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Fish Feeder

TypeSolid block

The Fish Feeder is a block added by Mariculture. It is the core block for the fish breeding mechanic. It is where all fish reside and produce eggs. The Fish Feeder will do nothing unless it is set up properly as a Fish Tank. In order to get Fish Food in to the Feeder, the food must be physically dropped into the water that surrounds it in the Fish Tank.


Note: You can use any Mariculture Raw Fish in the crafting recipe


missing - fishFeederGUI.png

  • I: The Food Storage Tank, this is where how much food is in the feeder is shown
  • II: This is the male fish, the indicator to the right is how much health he has left
  • III: Same as male, but this if the slot for the female fish
  • IV: Output slots; There isn't much room, you will probably want to add an inventory to outsides of your Fish Tank
  • V: Upgrade slots for improvement of the Fish Feeder