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Fertilizer Mixer

Blast resistance10
Max RF input100 RF/t
RF use10 RF/t
RF storage20,000 RF

The Fertilizer Mixer is a machine added by Hatchery. It mixes Water with Chicken Manure (or Chicken Manure Blocks) to make Liquid Fertilizer. It can be powered with Redstone Flux (RF) in order to speed up the process.

Water is converted to Liquid Fertilizer at a 1:1 ratio. One Chicken Manure generates 100 mB of Liquid Fertilizer, and one Chicken Manure Block generates 1120 mB. The speed at which the conversion is made depends on the number of Speed Upgrades in the machine.

Speed Upgrade RF/tick mB/tick
Unpowered 0 1
None 10 5
Tier 1 20 10
Tier 2 30 15
Tier 3 40 20

It has 2 upgrade slots where RF Efficiency Upgrades, Speed Upgrades, Tank Upgrades or RF Capacities can be inserted.