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The editathon is over. I wrote about the outcome here. The prize we don't know about just yet.

As per the rules (which I encourage you to reread)...

If you're going to opt out, please tell me asap (if you don't care about getting a gift card I encourage you to, so then you can make people's lives easier). The voting ends July 8th (unless there's a tie).

Voting is done on this page here! For simplicities' sake, please structure your vote like the following:

* {{Support|{{U|Xbony2}}}}, for his hard work documenting [[GregTech 4]]. ~~~~

Place this after this comment/the other votes. You don't have to provide a reason why you voted for who you voted for, but I highly encourage you to.

Remember that you can't vote for yourself, and you can't win anything if you don't vote. Additionally, please vote for the participant with "the most contributions of both quality and quantity"! This might not necessarily be the person with the most edits or most pages made, and this might not necessarily be your best buddy. I highly encourage you to go through your fellow editathoners' contributions to see what they did. -Xbony2 (talk) 01:07, 5 July 2018 (UTC)