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ModsImmersive Petroleum
Discontinued modsFlaxbeard's Steam Power
Thaumic Exploration
Thaumic Reliquary

Flaxbeard is a mod author and developer of Flaxbeard's Steam Power and Thaumic Exploration. He began his modding career by creating Thaumic Exploration in the winter of 2013, a Thaumcraft addon mod that added a variety of new content. During this time, Flaxbeard also developed Thaumic Reliquary, a mod to integrate Thaumcraft and Reliquary. In spring of 2014, Flaxbeard transferred ownership of Thaumic Exploration to Nekosune, developer of Thaumic Tinkerer. Flaxbeard then began to develop Flaxbeard's Steam Power, at the time known as Steamcraft. He was later joined by co-dev Zenith. This project's ownership was eventually transferred to SatanicSanta, who formed the Esteemed Innovation Team.

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