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Filtered Hopper

ModBetter With Mods
TypeSolid block
Blast resistance3.5

The Filtered Hopper is a functional block added by Better With Mods. It is similar to the vanilla Hopper in that it can collect and output items, however it can be used in conjunction with different filters that block or allow certain items from entering. Some of these filters can also be used for several different recipes (see below), such as the creation of Soul Urns through souls.

Any items thrown into the top of the Hopper will be collected within its inventory so long as there is no filter.

When the Filtered Hopper recieves Mechanical Power, it will drain its inventory and EXP (excluding the filter, if there is one) below it. If an inventory below it exists, whether it be an entity or block, the hopper will output into it. Due to this, a Chest (or something similar) will commonly be placed underneath the hopper for simple item pickup. Mechanical Power will also prevent the Hopper from breaking due to souls (see below).

Souls are collected in the hopper through Ground Netherrack and Soul Dust. When the Hopper recieves an 8th soul, it will break (unless mechanically powered), not dropping anything. As mentioned earlier, Souls are extracted from the Filtered Hopper by creating Soul Urns.



The following is a table listing and explaining each filter that can be used with the Filtered Hopper:

Filter Usage Notes
Grate Allows items and blocks with a maximum stack size of 1.
Iron Bars Allows items and blocks with a stack size greater than 1.
Ladder Only allows items, not blocks.
Slats Not yet implemented
Soul Sand Only allows Souls, including Soul Sand itself. Ground Netherrack and Soul Dust both insert 1 soul into the hopper when filtered using Soul Sand.
Wooden Trapdoor Only allows blocks, not items.
Wicker Only allows dusts, sands, seeds, or piles. Commonly used to filter Flint out of Gravel.

If an item that is not a filter is put in the filter slot for the Filtered Hopper then no items will be allowed through.