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The Stub-Stomping Editathon (an editathon) is an event for any and all FTB Wiki users to take part in. It starts on August 23rd (Tuesday) and ends after August 25th (Thursday) (it's a 3-day event). It's more of a "mini-editathon" to celebrate the end of the summer. This editathon focuses on improving existing content that needs it, rather than creating new content. This includes expanding Stubs, correcting Articles needing style editing, updating Articles in need of updating, etc. No prizes or anything, this editathon is just for the funz.

Starting at 9 Article introductions in need of improvement! | Ending at 9!

Starting at 36 Pages requesting images! | Ending at 32!

Starting at 38 Articles in need of updating! | Ending at 39!

Starting at 210 Articles needing style editing! | Ending at 202!

Starting at 18 Articles using P with no mod! | Ending at 11!

Starting at 150 Articles with bad template parameters! | Ending at 116!

Starting at 93 Articles with missing infoboxes! | Ending at 90!

Starting at 45 Articles with no wikilinks! | Ending at 42!

Starting at 15 Articles with too few wikilinks! | Ending at 13!

Starting at 8 Articles with categories needed! | Ending at 7!

Starting at 45 Pages that use PWhatever in Infobox thing‎! | Ending at 45!

Starting at 53 Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls! | Ending at 52!

Starting at 58 Pages with broken file links! | Ending at 57!

Starting at 308 Stubs! | Ending at 306!

Starting at 31 Templates with no documentation! | Ending at 30!

Starting at 83 Work-in-progress articles! | Ending at 82!

Note- the above numbers may not (do not!) include every page that could use improvement, just pages marked as needing it.


  1. Xbony2 (probably fixing tone stuff)
  2. TheSatanicSanta (kinda probably maybe)
  3. Chocohead (fighting with duplicate parameters whilst not on breaks)
  4. Retep998 (not actually participating)
  5. PaladinAHOne (rewriting everything bony wrote; watching power supply explode)
  6. ImmortalPharaoh7 (going to fix stuff in mods that he likes)


This editathon was created last minute and not advertised, so there were no new users, just staff (at least it was 6 this time and not 4). The results were disappointing. It can't be considered a total failure, since there were a fair number of pages cleaned up, but there were not as many pages improved as hoped for/expected. Oh well. The next editathon will be at an unknown date; hopefully we'll be able to get one in before the 2016-2017 Marathon, but only if we can find an excuse to do so.