidth usage. This also included fixes for potential, but never noticed/reported, bugs involving modifying NBT data on the client instead of the server. The five packets that were removed were the SpacePacket (sent to server every tick that the player was using the jump key), NoSpacePacket (sent to server every tick that the player was not using the jump key), RocketJumpHackyPacket (sent to client every time the player used the rocket launcher and a rocket exploded), ExplodePacket (sent to client never), and GrapplePacket (sent to server every time the player used the Piton Deployer) (#344, #183, PR #350).
  • FIX: Replace all references of getEntityId or getEntityById with an IExtendedEntityProperties class (one for players, one for villagers). This should improve performance, predictability and reliability of the code (PR #343, and inadvertently PR #350).
  • FIX: Slightly improved performance of some API stuff. You might see performance boosts when loading the game, or viewing the book.
  • FIX: ClassCastException error spam that typically occurred on Cauldron servers during networking (#173).
  • FIX: Monocle keybind is now translatable (PR #342)
  • FIX: Fixed the Exosuit rendering bug in which the arms would stay in place as if they were constantly aiming a bow, typically occurring after using a Flintlock Weapon, although that is not necessarily relevant to the bug aside from testing (#305).
  • FIX: Rocket Launchers can now shoot through the correct blocks, like tall grass (#338).
  • FIX: Fixed all Steamed Food APIs and what-not, allowing for metadata items to be output as steamed food easily (#141).
  • REMOVE: Config options to toggle blocks without effect ore generation no longer exist, because they caused too many problems for no gain. What I mean by this, is that the existence of the ores is not dependent on the generation of them, thus this config just overly complicated the ore code. This lazily fixes a crash bug, too. (#330, #358, #381)
  • FIX: Better integration code by actually using the variables that were added in the cross mod refactor.
  • FIX: Flash Boiler now properly updates the heat countdown (#272).
  • FIX: Boiler heat countdown no longer stays at 0 (#272).
  • FIX: Boiler heat countdown no longer resets when the GUI is exited (#272).
  • FIX: Fix crash that occurred when looking at the ore page in Esteemed Innovation (#321) (jaredlll08).
  • FIX: Fix Vacuum ticking block entity crash (#191) (jaredlll08).
  • FIX: Steam Heaters from Steam Workshops are no longer orphaned/duplicated (#294).
  • API: New addSteam method in ISteamChargable to add an amount of steam to the item. This should expect negative values used to remove steam.
  • API: New constructor in BookPageItem for string formatting.
  • API: New ISteamTool interface. It contains an isWound(ItemStack), hasUpgrade(ItemStack, Item), and toolClass() methods.
  • API: New ISteamToolUpgrade interface. It contains a renderPriority(), getToolSlot(), getInformation(), getIIcons(), and isUniversal() methods.
  • API: New SteamToolSlot enum containing all of the valid steam tool slots (Note: tool integer -1, used by TOOL_CORE, is valid for all tools).
  • API: New UtilSteamTool method to assist in working with steam tools. It contains hasUpgrade(ItemStack, Item), getUpgrades(ItemStack), getUpgradeStacks(ItemStack), and getHarvestLevelModifier(ItemStack).
  • API: New AnimalTradeEvent, fired when a player trades with an animal using the Frequency Shifter
  • API: Proper method in UtilPlates to remove a plate from an Exosuit piece
  • API: ExosuitSlot enum now uses CONSTANT_CASE, so please update your upgrade code.
  • API: Clean up a lot of methods and add docs to a lot of things to help out other developers. You will probably need to update your code to use the new stuff, but chances are, the things that were removed were not even used by you.
  • API: Remove IEnhancement#cost and IEnhancement#getEnhancementName and document the IEnhancement interface (#356).
  • API: Renamed a lot of things in the SteamcraftRegistry, and added a bunch of new methods for adding/removing things (#327).
  • API: You can now actually add molds without having to implement ICrucibleMold. The SteamcraftRegistry molds field didn't really do much because you were required to implement ICrucibleMold in your item. Blank molds are now considered molds instead of standard items.
  • API: addCarvableMold takes an Item instead of an ICrucibleMold.
  • API: New removeMold method to remove an item from the list of valid molds.
  • API: Rocket Launcher shots now post an ArrowLooseEvent to the Minecraft Forge Event Bus, like the Firearm shots.
  • DEV: We now use Travis CI for build testing.

Beta 0.28


Released on November 6, 2015.

  • FIX: Assets actually load now.
  • FIX: Fix server crash bug relating to the Exosuit rendering (#322)


Released on November 4, 2015.

  • INFO: Everyone welcome Blorph and Drullkus to the Aesthetics Team!
  • FIX: No longer use deprecated getPickBlock method (#304)
  • REFIX: Musket shots can go through tall grass and stuff (PaperTriangle) (Issue #295, Pull #303)
  • FIX: Exosuit things actually render/update when placed on armor stands and things now. This might also effect when they are worn by a player, but I can't remember. (#144)
  • FIX: Fix StackOverflow error. (hlaaftana) (#275)
  • TWEAK: Workshop spawn limit and weight are now configurable.
  • API: Util things are now in api/util. Developers, you'll need to update your import statements, but that's it.
  • DEV: Resources are now in their own repository in favor of GitHub submodules. Pretty neat


Released on August 13, 2015.

  • FIX: Did all that can be done on our end to fix crash bug with WorldGenerationManager, which also improves ore generation performance slightly (If the bug is still present, bug the WGM developer(s)) (#296)
  • FIX: Fatal crash and prevention of world load when Botania is installed and an Exo piece is installed before/without the chestplate (#97, #299, #300, and #301)
  • FIX/TWEAK: Musket shots can now go through Tall Grass and other air-like blocks (#295)
  • FIX: Fixed a fatal NullPointerException bug related to packet handling (#268)
  • REMOVE: some legacy cross-mod code (#293) (dev only)
  • FIX: IC2 building issue (dev only)
  • FIX: WAILA building issue (dev only)


Released on August 2, 2015.

  • NEW: Config option to toggle lead plates
  • HOTFIX: Fix NullPointerException preventing mod load


Released on July 31, 2015.

  • NEW: Welcome Strikingwolf to the main dev team, and Kingbudderjr to the mobile dev team!
  • NEW: New config option that will register the ore blocks even if the generation of them is disabled. Disabling these options will disable the generation of the according block in all dimensions (#284)
  • NEW: Damage done by flintlock weapons can now be configured
  • NEW: World Generation Manager mod support (hurr1k4ne)
  • FIX: Florel Laurel shows Mana on Botania items (#273)
  • FIX: Iron Ingots are no longer the input for the creation of Gilded Ingots; the OreDict entry for ingotIron is.
  • FIX: Update Fluid stuff to use FluidStack.getFluid().getID() rather than the no longer existing FluidStack.getFluidID().
  • TWEAK/FIX: Major refactor of all mod support to interact with mods in a more direct way, making it easier to add future integration and test/use current integration.
  • TWEAK: Add CodeChickenCore and NotEnoughItems as dependencies to prepare for future integration


Released on March 28, 2015.

  • FIX: Fixed ClassCastException crash caused by the Crucible and placing a TileEntity that is not the Steam Heater underneath it (#257)


Released on March 26, 2015.

  • TWEAK: Crucible is no longer restricted to Blocks.fire. It now accepts all blocks of the material Material.fire.
  • FIX: (Strikingwolf) catch Exception = bad
  • FIX: Some server crash caused by overloaded NullPointerException spam (#244)


Released on March 17, 2015.

  • NEW: Config options for steam consumption rates of: Fan, Archimedes Screw, Steam Hammer, Steam Heater, and the Vacuum (#184)
  • NEW: Steam Heater can now be used to heat the Crucible, for the same amount of steam as it costs to heat a furnace (#246)
  • NEW: Thaumcraft Nitor can now be used to heat the Crucible (#171)
  • FIX: Added null check to SteamHeater TE, which should prevent NPEs (#166)


Released on March 13, 2015.


Released on March 9, 2015.

  • FIX: Probably fixed a major bug involving dimension swapping and wrong generation schemes for dimensions (#224)
  • TWEAK: Steam Tanks can now store 80k steam instead of 50k. This makes it 33% more efficient to store in tanks than pipes (#190)


Released on March 5, 2015.

  • FIX: Fixes Mold's bounding box so that it can no longer kill entities that walk through it (#217)
  • FIX: Fixed Steam Hammer performance issue (#206)
  • FIX: Blocks that are instances of BlockFluidClassic, BlockFluidFinite, or BlockFluidBase no longer have break particles when the Fan is pushing them, fixing a few different possible NPEs (#205)
  • FIX: Server crash when shift-clicking an object from FSP with the journal. This has only been tested on LAN; not actual servers. If the issue still persists on servers, please let us know (it shouldn't). (#168)


Released on March 4, 2015.

  • NEW: Steam consumption for Steam Tools is now configurable
  • NEW: Steam consumption for Power Fist is now configurable
  • FIX: (Zenith) Crucible can now accept items not thrown by a player
  • FIX: Blocks that are not expected to be used with the Rock Smasher (for example: a Gold Block) no longer get infinitely deleted on smash.


Released on March 3, 2015.

  • NEW: (Zenith) Crucibles can now be read by comparators
  • NEW: (Zenith) Molds can output to pipes and hoppers
  • NEW: Crucibles can tip when activated with a redstone signal or pulse
  • NEW: Copper and Zinc should be able to generate in stone nodes in custom dimension IDs.
  • TWEAK: Rocket Launcher block damage is now enabled/disabled based on gamerules.

Beta 0.27


  • FIX: (ganymedes01) Fixed Rock Smasher crash bug caused by API things or something (#209, #204, #203, #200)
  • TWEAK: (CurePindal) Jump Boost steam consumption can be configured (#184)
  • TWEAK: (CurePindal) Jetpack steam consumption can be configured (#184)
  • TWEAK: (CurePindal) Thruster steam consumption can be configured (#184)
  • TWEAK: (CurePindal) Run assist steam consumption can be configured (#184)
  • TWEAK: Steam Tanks' steam storage can be configured (#184)


  • API: (ganymedes01) Smashed Ore API thing
  • NEW: Exosuit steam consumption rate is now configurable (#184)
  • NEW: (Ghoughpteighbteau) Pressure Converter can now output directly into storage devices
  • NEW: FSP/Natura/IC2 cross integration
  • FIX: (Gholuk) Fixed NPE with Valve Pipe (#174)
  • FIX: (Ghoughptieghbteau) Fixed Pressure Converter crash when not using IC2 steam (#172)
  • FIX: Copper and Zinc have correct textures when not in the overworld, end, or nether (#170)
  • FIX: (allaryin) Server crash bug with Valve Pipe and Flash Boiler
  • FIX: (Gholuk) Village crash bug (#165)
  • FIX: (Gholuk) Closed valves no longer join existing networks or create new networks (#186)
  • FIX: (Gholuk) Vacuum stopping issue (#159 and #52)
  • FIX: Dependency issue with Baubles (#177)
  • FIX: Engineering Table material (#181)



  • API: Added IPipeWrench, which will allow tools from other mods to work as FSP Pipe Wrenches.
  • REMOVE: Remove Brass Knuckles because it's not useful, and is unbalanced. Make sure to remove it from your Exosuit before updating.
  • FIX: Zinc and Copper actually generate in the End and Nether now.


  • TWEAK: Brass Knuckles are now disabled by default, because they can be seen as going against the theme of the mod. If you already have them in your world, please make sure to enable this.
  • TWEAK: Nerfed Brass Knuckles damage and recipe
  • FIX: Hurt animation no longer called if the world is a server world. This should fix a NoSuchMethodError crash on servers. My computer is not powerful enough to test a modded server and client running at the same time, so if the issue persists please tell me. (#157)
  • FIX: Brass Knuckles recipe should now work with the Power Fist on the bottom row.
  • FIX: IC2 Canned Food recipes now input and output a balanced amount of cans (#152)


  • NEW: Brass Knuckles (#151)
  • NEW: Config options to enable/disable mod integration
  • NEW: Zinc Ore and Copper Ore generate in the End and Nether. Same blocks, different textures based on the dimension the person is in. (#132 on FSP's Issue Tracker and #42 on PhoenixCraft's Issue Tracker)
  • FIX: (dmillerw) Fixed null Yeti Hide recipe. This fixes a crash bug with the Esteemed Innovation and stops Hardcore Ender Expansion from complaining (#146 and #145)
  • FIX: Steam Heater and Exosuits no longer get their icons server-side.
  • FIX: Fixed variable names in all classes. This doesn't change anything in-game or from a user POV, but for people working on the mod, and for people wanting to learn from it, this is very helpful. This includes p_######_#_, some wrongly named variables (tileentitysteamcharger set to TileEntitySteamHammer), and some more descriptive variables (World var1, int var2 -> World world, int meta in createTileEntity methods).
  • FIX: Added @Override annotation in a lot of classes. This doesn't really change much, but will make it easier to port to newer versions of Forge, and might prevent some errors.
  • FIX: Got rid of commented out WAILA integration, because WAILA Integration mod has support for FSP.
  • FIX: Got rid of derpy code I wrote when doing some rendering stuff with the Steam Filler; it now uses the old code that Flax (or someone) wrote ages ago. This should fix some rendering issues.
  • FIX: Capitalization in config file.
  • FIX: Monacle -> Monocle in config file and key bind screen.

Beta 0.26


  • NEW: Everyone welcome Xbony2, maintainer of IC2 Nuclear Control, creator of Bony's Desertcraft and AFSU Mod, to the FSP dev team!
  • NEW: Steamed food can now be canned in the Canning Machine (#140)
  • FIX: GT ERROR 01 (#117)
  • FIX: Added Rocket Launchers to the Recent Creations section of the book.
  • FIX: Removed useless iron nugget/ingot recipes
  • FIX: Fixed Enchiridion NPE causing console spam
  • FIX: Removed Cloaking potion effect, because it was useless and caused issues with other mod effects. This should fix Hunger Overhaul compatibility. (#131)
  • FIX: (dmillerw) Fixed sound handling (#144)
  • FIX: (dmillerw) Fixed untextured particles on extended Rock Smasher (#92)
  • FIX: (dmillerw) Fixed rendering and memory leak with Exosuit (#121)
  • FIX: (dmillerw) Disabling the exosuit no longer causes crash (#126)
  • FIX: (dmillerw) Fixed Esteemed Innovation click handling (#124)
  • FIX: Fixed mcmod.info json comma placement. This should fix some Cauldron compatibility.


  • TWEAK: Added "SatanicSanta" to author list in mcmod.info
  • FIX: Item Mortar cannon faces the correct way in most cases. (#103)
  • FIX: Power Fist no longer causes crash. Not sure when this was actually fixed, so I'm putting it in this changelog. (#111 and #107)
  • FIX: Exosuit no longer causes a memory leak. Memory usage will go up when it is worn, still. It just won't continously go up until your computer dies; it's stable now.


  • HOTFIX: Fixed Resonant Induction compatibility again. (#116)


  • NEW: Added Rocket Launchers
  • FIX: Fixed Resonant Induction Tile Entity ID conflict (#118)
  • FIX: Fixed typos in Esteemed Innovation journal
  • FIX: Took Flax's weird word doc essay things out of the assets


  • ADDITION: Nether Crucible
  • CHANGE: Crucibles take a few moments to melt ingots
  • BUGFIX: Fixed client lag when paired with Thaumcraft 4
  • BUGFIX: Fixed crash with Blood Magic
  • BUGFIX: Fixed issue with ingot duplication
  • BUGFIX: Prolly other stuff I forgot


  • ADDITION: Config option to fix particle crashes
  • BUGFIX: Fixed BM crash on SMP
  • BUGFIX: Fixed lag issue with Flash Boiler


Beta 0.25



  • NOTE: Steam in existing steam networks will disappear with this update.
  • CHANGE: Steam Gauges placed on the Steam Filler will now report the steam in the item being filled rather than network pressure.
  • CHANGE: Pipe Wrenches now alternate pointing a block towards and away from you when right clicking the front face
  • BUGFIX: Steam pipes that are camo’d no longer have derpy hitboxes
  • BUGFIX: Boiler/Flash Boiler burning/off sync has been fixed.
  • BUGFIX: Flash Boiler now has the intended capacity, and should therefore generate pressure at a much faster rate.
  • BUGFIX: Steam should no longer disappear from a steam network when its chunk unloads
  • BUGFIX: Various oddities that occurred in the steam network when connecting/disconnecting pipes with the wrench have been addressed.
  • BUGFIX: Many debug messages have been removed and FSP should no longer spam your console


  • IMPORTANT: Due to many changes, it may be necessary to break and replace steam-related blocks.
  • ADDITION: Added Pipe Wrench
  • ADDITION: Added Pressure Converter
  • ADDITION: Added Fan
  • ADDITION: Added Vacuum
  • ADDITION: Added Steam Whistle
  • ADDITION: Added Pipe Concealment
  • ADDITION: Added the ability to connect or disconnect pipes from machines or other pipes
  • ADDITION: Steam system entry in Esteemed Innovation
  • ADDITION: Recent Creations section in Esteemed Innovation (where new things will go)
  • ADDITION: Added the ability to disable most blocks/items in the configs
  • ADDITION: Added wimp mode for those that can’t handle the full power of steam (no explosions)
  • ADDITION: Rock Smasher can be toggled to simply harvest blocks instead of smashing (see pipe wrench)
  • CHANGE: Default behavior of the Rock Smasher is to smash cobble to gravel, gravel to sand
  • BUGFIX: Flash Boiler explosions no longer crash servers
  • BUGFIX: Fixed Flash Boiler texture when running
  • BUGFIX: Fixed several other crashes related to the new steam system

Beta 0.24


  • ADDITION: Added language support for several languages. (Chinese, German, Portugese)
  • CHANGE: Complete rewrite of steam system. Does not require server reset, but existing steam systems will lose all steam they currently have.
  • CHANGE: Massive performance increases, especially in SMP
  • CHANGE: Changed oredict format for plates to “plateSteamcraft”, fixing dupe bug with IC2
  • CHANGE: Boilers are now more susceptible to catastrophic failure than pipes, consistent with real world.
  • CHANGE: Tweaked steam tools
  • CHANGE: Animation sync in SMP improved across the board.
  • BUGFIX: Steam Hammer no longer duplicates items when broken
  • BUGFIX: Rock Smasher no longer destroys bedrock
  • BUGFIX: Rock Smasher no longer flickers
  • BUGFIX: Rock Smasher no longer attempts to smash obsidian, water
  • BUGFIX: Thumper no longer destroys bedrock
  • BUGFIX: Pick-block functionality now gives the correct block when used on a running boiler
  • BUGFIX: Archimedes Screw now correctly updates water blocks
  • BUGFIX: Steam tools no longer break when they run out of steam
  • BUGFIX: Steam tools mine correct blocks (Axe now mines slabs quickly, etc)
  • BUGFIX: Ender IO should no longer give smashed nickel when no mod that adds nickel is loaded
  • BUGFIX: Exosuit now correctly grants armor points
  • BUGFIX: Fixed exosuit model related memory leaks

Beta 0.23


  • ADDITION: Added FSP villager
  • BUGFIX: Rock Smasher drops items for non-ore blocks
  • BUGFIX: Fixed Thaumcraft 4 integration (re-enabled)
  • BUGFIX: Exosuit now correctly grants armor points
  • BUGFIX: Fixed exosuit model related memory leaks

Beta 0.22


  • BUGFIX: Fixed Flintlock Pistol crashing engineering table
  • BUGFIX: Fixed Rock Smasher not dropping items (Only needed fixing for 1.7.10)
  • BUGFIX: Fixed pick block for Thumper
  • BUGFIX: Fixed NEI support


  • CHANGE: Removed Thaumcraft 4+WAILA integration for the time being
  • CHANGE: Updated for 1.7.10

Beta 0.21


  • ADDITION: Flash Boiler
  • ADDITION: Rock Smasher
  • ADDITION: Thumper
  • ADDITION: Steam powered tools
  • ADDITION: Rupture Disc
  • ADDITION: Machines explode at high pressure
  • ADDITION: Exosuit Thrusters upgrade
  • ADDITION: Gilded iron
  • ADDITION: Brass armor
  • ADDITION: Gilded armor
  • ADDITION: Storage blocks
  • CHANGE: Pump only turns while pumping
  • CHANGE: Valves no longer adjust based on redstone
  • CHANGE: Steam Gauges can now be read by comparators
  • CHANGE: Boilers now have particles
  • CHANGE: Background tweaks to the enhancement system, no ingame effect
  • CHANGE: Boilers now have a steam texture instead of defaulting to water
  • BUGFIX: Crucible now consumes only what it can hold when a stack is thrown in
  • BUGFIX: Fixed crucible/mold sync issues with tipping animation
  • BUGFIX: Fixed boiler GUI sync issues with the burning display
  • BUGFIX: Fixed pumps endlessly appearing to pump into filled containers
  • BUGFIX: Fixed hitbox on the mold so players no longer infinitely fall



  • BUGFIX: Fixed crashes related to the exosuit
  • BUGFIX: Fixed client/server sync for the Crucible (for reals)


  • ADDITION: Reload bar for firearms
  • CHANGE: Musket cartridge recipe much easier. Harder one is a config option.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed FSP tab name
  • BUGFIX: No more Archimedes Screw lag spikes! Thanks to zenith, our new dev!



  • BUGFIX: More server stuff


  • BUGFIX: Works on servers!


  • ADDITION: Survivalist's Toolkit
  • ADDITION: Archimedes Screw
  • CHANGE: Config added for passive steam consumption on the exosuit
  • CHANGE: Exosuit recipe includes pistons
  • BUGFIX: Fixed sync issues with the mold
  • BUGFIX: Fixed issues with the mold eating metal or outputting incorrect results
  • BUGFIX: Steam pipes no longer crash when adjacent to other mod's pipes, when fluid steam is not added.
  • BUGFIX: More fixes that I can't remember.


  • ADDITION: WAILA support! Thanks to wasliebob for helping me learn my way around the WAILA API.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed crash related to other mods' liquid containers
  • BUGFIX: Fixed another bug with other mods' pipes, without fluid steam.


  • ADDITION: Valve Pipes (HL3 confirmed)
  • BUGFIX: Fixed boiler GUI
  • BUGFIX: Fixed molds not showing the mold inside on save+load
  • BUGFIX: Fixed crashes with steam heater on multiplayer


  • CHANGE: Exosuit storage capacity changed to 30 mins of fuel
  • CHANGE: Lowered jetpack cost to 1 SU/tick
  • CHANGE: Changed mold block recipe so it no longer conflicts
  • CHANGE: Allowed using lava under the crucible
  • BUGFIX: Removed new forge hook dependency
  • BUGFIX: Steam pipes no longer crash when adjacent to other mod's pipes, when fluid steam is not added.
  • BUGFIX: You no longer suffocate in steam hammers or the crucible.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed alloys disappearing in the crucible.
  • BUGFIX: Made molds have mining time.
  • BUGFIX: You no longer instantly die when hurt wearing an exosuit


  • ADDITION: Added information and crafting for flintlock weapons
  • ADDITION: Support for shapeless recipes in the book
  • ADDITION: Spyglass crafting+info
  • CHANGE: Changed how spyglass worked
  • BUGFIX: Made sure ores dropped the correct item


  • Initial public release