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Final Castle
ModTwilight Forest

The Final Castle (formerly just The Castle) is a landmark added by Twilight Forest. It is a work in progress and in future updates will house the final boss fight.


The Castle sits on a mesa of Deadrock protected by the Thornlands. Many Forest Ravens can be seen spread out on the mesa of Deadrock. Constructed of off-white brick blocks and highlighted with glowing runes in many colours, the Final Castle is a sprawling collection of towers and walkways around a central keep. Several of the towers are overrun by thorns. Signs inside the castle indicate plans for parkour challenges. As with other areas in the Twilight Forest, jet packs and other flight items can be used to bypass these challenges.


The chambers of the castle are populated with Armored Giants, Kobolds, Adherents, Harbinger Cubes, and Endermen. No other vanilla mobs have been seen spawning inside the castle.


Each chamber and tower of the castle has at least one magical doorway that disappears when right-clicked on and reappears a short time later. Each of the magical doorways is trimmed with a highlight of a particular color. It is assumed that when this part of the mod is completed, there will be color-coded keys to enforce progression. Currently all doors can be opened by right-clicking.


Access to The Castle is via a single tower with a stepped base. From here, the player must make their way through each of the towers and walkways, dealing with hostile mobs and other challenges. One tower of the main keep is adorned with pink rune blocks, with a sign inside indicating plans for a mini-boss to be housed in this tower. One tower, at the far opposite side from the entrance, has windows made of a blue force field, with a sign inside indicating plans for a mini-boss to be housed in this tower.

The Keep

The main entrance to the central keep is adorned with an intricate pattern of glowing, blue rune blocks and is protected by a yellow-trimmed magical doorway. Inside the main keep, a pink force field protects a stairwell to the basement.

The Basement

The basement is a vast area hewn from Deadrock containing several large chambers constructed of colored rune blocks and force fields of a matching color. There are three levels of basement with stairs. Many Adherents patrol the basement, with more present on each lower level. The bottom of the basement leads to a huge drop into a large chamber (50x50x30) with a sign indicating plans for another mini-boss to be housed in this area. It is currently where bats spawns in large numbers regardless of the light level. Surviving upon falling down into this pit may be difficult without having proper equipment and resources.

Final Boss Arena

The top of the Castle holds a space reserved for the final boss fight.

This sign was replaced with holographic text that added a link to the official Twilight Forest's Discord server. A Kobold named "the final boss" was added as a temporary fight replacement.