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This page is about the Fishing Net from the Fishing Nets mod. For other uses, see Fishing Net.
Fishing Net

ModFishing Nets
TypeSolid block

The Fishing Net is a block added by the Fishing Nets mod. It is used to automatically catch fish over time. Fishing Nets will catch fish from adjacent still water blocks. They will make a splashing sound and emit splash particles each time a new fish is caught. Fishing nets can become clogged with seaweed, and will lose their ability to catch fish.

Fishing Nets have a GUI with 13 slots: 9 fish output slots and 4 upgrade slots. The upgrade slots appear as the slots with the arrows, and the rest are standard slots. Upgrades can change existing features and enable new features for the nets. Fishing Net upgrades cannot stack, so only one upgrade may be placed in each slot, allowing for a total of 4 upgrades per net.

Placing the Fishing Net in specific biomes can allow for greater catch-rates. There are only five biomes which will increase the catch-rates: Deep Ocean subtracting 3500 from the chance described in the configuration file, Ocean/Frozen Ocean subtracting 2500, and River/Frozen River subtracting 1000.

Whether the net can become clogged, how frequently it is clogged, and how frequently fish are caught can all be configured in the Fishing Nets configuration file.


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