Flame Imp

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Flame Imp

TypeHostile monster
Health points50 (Heart.svg × 25)
Damage4 (Normal)
8 (with Demon Heart)

The Flame Imp is an aggressive monster added by Witchery. They can be summoned using the Rite of Summoning. They are not as physically strong as Demons, but are much more mischievous. Flame Imps can be easily swayed if they have a personal gain. They have 50 (Heart.svg × 25) health points. It deals 4 (Heart.svgHeart.svg) points of damage when attacking

Flame Imps may be tamed at the cost of approximately 25 experience levels. To tame one, the user must create a Demonic Contract, and craft it with a Taglock Kit bound to his or herself. The contract must be given to the Flame Imp by using it on the Imp. When tamed, the Flame Imp will protect its master from any hostile entities.

Players can give valuable resources to an imp as a gift by right click on them. A full list of accepted gifts are listed below. Occasionally, an imp will give its master a gift in return. The main gifts are Soul of Hunger Demon, Soul of Fear Demon, and Soul of Anguish Demon. Additional gifts are listed below. After the imp gives a gift there is a cool down before the imp will give another gift. The Flame Imp may at some point give the knowledge to summon a Lord of Torment. This is more likely to happen if the player gives the Imp valuable resources first.

Flame Imps can be used to perform Imp Magic. Imp Magic cannot be performed until the player has given the Imp enough gifts of valuable resources.

Giving a tamed Flame Imp a Demon Heart by using it on the imp will cause it to grow in size, and be much stronger for about 30 minutes. During this time, it will be unable to use Imp Magic. Using an Icy Needle will return it to normal size and strength. When the strength is boosted, a Flame Imp will deal 8 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg) points of damage when attacking.

Gifts and affection

Valuable resources can be given to the Flame Imp in order to build up their affection. Their affection is built up by giving them valuable items. If they surpass 20 affection levels and 3 minutes have elapsed since they last gave the player a gift, they will give the player an item in response to the player giving them an item. It takes about three minutes for a Flame Imp to gift the player another item, and it requires an affection level of at least 20. Their affection level drops one every 300 seconds (5 minutes), and once dropped to zero, they will vanish.

To the Flame Imp

Item Affection boost


Diamond Axe

Diamond Hoe

Diamond Sword

Diamond Shovel

Diamond Pickaxe


Gold Ingot

Nether Star

Blaze Rod

Ghast Tear

Golden Axe

Golden Sword

Golden Hoe

Golden Shovel

Golden Pickaxe

Block of Gold

Block of Emerald

Block of Diamond

Lapis Lazuli Block

Block of Redstone

From the Flame Imp

The first four gifts from the Flame Imp are in a pre-determined order:

After the player has received these four gifts, the player will begin to receive random miscellaneous items.