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  • Focusing only on one project/mod can get yourself worn out easily. It is recommended to try to to work between a few projects to prevent oneself from tiring out.
  • Join us on the FTB Wiki IRC! ‐ #FTB-Wikiconnect. It's more or less the primary form of communication for the editors across the wiki.
  • Or alternatively... join us on our our Discord! It's bridged with the IRC and is also more or less the primary form of communication for editors.
  • In your Preferences, under Appearance, you can switch the skin of the wiki to "Hydra Dark" (demo) if you prefer a dark theme.


  • HuesoDeWiki is a utility mod that you can use to save a lot of time while creating pages. It will create the base page for you just by clicking a button.
  • In your Preferences, under Appearance, and Advanced options, is an option to show hidden categories. This is an easy way to check if an article contains basic flaws like bad parameter values without opening the editing interface.
    • Alternatively, you can also refer to the Backlog page for articles that are in need of improvement.
  • In your Preferences, under Gadgets, a Gadget is available to add syntax highlighting to the editing interface. This is not recommended for experienced editors, as it is very slow on large pages and occasionally buggy, but it can be useful for those unexperienced with wikitext.


  • Right-clicking the Lexica Botania on a block not added by Botania or Vanilla Minecraft will open a link to a page on the block on here, the Official FTB Wiki.
  • DuckDuckGo has a bang for the Feed The Beast Wiki, under !ftb.

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