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The Ye ol' Editathon (an editathon) is an event for any and all FTB Wiki contributors to take part in. It starts on July 24th, 0:00 AM UTC and ends on August 1st, 0:00 AM UTC (hopefully the time will be less messed up this time). This editathon was originally planned to take place on February 24th, to celebrate Feed The Beast's 5-year anniversary, but due to RetroBTM being planned at the same time, it was canceled and delayed until now. This editathon is a bit close to the Let's Just Do It Editathon, but that's only because there's been very few editathons throughout 2017 compared to last year.

Participants should focus on documenting older mods and older versions of mods, with "older" being defined as no longer in widespread use; most mods from Minecraft 1.6 and older versions meet this criteria. Although one might argue 1.7.10 is old because it was released just a little more than three years ago, modpacks like Infinity are still very popular and mainstream (1.7.10 is the most popular version still according to this statistic released by JourneyMap) and thus most mods from that time period won't be counted. Participants do not need to edit continuously or anything like that, although they are encouraged to sink a fair amount of time into it.

Mods that are considered "obsolete" are encouraged over mods that are still popular today. For example, this would include RedPower 2, Thaumcraft 3, XyCraft, but not MineFactory Reloaded or IndustrialCraft 2, although you're free to document what you want.

There's no prizes or anything, this editathon is just for the funz. If you're just in for the prize then you should feel bad about yourself.

It is recommended to stay in contact with other editors through the #FTB-Wikiconnect IRC channel, in order to prevent edit conflicts, ask for help and suggestions, and generally improve the experience by sharing it with others.

Sign-ups started at July 21st, 0:00 AM UTC. You can sign up late/during the editathon if desired.

This is a promotion by Xbony2. Neither Curse nor Twitch sponsors or endorses this promotion, nor are they responsible for this promotion.

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  1. ImmortalPharaoh7 working on DartCraft hopefully.
  2. Xbony2 maybe working on PowerCraft or GregTech 4. Hopefully helping others as usual.
  3. TheSatanicSanta maybe some 1.4 mods idk
  4. Chocohead working on The List, not to be confused with The List.
  5. Hubry probably working on Thaumcraft 3.


The 2017 Ye ol' Editathon was not hugely successful. There were five editathoners total, which was more than the 2016 Ye ol' Editathon, but arguably there was less activity in this editathon. This may be due to it being conducted not long after the Let's Just Do It Editathon, a lack of interest in older mods, and the editathon being too long. However, the 2017 Ye ol' Editathon cannot be seen as a total failure, as there were at least some contributions to older mods, even though the amount of activity was not as high as hoped. Oh well.

The next editathon, well, we'll see. There's plenty of time before the 2017-2018 Editathon (this year it's being renamed to "Editathon" instead of "Marathon," because that makes more sense), so if there's enough interest, maybe we can find a reason for another editathon later in the year. It would probably be somewhere between September and November, feel free to shoot up Xbony2 with ideas.