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Firework Box

ModActually Additions
CF use300 CF/t
CF storage20,000 CF
RF use300 RF/t
RF storage20,000 RF
Tesla use300 T/t
Tesla storage20,000 T

The Firework Box is a block added by Actually Additions. It will randomly generate a Firework Rocket at the cost of 300 Crystal Flux (CF).

Right-clicking the Firework Box with a Redstone Torch will change its mode. Per default, the Firework Box is deactivated by Redstone, but if configured it can be activated by Redstone pulses.

The Firework Box can be right-clicked to have access to its GUI, where various properties of the Firework Rockets launched can be configured.

The Firework Box GUI.



Version history
1.11-r82Changed from using Redstone Flux and Tesla to Crystal Flux.
1.11.2-r96The Firework Box can be customized via the newly added GUI.

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