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Current developersMyrathi
Supported Minecraft versions1.5.1-1.7.10

FlatSigns is a mod by Myrathi. It provides new sign functionality that allows signs to be placed flat on the ceiling, or the floor via sneak-click. It also adds the ability to edit already-placed signs using Sponges and Sponge Wipes.

There are no "new" sign blocks—placing a normal sign item on the ceiling or sneak-placing one on the floor will result in the new, flat style of sign. Sign text can be entered normally.

To edit a sign that already exists in the world, the player can right-click on it with a Sponge or Sponge Wipe.

Sponges are accessible outside of creative mode with this mod by throwing Yellow Wool into Water, or onto the ground while it is raining. Additionally, FlatSigns adds recipes for Sponges.

Sponges are single-use. For a more reusable option, Sponge Wipes can be made by crafting Sponges with Cactus Green (to give it a rougher side, akin to steel wool), which have 10 durability points.

Sneaking while using a Sponge on a Sign will suppress the editing functionality and place the Sponge as normal.


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