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This guide is deprecated; checkout the Conventions for translation administrators guide instead.

Hello sysops and translation admin recruits and newbies! This is a guide on how to properly mark pages, categories, and templates for translations. Questions for specific situations, and just general questions, can be taken to current translation administrators: TheSatanicSanta (talk), Xbony2 (talk), and Retep998 (talk).

In order for pages to be translated, they must first be marked for translation by a translation administrator or a sysop. Doing this is very easy and simple:

First, the admin must add the <translate></translate> tags around the text that should be translated. This does not need to be cut at headers, linebreaks, etc. It should only be cut at parts that should not be translated. Some formatting can be translated. A <languages /> tag should be added to the very bottom of the page.

Then, all links must be turned from the standard [[]] to use the {{L}} template. Templates that can be translated (like {{FTB-Wiki-IRC}}, and unlike {{U}}) need to have {{L}} added to them. Categories also need this. For example: [[Link]] -> {{L|Link}}. {{Infobox |name=Whatever}} -> {{Infobox{{L}} |name=Whatever}}. [[Category:Whatever]] -> [[Category:Whatever{{L}}]].

Once these have been done, there are no formatting errors, and the page is stable, the admin must save it and click the "Mark for translation" button at the top. They should check all of the translation units that are created. Then, they mark it by simply clicking the button. In the future, when pages are edited, they can be remarked for translation by following this final step, or, if there are significant changes, redoing the steps. Use your best judgment. And, if needed, look at other pages' translation markup for help.

One last thing: never do anything with the <T-''xxx''> tags. Don't move them. Don't erase them. Don't edit them. You will break translations if you do that.

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