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The Ye ol' Editathon (an editathon) is an event for any and all FTB Wiki contributors to take part in. It starts on February 24th and ends once the month ends. This editathon is to celebrate Feed The Beast's 4-year anniversary, as on February 24th, 2012, the FTB custom map was announced on the Minecraft Forums.

Participants should generally focus on documenting older mods and older versions of mods, with "older" being defined as no longer in widespread use; most mods from Minecraft 1.6 and older versions meet this criteria. Unlike the 2015-2016 Marathon, participants do not need to edit continuous, although they are encouraged to sink a fair amount of time into it.

Mods that are considered "obsolete" are encouraged over mods that are still popular today. For example, this would include RedPower 2, Thaumcraft 3, XyCraft, but not MineFactory Reloaded or IndustrialCraft 2.

Important note: the Ye ol' Editathon is being extended to March 3rd. This is because most (if not all) of the participants joined later then when it started.



The Ye ol' Editathon started a day later than was planned, and many participants joined even later than that, so the last day was extended from March 1st to March 3rd. Soul Shards 1, XyCraft, PowerCraft and GregTech 4 were all documented. It is up for debate if this editathon was as successful as the last one, but plenty was done. There were 4 "editathoners" in total, all members of the wiki staff once again. The next editathon will probably occur over summer.