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Fire in the Pipe 2
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Maintained byKehaan
Version info
Current stable2.3.1

Fire in the Pipe 2 is an ATLauncher and CurseForge modpack made by Kehaan as a sequel to Fire in the Pipe. It changes most of vanilla Minecraft in order to create a new hardcore Minecraft experience where the smallest tasks are hard to achieve.


  • Getting Started in Fire In The Pipe 2

Mods included

Mod Authors
Additional Resources Portablejim
AgriCraft InfinityRaider
Ancient Trees ScottKillen
AnimationAPI thehippomaster21
AppleCore squeek502
Applied Energistics 2 AlgorithmX2
Ars Magica 2 Torarion
Audio Death Portablejim
Automagy Tuhljin
BdLib bdew
Better Storage greenhorns
Better Title Screen Girafi
BetterAchievements Way2muchnoise
BiblioCraft JDSinclair
Binnie's Mods Binnie567
BinniePatcher Chocohead
Blue Power Quetzi
Botania Vazkii
Brandon's Core brandon3055
Carpenter's Blocks Syntaxial
Chance Cubes turkey2349
Chisel tterrag1098
ChocoCraft clienthax
CodeChickenCore chicken_bones
Custom Main Menu lumien231
Custom Pets Purplicious_Cow
Default World Generator fireball1725
Draconic Evolution brandon3055
EiraMoticons BlayTheNinth
Enchiridion joshiejack
EnderCore tterrag1098
Et Futurum ganymedes01
Extra Utilities RWTema
ExtrabiomesXL Annysia
FastCraft Player
FastLeafDecay Olafskii
Forbidden Magic Assassinfox
Forestry SirSengir
Gadomancy makeoo
Gendustry bdew
GregTech 5 Unofficial BloodyAsp
Hardcore Ender Expansion chylex
Hardcore Questing Mode lorddusk
Hardcore Wither thor12022
Hats iChun
Headcrumbs ganymedes01
Hunger Overhaul progwml6
iChunUtil iChun
Iguana Tweaks Parker8283
Iguanas Tinker Tweaks bonusboni
Improving Minecraft pifou92000
IndustrialCraft 2 Player
Inventory Pets Purplicious_Cow
JourneyMap techbrew
Kore Sample scottkillen
Lava Monsters docrobb
MalisisCore Ordinastie
MalisisDoors Ordinastie
Mantle mDiyo
MineTweaker3 StanH
Mob Properties docrobb
MobiusCore ProfMobius
ModTweaker jaredlll08
Mouse Tweaks YaLTeR97
NEI Addons bdew
NEI Integration tonius111
Natura mDiyo
Neat Vazkii
NotEnoughItems chicken_bones
Nuclear Control 2 Xbony2
Pam's HarvestCraft MatrexsVigil
QmunityLib Quetzi
Railcraft CovertJaguar
Realistic Terrain Generation WhichOnesPink
Resource Loader lumien231
Roguelike Dungeons Greymerk
Router Reborn TomEVoll
SG Craft gcewing
Scott's Tweaks scottkillen
Special AI docrobb
Special Mobs docrobb
Storage Drawers jaquadro
Tainted Magic yorkeMC
Thaumcraft azanor
Thaumcraft NEI Plugin DjGiannuzz
Thaumic Energistics Nividica
Thaumic Exploration nekosune
Thaumic Horizons TheKentington
The Spice of Life squeek502
The Betweenlands Mod MrCompost
The Twilight Forest Benimatic
TiC Tooltips squeek502
Tinkered Constructor capitalthree
Tinkers' Mechworks mDiyo
WAILA Plugins tterrag1098
WTF's Expedition: CaveBiomes, Ores, Trees, and Tweaks WhiskytangoFox
WTF's TextureGeneratorLib WhiskytangoFox
WTFCore WhiskytangoFox
Waila ProfMobius
Wawla - What Are We Looking At darkh4x
Witchery Emoniph

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