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Mod Extra Utilities 2
Width 5
Height 6-8
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The Ferrous-Juniper is a tree added by Extra Utilities 2.

The sapling for the tree can be found in Nether Fortress loot chests in quantities of 1 - 3.

The tree has a special property where when burned, it will convert the regular Ferrous-Juniper Log/Leaves into the burnt variant, without losing any blocks. The leaves will ignite any living entity (and armor stand) on top, but sneaking will prevent this. Any Ferrous-Juniper Log or Leaves placed next to it will be lit on fire on all sides and burnt. Breaking the block will drop Dead Ferrous-Juniper Saplings, which can not be used to grow new trees.

The regular Ferrous-Juniper Log is not directional, meaning it can only be placed facing upward. If it is broken without using Silk Touch, it will drop 1 Ferrous-Juniper Plank.

Any variety of Ferrous-Juniper Planks can be smelted into an Iron Nugget.

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