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Filtered Importer

ModProject Red
Required modulesExpansion

The Filtered Importer is a machine added by Project Red and works similarly to the Importer for the Pressure tube and the Pressure Resistance tube. The machine pumps items from e.g. the Block Breaker in the tube system, so that it is transported e.g. to the next chest (see Usage). Unlike the Importer, entire stacks of items will be transferred when a redstone pulse is applied. You can filter which blocks to allow through by using the item on the GUI. Items passing through the Filtered Importer can be painted as they pass by selecting one of 16 colors in the GUI.

If the mod MineChem is installed, then you can decompose the Filtered Importer with the Chemical Decomposer into specific chemical compounds of MineChem.



Example of a tube system from Block Breaker (left) about the Item Importer (middle) till a chest (right) connected with Pressure tubes. This configuration works equally with the Filtered Importer.

The Filtered Importer works like a pump for items in the tube system of Project Red. The input is on the top and the output on the bottom of the machine (shown in the picture). The sides can not be used. The machine pumps automatically the items from the source to the output and e.g. the next chest.

A right-click on the machine opens the GUI. Items can be placed in the slots in the middle of GUI, and the Filtered Importer ONLY pumps the selected items. If no item is placed in the GUI, than all items are transported (filter = off).

If a Redstone signal reaches the Item Importer than the machine is turned off. Item which are located just on the way to the Item Importer, turn on the device and are led back to the source.