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This policy describes what kinds of usernames are acceptable on the FTB wiki, and how unacceptable or doubtful usernames can be dealt with. A username should only be used by one person, and only one person should have only one account, but exceptions may still apply.

You choose your username when creating a user account. All contributions made using that account will then be attributed to the chosen username.

Inappropriate usernames

This section lists the types of usernames that are considered inappropriate. The same criteria also apply to signatures. These lists are not necessarily exhaustive. Use common sense in applying these rules.

Misleading usernames

The following type of usernames may be misleading, thus are not permitted.

  • Usernames that impersonate other users, mod developers and wiki team members.
  • Usernames that gives the impression that the user have permissions that they don't have.
  • Usernames that could be misunderstood as a bot or a script.
  • Usernames including FTB or something similar, making an impression that the user may be affiliated with the FTB team.

Disruptive or offensive usernames

The following type of usernames may be disruptive or offensive, and are thus are not permitted.

  • Usernames that are likely to offend another user.
  • Usernames that contain or imply personal attacks.
  • Usernames that seem to provoke emotional responses.
  • Usernames that show a clear intention to disrupt the wiki.

Promotional usernames

The following type of username are considered promotional, thus are not permitted.

  • Usernames containing email addresses or URLs.
  • Usernames that unambiguously contains the name of a company, group, institution or a product.

Confusing usernames

Some usernames may not fall into any of the above mentioned categories, but still appear problematic. This is often the case with confusing, lengthy usernames and usernames containing gibberish. These users can be blocked if the username causes or contributes to the disruption.

Dealing with inappropriate usernames

If you encounter users with inappropriate usernames mentioned above, these are the actions you could take. Use common sense in making the choice.

Notify the user

If you see a username that is problematic, you can draw their attention to this policy on their talk page, and try to encourage to create an account with a new username or request for a username change from Gamepedia.

Request for comment

If an attempt to discuss a problematic username ends in doubt or disagreement still exists whether the username is appropriate, you open a request for comment on the username on the Administrators' noticeboard, inviting others to discuss the issue.

Report blatant violations

If you think that an username should be immediately blocked or is an obvious violation, report it on the Administrators' noticeboard.

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