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Flash Boiler

ModFlaxbeard's Steam Power
Blast resistance6
Liquid storage80,000 mB
Previous tier
Steam storage default500,000 SU
Technical details
First appearance0.21.5
Flaxbeard's Steam Power Information
Journal entry Flash Boiler
I find myself needing more and more boilers as my steam usage continues to increase. I grew fed up with the endless boilers filling my workshop, so I set out to make something superior. The result? The flash boiler.The flash boiler is constructed by placing its components in a 2x2x2 cube shape. I can then start to power it. The flash boiler consumes water and fuel at a rate tenfold that of the basic boiler, but its output is also tenfold. The flash boiler requires time to heat up, and will not produce steam as quickly or as efficiently until warmed up.
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The Flash Boiler is a multi-block structure from the Flaxbeard's Steam Power mod. It is an upgraded version of the Boiler. It creates steam when given solid fuel, such as coal or wood, and water. Steam can be piped out of the top 4 blocks on any side, including the top. Water can be input into it by using a bucket of water on the multi-block, by placing a bucket of water in the lower GUI slot, by pumping it in with an Archimedes Screw, or by other means of fluid transport. Water can be pumped into it from all sides.

It uses the same GUI as the Boiler, the top input slot on the left is used to input fuel, the bottom input slot to input water. The left tank on the GUI displays the water stored within the Boiler, and the right tank the steam content. It can store 80 buckets of water, and 500,000SU of steam, both 10x as much as the Boiler. As well as the increased water and steam storage capacity, the Flash Boiler will consume water and fuel 10x as fast as the Boiler, outputting steam 10x as fast.

In older versions of FSP, the Flash Boiler required time to heat up, and did not produce steam quickly or efficiently until it was warmed up. This feature was removed temporarily to encourage use of the Flash Boiler until more devices that passively consume steam are added to the mod.



Version history
0.21.5ADDITION: Flash Boiler
0.250BUGFIX: Flash Boiler explosions no longer crash servers
BUGFIX: Fixed Flash Boiler texture when running
0.251BUGFIX: Boiler/Flash Boiler burning/off sync has been fixed.
BUGFIX: Flash Boiler now has the intended capacity, and should therefore generate pressure at a much faster rate.
0.252BUGFIX: Fixed critical Flash Boiler bug
0.26.1BUGFIX: Fixed lag issue with Flash Boiler
0.27.4FIX: (allaryin) Server crash bug with Valve Pipe and Flash Boiler
0.290FIX: Flash Boiler now properly updates the heat countdown (#272).
0.292FIX: Flash Boiler filling bug preventing the user from filling outside of the GUI (screw, right clicking with a water container, etc) (#390)