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Mods with a bold a are addon mods.
Mods with a bold m are considered minor mods, or smaller mods.

When finishing a mod, please do not remove your name from the maintainer list when marking it as done here.

Mod Name Official Maintainers Unofficial Maintainers Status Notes
a Additional Buildcraft Objects Done it seems that the mod is no longer being updated.
a Advanced Fluxian Tools Done
Advanced Genetics Done Could do with a few very minor fixes, apart from that, done!
a Advanced Machines (AtomicStryker) Chocohead Outdated I'll get around to these eventually
a Advanced Machines (Immibis) Chocohead Partially done Feel free to help ;)
a Advanced Power Management
a Advanced Solars Chocohead In progress Just the Molecular Transformer info left
a AE2 Tech Addon
a AFSU Mod ‎Xbony2
Agriculture Partially done
Alternate Terrain Generation
m Animation API Done
a Another One Bites The Dust Done
Applied Energistics Partially done Requires cleanup.
Applied Energistics 2 Al3xthegre4t In progress
Arcane Scrolls TheSatanicSanta Done Updated to latest version for 1.7 :D
m Archimedes' Ships Done
ArmorPlus Sokratis12GR In progress
m ArmorStatusHUD Done
m Aroma1997 Core Done
m AromaBackup Done
Ars Magica 2 SoraZodia In progress
Aura Cascade
m AutoFood Done
a AutoPackager Done
m Autoutils Done
m Backpacks Done
m Back Tools Done
m Balkon's WeaponMod Partially done
m Baubles Done
m bdlib Done
BiblioCraft Mr10movie
a BiblioWoods
m Big Reactors Partially done
m Binnie Core Outdated
Biomes O' Plenty Partially done
Blood Magic Gideonseymour Outdated
Botania Strikingwolf Outdated
m Boost
m bspkrsCore Done
BuildCraft Outdated
a BuildCraft Addon Done
m Calclavia Core Done
Carpenter's Blocks
Cave Control Done
a Cloud Storage Done
a Chargepads Moondrixx Partially done
m ChickenChunks Done
Chisel Partially done
a CodeChickenCore Done
m CoFH Core Done
m CoFH Lib Done
a Compact Solar Arrays Chocohead Done
a Compact Windmills
ComputerCraft Outdated
a CoroUtil Done
m Connected Glass Chocohead Done
m CraftHeraldry Done
m Creeper Collateral Done
m DamageIndicators Done
a Dark Panels Chocohead Done Mod is no longer being developed/updated
a DartPatch Done
Deadly World Gideonseymour Done
m Death Timer Partially done
m denLib Done
a DenPipes
a DenPipes-Emerald Done
a DenPipes-Forestry
m Dense Ores Gideonseymour Done Not really that much to document. Explained it all on the mod page.
Dimensional Doors
m DragonAPI Done
m Dye Trees Partially done
Dynamic Liquid Tanks 2
m EiraIRC Done
a Electro-Magic Tools
m Emasher Resource Xbony2 Outdated
Enchanting Plus
Ender IO trajing Outdated
Ender Forest
EnderStorage Done
Engineer's Toolbox Xbony2
Enhanced Portals 3
Equivalent Exchange 2 Done Mod is no longer being updated.
Equivalent Exchange 3 Outdated
The Erebus Dylan4ever
m EVOC Done
a Extra Bees Partially done Bees done. Machines done.
a ExtraCells
a Extra Trees
Ex Nihilo Partially done
Expanded Redstone
a ExtraTiC
Extra Utilities warlordjones In progress Generators done. Ender Quarry and Pump complete.
ExtrabiomesXL Chocohead In progress Biome pages done, rest still to do
Falling Meteors Mod Xbony2 · PaladinAHOne Partially done
m Fancy Fences
m FinndusFillies Myrathi Done
m FlatSigns Myrathi Done
Flaxbeard's Steam Power TheSatanicSanta · Flaxbeard In progress
m Freedom TheSatanicSanta Done
a Forbidden Magic
Forestry StormSentinel Outdated
m ForgeIRC Done
Forge Multipart Done
Gany's End
Gany's Nether
Gany's Surface
a GateCopy Done
a Gendustry
m GraviGun Done
a GraviSuite Partially done
a GregTech 1
a GregTech 2
a GregTech 3
a GregTech 4 In progress
a GregTech 5 Retep998 In progress
a GregTech 6 Retep998 In progress
Hardcore Questing Mode Gideonseymour In progress Also going to transfer the rest of my guide.
Hats Done
a Hat Stand Partially done
m Hopper Ducts Done
a IC2 Nuclear Control ‎Xbony2 Done
m iChun Util Done
m Immibis Core Done
IndustrialCraft 2 Chocohead Xbony2 Partially done IC2 Experimental info overwrites old.
m InfiniBows Myrathi Done
m Inventory Tweaks Partially done
m Iron Chests Done
JABBA Madnewmy Partially done
m JourneyMap Done
m JuiceWares JuiceGrape
m KingCore TheSatanicSanta Done
m KeithyUtils Done
m Lava Monsters Partially done
a Logistics Pipes
Lycanite's Mobs
m Magical Crops Partially done
a Magic Bees Partially done Bees done.
Mantle Done
Metallurgy 3
m MeteorCraft
m Mimicry
MineChem LuminousLizard In progress
MineFactory Reloaded Partially done
MineTweaker In progress
a MiscPeripherals Partially done
m MobiusCore Done
Modular Force Field System (Calclavia)
a Modular Force Field System (Minalien)
Modular Powersuits
a Modular Powersuits Addons
MoreDimensions ‎Sokratis12GR Done
Morph Done
Morpheus Done
Mystcraft Partially done
Natura Partially done Item for last article is bugged, and Santa is lazy.
m Natural Absorption Done
NedoComputers Chocohead In progress
NEI Done
a NEI Addons Done
a NEI Forestry Plugin
a NEI Plugins
a NEI RedPower Plugin
m Nether Ores
Not Enough Keys Done
a Nucleum Omnium Done
m Numina Done
m ObsidiPlates Myrathi · Moondrixx Done
m OmniTools Done Mod is no longer being updated.
OpenBlocks TheSatanicSanta Done
m OpenMods Lib TheSatanicSanta Done
a OpenPeripheral Addons
a OpenPeripheral Core Done
m OPIS Done
Pam's HarvestCraft
a Petroleum Generator
Player Beacons
PortalGun Partially done
m PowerCrystals Core Done
a Power Converters
Progressive Automation
Project Red LuminousLizard Done
qCraft Partially done
a QuarryPlus
Railcraft TheSatanicSanta Outdated Currently updating to
Random Things
a ReactorCraft Luke14199
RedPower 2 Partially done
a Redstone Arsenal Done
m REI Minimap Done
m Resonant Engine Done
Revamp Done
Roguelike Dungeons
RotaryCraft PaladinAHOne Luke14199 In progress
m Santa's Decor TheSatanicSanta In progress
m Santa's Toys TheSatanicSanta Done
Server Tools Done
a Simply Jetpacks
Steamcraft2 warlordjones · HCSarise In progress
Steve's Carts Partially done Update was in progress. Previous maintainer is gone.
Steve's Factory Manager
m Sort Fix Done
m Soul Shards Outdated
m Sparkly Pants TheSatanicSanta Done
Special Mobs
m StatusEffectHUD Done
m Switches Myrathi Done
m Sync
a Technomancy Partially done
Thaumcraft 3 Partially done
Thaumcraft 4
a Thaumcraft Mob Aspects Done
a Thaumic Tinkerer
a Thaumic Tinkerer KAMI
TheDragonLib Sokratis12GR Done
Thermal Expansion Moondrixx Outdated
a Thermal Expansion 4 Wolfman 123
The Mists of RioV
The Mists of RioV 2 Xbony2 Partially done
The Spice of Life
The Vegan Option
m Timer
Tinkers' Construct
a Tinkers' Construct Tooltips Done
a Tinkers' Steelworks
a Tinkers' Mechworks
m Torch Levers
m Translocators
Tropicraft Partially done
Twilight Forest TheSatanicSanta Outdated Will begin as soon as I finish Railcraft, which shouldn't take too long.
Underground Biomes
Universal Electricity Core Done
UsefulRecipes ‎Sokratis12GR Done
Utility Mobs
Valued Decor
a VoidTech
a WAILA Done
a WAILA Harvestability Done
WeaponsPlus Sokratis12GR Done Integrated into ArmorPlus
Witchery TheSatanicSanta In progress Updating to 0.21.0 currently
World State Checkpoints Done
WR-CBE Partially done
Xeno's Reliquary Done
XyCraft Done Mod is no longer being updated.
YUNoMakeGoodMap Done
m Zan's Minimap Done
Zombie Awareness Done