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The Flawless Calculator is a device added by Calculator. It can carry up to 16 modules which can all be used at any time and share their Redstone Flux storage.

The modules installed inside a Flawless Calculator can be modified by putting it inside a Module Workstation. The player can select a module by sneaking and right clicking, then choosing from the list that is displayed, and can use the currently selected module simply by right clicking.

It can also be inserted into a Docking Station in order to automate the usage of the Flawless Crafting module.


The following modules can be inserted and used inside a Flawless Calculator :

Item Module name Function Uses RF Installed by default

End Diamond
Flawless Crafting Combines 4 items into a new one. No Yes

Atomic Assembly
Dynamic Crafting Same as the Dynamic Calculator. No Yes

Crafting Calculator
Normal Crafting Same as the Crafting Calculator. No Yes

Storage Module
Storage Module Same as the Storage Module. No Yes

Energy Module
Energy Module Same as the Energy Module. Yes Yes

Calculator Same as the Calculator. Yes No

Scientific Calculator
Scientific Calculator Same as the Scientific Calculator. No No

Spawn Grenade Creates and throws a Grenade. This costs 10,000 RF. Yes No

Ender Pearl
Spawn Ender Pearl Creates and throws an Ender Pearl. This requires 1,000 RF (but does not use it). Yes No

Warp Module
Home Teleport Same as the Warp Module. This requires 1,000 RF (but does not use it). Yes No

Jump Module
Jump Module Same as the Jump Module. No No