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Flaming Weapon

ModElectroblob's Wizardry
Mana Cost35
Cooldown70 ticks
Usable by WizardsNo
Technical details
Registry nameflaming_weapon
First appearance1.1
Temporarily imbues the first weapon on the caster's hotbar with the power of flame, causing it to set fire to its victims. The magic wears off after 45 seconds.
Spell Book

Flaming Weapon is a spell added by Electroblob's Wizardry.

When cast it grants the Sword or Bow in the wearer's hands or the left most in their hotbar the Fire Imbuement enchantment for 45 seconds. On a Sword it is identical to the Fire Aspect enchantment of the same level. On a Bow it is identical to the Flame enchantment.

Wand Duration Upgrades increase the duration of the enchantment, and potency from fire wands increase the level of the enchantment by I per 15% potency.