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Welcome to the Minecraft Wiki exportation project. Around when modded Minecraft started becoming a major thing, when Risugami's ModLoader was popular, a demand grew for modded Minecraft documentation. Many mod authors decided to create articles on their mods on the Minecraft Wiki, but the creation of independent wikis, the Technic Wikis and FTB Wikis made the Minecraft Wiki as a platform for modded content more obsolete. As of now, the Minecraft Wiki's current modded documentation is severely dated and not frequently being updated or extended, with most modern mod wiki documentation being on this wiki or on individual wikis.

Although it was never that popular, there are still a significant amount of mod articles left on the Minecraft Wiki. However, the editors of the Minecraft Wiki are not very interested in maintaining these articles because they are unofficial content, old, and not very used. But here at the Official FTB Wiki, we appreciate mod documentation of all kinds and believe having historical information is useful and important. Thus, the goal of this project will be to export the modded content of the Minecraft Wiki to this wiki, and to redirect modded work to here.

Things to keep in mind while exporting

  • The Minecraft Wiki uses individual images for (modded) tiles, while the FTB Wiki does not. Tilesheets will have to be created for each mod with such images. The files needed can be found as subcategories of mcw:Category:Grid mods.
  • Not all of the modded articles on the Minecraft Wiki go by the same standards as the FTB Wiki. Many times, recipes and block information is listed on the individual mod pages on the Minecraft Wiki, whereas on the FTB Wiki, this is discouraged unless it's a mod with just one item. Many articles from the Minecraft Wiki will have to be split into multiple articles when properly imported.
  • When Minecraft Wiki article is imported to here, that article should be turned into a soft redirect to here.
  • Articles should be imported, not copy-pasted over! This is to preserve history. Ask an admin for this function.

List of exported XML files

See User:Nixinova/Imports.

List of articles to deal with

11.5789% (44/380)
11.5789% (44/380)
  1. mcw:ModJam (to ModJam?)
  2. 2DCraft (to 2DCraft) - done
  3. APIs (to APIs)
  4. A Tale of Kingdoms (to Tale of Kingdoms) - done
  5. Advent of Ascension (to Advent of Ascension) - done
  6. Aesthetic (to Aesthetic)
  7. Airship (to Airship)
  8. AllCraft (to AllCraft)
  9. Better Build Stuff Mod (to Better Build Stuff Mod)
  10. Biome Terrain (to Biome Terrain) - wip
  11. Biosphere (to Biosphere) - done
  12. BlockLauncher (to BlockLauncher)
  13. Book Recipe Mod (to Book Recipe Mod) - wip
  14. Booze (to Booze) - wip
  15. CampingMod (to Camping Mod) - done
  16. Cheating (to Cheating)
  17. Clay Soldiers (to Clay Soldiers) - wip
  18. ComputerCraft (to ComputerCraft) - done
  19. Creating mods (to Creating mods) (deleted)
  20. Creating mods/Adding a recipe (to Creating mods/Adding a recipe)
  21. Creating mods/Creating Blocks (to Creating mods/Creating Blocks)
  22. Creating mods/Creating a mob (to Creating mods/Creating a mob)
  23. Creating mods/Creating an Item (to Creating mods/Creating an Item)
  24. Creating mods/Creating an armor set (to Creating mods/Creating an armor set)
  25. Creating mods/Creating blocks and items (to Creating mods/Creating blocks and items)
  26. Creating mods/Helpful links (to Creating mods/Helpful links)
  27. Creating mods/Methods in Minecraft (to Creating mods/Methods in Minecraft)
  28. Creating mods/Recompiling and reobfuscating (to Creating mods/Recompiling and reobfuscating)
  29. Creating mods/Setting up the MCP workspace (to Creating mods/Setting up the MCP workspace)
  30. Creating mods/Starting your first mod (to Creating mods/Starting your first mod)
  31. Elemental Creepers Mod (to Elemental Creepers) - wip
  32. Ex Nihilo (to Ex Nihilo) - done
  33. Ex Nihilo/Sieve (to Sieve (Ex Nihilo)) - done
  34. Ex Nihilo/Stone (to Stone (Ex Nihilo)) - done
  35. External (to External)
  36. FancyPack (to FancyPack)
  37. Feed The Beast (to Feed The Beast) - done
  38. Fabric (to Fabric) - done
  39. Fireworks (to Fireworks) - wip
  40. Fixes (to Fixes)
  41. Forge (to Minecraft Forge)
  42. Fuel Resourceful 2 (to Fuel Resourceful 2) - wip
  43. Galacticraft (to Galacticraft)
  44. Galacticraft/Copper Ore (to Copper)
  45. Garages (to Garages)
  46. Geolosys (to Geolosys)
  47. Golems (to Golems (mod))
  48. Grappling hook (to Grappling hook) - wip
  49. IHL Tools & Machines (to IHL Tools & Machines)
  50. IHL Tools & Machines/Chemistry (to IHL Tools & Machines/Chemistry)
  51. IHL Tools & Machines/Distillation column (to IHL Tools & Machines/Distillation column)
  52. IHL Tools & Machines/Explosives (to IHL Tools & Machines/Explosives)
  53. IHL Tools & Machines/Iron workbench (to IHL Tools & Machines/Iron workbench)
  54. IHL Tools & Machines/Mirror (to IHL Tools & Machines/Mirror)
  55. IHL Tools & Machines/Recipes modification (to IHL Tools & Machines/Recipes modification)
  56. IndustrialCraft² (to IndustrialCraft²)
  57. IndustrialCraft²/Armor (to IndustrialCraft²/Armor)
  58. IndustrialCraft²/Bronze Boots (to IndustrialCraft²/Bronze Boots)
  59. IndustrialCraft²/Bronze Chestplate (to IndustrialCraft²/Bronze Chestplate)
  60. IndustrialCraft²/Bronze Helmet (to IndustrialCraft²/Bronze Helmet)
  61. IndustrialCraft²/Bronze Leggings (to IndustrialCraft²/Bronze Leggings)
  62. IndustrialCraft²/Building (to IndustrialCraft²/Building)
  63. IndustrialCraft²/Components (to IndustrialCraft²/Components)
  64. IndustrialCraft²/Crafting Recipes (to IndustrialCraft²/Crafting Recipes)
  65. IndustrialCraft²/Crafting Recipes/Bat-Pack (to IndustrialCraft²/Crafting Recipes/Bat-Pack)
  66. IndustrialCraft²/Crafting Recipes/Battery Pack (to IndustrialCraft²/Crafting Recipes/Battery Pack)
  67. IndustrialCraft²/Crafting Recipes/Generator (to IndustrialCraft²/Crafting Recipes/Generator)
  68. IndustrialCraft²/Crafting Recipes/Iron Furnace (to IndustrialCraft²/Crafting Recipes/Iron Furnace)
  69. IndustrialCraft²/Crafting Recipes/Jetpack (to IndustrialCraft²/Crafting Recipes/Jetpack)
  70. IndustrialCraft²/Crafting Recipes/Single-Use Battery (to IndustrialCraft²/Crafting Recipes/Single-Use Battery)
  71. IndustrialCraft²/Derived Materials (to IndustrialCraft²/Derived Materials)
  72. IndustrialCraft²/Devices (to IndustrialCraft²/Devices)
  73. IndustrialCraft²/Energy(to IndustrialCraft²/Energy)
  74. IndustrialCraft²/Food (to IndustrialCraft²/Food)
  75. IndustrialCraft²/Fuel (to IndustrialCraft²/Fuel)
  76. IndustrialCraft²/Industrial Diamond (to IndustrialCraft²/Industrial Diamond)
  77. mcw:Mods/IndustrialCraft²/Machines (to IndustrialCraft²/Machines)
  78. IndustrialCraft²/Mass Fabricator (to IndustrialCraft²/Mass Fabricator)
  79. IndustrialCraft²/Metals (to IndustrialCraft²/Metals)
  80. IndustrialCraft²/Miner (to IndustrialCraft²/Miner)
  81. IndustrialCraft²/Nano Suit (to IndustrialCraft²/Nano Suit)
  82. IndustrialCraft²/Natural Resources (to IndustrialCraft²/Natural Resources)
  83. IndustrialCraft²/Other (to IndustrialCraft²/Other)
  84. IndustrialCraft²/Secret Recipes (to IndustrialCraft²/Secret Recipes)
  85. IndustrialCraft²/Terraformer (to IndustrialCraft²/Terraformer)
  86. IndustrialCraft²/Tin (to Tin)
  87. IndustrialCraft²/Tools (to IndustrialCraft²/Tools)
  88. Installing Forge mods (to Installing Forge mods)
  89. Installing OptiForge (to Installing OptiForge)
  90. Installing OptiForge/Automatic Install (to Installing OptiForge/Automatic Install)
  91. Installing OptiForge/Forge Installer (to Installing OptiForge/Forge Installer)
  92. Installing OptiForge/Manual Install (to Installing OptiForge/Manual Install)
  93. Installing OptiForge/Manual Install/Fresh (to Installing OptiForge/Manual Install/Fresh)
  94. Installing OptiForge/Manual Install/Modify Existing (to Installing OptiForge/Manual Install/Modify Existing)
  95. Installing OptiForge/Manual Install/Modify Existing/mcforge-dl (to Installing OptiForge/Manual Install/Modify Existing/mcforge-dl)
  96. Installing OptiForge/Manual Install/Modify Existing/mcforge-lib (to Installing OptiForge/Manual Install/Modify Existing/mcforge-lib)
  97. Installing OptiForge/Manual Install/Modify Existing/optifine (to Installing OptiForge/Manual Install/Modify Existing/optifine)
  98. Installing OptiForge/Manual Install/With Pre-made JSON (to Installing OptiForge/Manual Install/With Pre-made JSON)
  99. Installing mods (to Installing mods)
  100. Inventory Tweaks (to Inventory Tweaks)
  101. Kitchens (to Kitchens) - wip
  102. Lucky Block (to Lucky Block)
  103. Millénaire (to Millénaire)
  104. MineColony (to MineColonies) - wip
  105. Minecart Mania! (to Minecart Mania!)
  106. MinecraftEdu (to MinecraftEdu)
  107. Minecraft Enhanced (to Minecraft Enhanced)
  108. Minerraria (to Minerraria) - wip
  109. Mithril (to Mithril (mod)) - wip
  110. Mo' Creatures (to Mo' Creatures)
  111. Mo' Creatures/Horse (to Mo' Creatures/Horse)
  112. Mo' Creatures/Kittens (to Mo' Creatures/Kittens)
  113. Mo' Creatures/Mice (to Mo' Creatures/Mice)
  114. Mo' Minecraft (to Mo' Minecraft) - wip
  115. ModOptionsAPI (to ModOptionsAPI)
  116. Mod Compability (to Mod Compability)
  117. Mod packs (to Mod packs)
  118. Modloader (to Modloader)
  119. Moons of Álfheimr (to Moons of Álfheimr)
  120. Moons of Álfheimr/Branch (to Moons of Álfheimr/Branch)
  121. Moons of Álfheimr/Grassy Soil (to Moons of Álfheimr/Grassy Soil)
  122. Moons of Álfheimr/Items (to Moons of Álfheimr/Items)
  123. Moons of Álfheimr/Pickaxe (to Moons of Álfheimr/Pickaxe)
  124. MoreNatureMod (to MoreNatureMod) - wip
  125. MrCrayfishFurniture (to MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod)
  126. Mubble (to Mubble) - done
  127. Mutant Creatures (to Mutant Creatures) - wip
  128. MyCraft (to MyCraft) - wip
  129. Nummynoms (to Nummynoms) - wip
  130. OptiFine (to OptiFine) - done
  131. Outdated (to Outdated)
  132. PhoenixCraft (to PhoenixCraft)
  133. Pistons (to Pistons)
  134. Planes (to Planes)
  135. Planetoids (to Planetoids) - wip
  136. Portal Gun (to User:Xbony2/Portal Gun) - wip, will have to have sections moved to various new pages
  137. Project Malmö (to Project Malmö)
  138. Quiverbow (to Quiverbow) - wip
  139. Real Life Mod (to Real Life Mod) - wip
  140. Real Life Mod/Blast Furnace (to Blast Furnace (Real Life Mod)) - wip
  141. Real Life Mod/Items (to Salt (Real Life Mod), since that's the only item listed) - wip
  142. Rediscovered (to Rediscovered) - wip
  143. Rediscovered/Gear (to Gear (Rediscovered)) - wip
  144. Rediscovered/Version History (to Rediscovered/Version History) - wip
  145. Rift (to Rift (mod)) - wip
  146. Runecraft (to its own wiki) - done
  147. Runecraft/delete (to its own wiki) - done
  148. Runecraft old (to its own wiki) - done
  149. Runecraft old/Armor (to its own wiki) - done
  150. Runecraft old/Automation (to its own wiki) - done
  151. Runecraft old/Basic Runes (to its own wiki) - done
  152. Runecraft old/Building (to its own wiki) - done
  153. Runecraft old/Curses (to its own wiki) - done
  154. Runecraft old/Faith Islands (to its own wiki) - done
  155. Runecraft old/Meta (to its own wiki) - done
  156. Runecraft old/Obsolete (to its own wiki) - done
  157. Runecraft old/Runecraft Guide (to its own wiki) - done
  158. Runecraft old/Secret Doors (to its own wiki) - done
  159. Runecraft old/Teleporters (to its own wiki) - done
  160. Runecraft old/Tiered Block Chart (to its own wiki) - done
  161. Runecraft old/Tool (to its own wiki) - done
  162. Runecraft old/Utility (to its own wiki) - done
  163. Runecraft old/Weapon (to its own wiki) - done
  164. Single Player Commands (to Single Player Commands) - wip
  165. SkyZone (to SkyZone) - wip
  166. Star Wars Droids (to Star Wars Droids) - wip
  167. StupidFood (to StupidFood) - wip
  168. Tekkit (to Technic) - done
  169. Thaumcraft (to Thaumcraft)
  170. Thaumcraft/Arcane Crafting (to Thaumcraft/Arcane Crafting)
  171. Thaumcraft/Aspects (to Thaumcraft/Aspects)
  172. Thaumcraft/Aspects/Aspect Combinations 4.0 (to Thaumcraft/Aspects/Aspect Combinations 4.0)
  173. Thaumcraft/Aspects/Aspect Combinations 4.2.2 (to Thaumcraft/Aspects/Aspect Combinations 4.2.2)
  174. Thaumcraft/Building (to Thaumcraft/Building)
  175. Thaumcraft/Caps (to Thaumcraft/Caps)
  176. Thaumcraft/Charged Thaumium Cap (to Thaumcraft/Charged Thaumium Cap)
  177. Thaumcraft/Copper Cap (to Thaumcraft/Copper Cap)
  178. Thaumcraft/Crucible (to Thaumcraft/Crucible)
  179. Thaumcraft/Getting Started (to Thaumcraft/Getting Started)
  180. Thaumcraft/Golems (to Thaumcraft/Golems)
  181. Thaumcraft/Inert Silver Cap (to Thaumcraft/Inert Silver Cap)
  182. Thaumcraft/Inert Thaumium Cap (to Thaumcraft/Inert Thaumium Cap)
  183. Thaumcraft/Infusion (to Thaumcraft/Infusion)
  184. Thaumcraft/Infusion/Pedestal Layouts (to Thaumcraft/Infusion/Pedestal Layouts)
  185. Thaumcraft/Iron Cap (to Thaumcraft/Iron Cap)
  186. Thaumcraft/Items (to Thaumcraft/Items)
  187. Thaumcraft/Magic (to Thaumcraft/Magic)
  188. Thaumcraft/Mobs (to Thaumcraft/Mobs)
  189. Thaumcraft/Node (to Thaumcraft/Node)
  190. Thaumcraft/Plants (to Thaumcraft/Plants)
  191. Thaumcraft/Recipes (to Thaumcraft/Recipes)
  192. Thaumcraft/Recipes/Arcane (to Thaumcraft/Recipes/Arcane)
  193. Thaumcraft/Recipes/Aspect Sources (to Thaumcraft/Recipes/Aspect Sources)
  194. Thaumcraft/Recipes/Crafting (to Thaumcraft/Recipes/Crafting)
  195. Thaumcraft/Recipes/Crucible (to Thaumcraft/Recipes/Crucible)
  196. Thaumcraft/Recipes/Infusion (to Thaumcraft/Recipes/Infusion)
  197. Thaumcraft/Research (to Thaumcraft/Research)
  198. Thaumcraft/Research/Quickstart (to Thaumcraft/Research/Quickstart)
  199. Thaumcraft/Special Tools (to Thaumcraft/Special Tools)
  200. Thaumcraft/Taint (to Thaumcraft/Taint)
  201. Thaumcraft/Thaumometer (to Thaumcraft/Thaumometer)
  202. Thaumcraft/Wands (to Thaumcraft/Wands)
  203. Thaumcraft/Warp (to Thaumcraft/Warp)
  204. Thaumic Tinkerer (to Thaumic Tinkerer) - done
  205. TheGunMod (to TheGunMod)
  206. TheGunMod/.GUN2 File Format (to TheGunMod/.GUN2 File Format)
  207. TheGunMod/Armory (to TheGunMod/Armory)
  208. The Aether (to The Aether)
  209. The Aether/1.02 Compatibility (to The Aether/1.02 Compatibility?)
  210. The Aether/1.03 Installer About (to The Aether/1.03 Installer About?)
  211. The Aether/1.10 compatibility (to The Aether/1.10 compatibility?)
  212. The Aether/1.9 Compatibility (to The Aether/1.9 Compatibility?)
  213. The Aether/Aechor Petal (to Aechor Petal (The Aether)) - wip
  214. The Aether/Aechor Plant (to Aechor Plant (The Aether)) - wip
  215. The Aether/Aerbunny (to Aerbunny (The Aether)) - wip
  216. The Aether/Aerclouds (to Aerclouds (The Aether)) - wip
  217. The Aether/Aerogel (to Aerogel (The Aether)) - wip
  218. The Aether/Aerwhale (to Aerwhale (The Aether)) - wip
  219. The Aether/Aether Dirt (to Aether Dirt (The Aether)) - done
  220. The Aether/Aether Grass (to Aether Grass (The Aether)) - done
  221. The Aether/Aether Portal (to Aether Portal (The Aether)) - done
  222. Aether Portal Block (to Aether Portal Block (The Aether)) - wip
  223. The Aether/Altar (to Altar (The Aether)) - wip
  224. The Aether/Ambrosium Ore (to Ambrosium Ore (The Aether)) - done
  225. The Aether/Ambrosium Shard (to Ambrosium Shard (The Aether)) - done
  226. The Aether/Ambrosium Torch (to Ambrosium Torch (The Aether)) - done
  227. The Aether/Angelic Stone (to Angelic Stone) - done
  228. The Aether/Armor (to Armor (The Aether)) - wip
  229. The Aether/Axe (to Axe (The Aether)) - wip
  230. The Aether/Baby Moa (to Moa (The Aether)) - wip
  231. The Aether/Berry Bush (to Berry Bush (The Aether)) - wip
  232. The Aether/Blocks (to Blocks (The Aether)) - wip
  233. The Aether/Blue Aercloud (to Blue Aercloud (The Aether)) - done
  234. The Aether/Blue Berry (to Blue Berry (The Aether)) - done
  235. The Aether/Blue Music Disc (to Blue Music Disk) - wip
  236. The Aether/Blue Swet (to Swet (The Aether)) - wip
  237. The Aether/Book of Lore (to Book of Lore) - wip
  238. The Aether/Bronze Dungeon (to Bronze Dungeon) - wip
  239. The Aether/Candy Cane (to Candy Cane (The Aether)) - wip
  240. The Aether/Cape (to Cape (The Aether)) - wip
  241. The Aether/Capes (to Capes (The Aether)) - wip
  242. The Aether/Carved Stone (to Carved Stone (The Aether)) - wip
  243. The Aether/Christmas Leaves (to Christmas Leaves) - wip
  244. The Aether/Cloud Parachute (to Cloud Parachute) - wip
  245. The Aether/Cloud Parachutes (to Cloud Parachutes) - wip
  246. The Aether/Cloud Sentry (to Cloud Sentry (The Aether)) - wip
  247. The Aether/Clouds (to Clouds (The Aether)) - wip
  248. The Aether/Cockatrice (to Cockatrice (The Aether)) - wip
  249. The Aether/Cold Aercloud (to Cold Aercloud (The Aether)) - done
  250. The Aether/Continuum Ore (to Continuum Ore) - wip
  251. The Aether/Crafting (to Crafting (The Aether))
  252. The Aether/Crystal Leaves (to Crystal Leaves (The Aether))
  253. The Aether/Dart Shooter (to Dart Shooter (The Aether))
  254. The Aether/Dart Shooters (to Dart Shooters (The Aether))
  255. The Aether/Darts (to Darts (The Aether))
  256. The Aether/Dungeon Keys (to Dungeon Keys (The Aether))
  257. The Aether/Dungeon Rewards (to Dungeon Rewards (The Aether))
  258. The Aether/Dungeon Stone (to Dungeon Stone (The Aether))
  259. The Aether/Enchanted Aether Grass (to Enchanted Aether Grass (The Aether))
  260. The Aether/Enchanted Dart (to Enchanted Dart (The Aether))
  261. The Aether/Enchanted Gravitite (to Enchanted Gravitite (The Aether))
  262. The Aether/Entities (to Entities (The Aether))
  263. The Aether/Environment (to Environment (The Aether))
  264. The Aether/Features-1.01 (to The Aether/Features-1.01)
  265. The Aether/Fence (to Fence (The Aether))
  266. The Aether/Flowers (to Flowers (The Aether))
  267. The Aether/Flying Cow (to Flying Cow (The Aether))
  268. The Aether/Freezer (to Freezer (The Aether))
  269. The Aether/Ginger Bread Man (to Ginger Bread Man (The Aether))
  270. The Aether/Gloves (to Gloves (The Aether))
  271. The Aether/Gold Aercloud (to The Aether/Gold Aercloud)
  272. The Aether/Gold Dungeon (to The Aether/Gold Dungeon)
  273. The Aether/Golden Amber (to The Aether/Golden Amber)
  274. The Aether/Golden Dart (to The Aether/Golden Dart)
  275. The Aether/Golden Oak Leaves (to The Aether/Golden Oak Leaves)
  276. The Aether/Golden Oak Wood (to The Aether/Golden Oak Wood)
  277. The Aether/Golden Parachute (to The Aether/Golden Parachute)
  278. The Aether/Gravitite Axe (to The Aether/Gravitite Axe)
  279. The Aether/Gravitite Block (to The Aether/Gravitite Block)
  280. The Aether/Gravitite Boots (to The Aether/Gravitite Boots)
  281. The Aether/Gravitite Chestplate (to The Aether/Gravitite Chestplate)
  282. The Aether/Gravitite Helmet (to The Aether/Gravitite Helmet)
  283. The Aether/Gravitite Leggings (to The Aether/Gravitite Leggings)
  284. The Aether/Gravitite Ore (to The Aether/Gravitite Ore)
  285. The Aether/Gravitite Pickaxe (to The Aether/Gravitite Pickaxe)
  286. The Aether/Gravitite Shovel (to The Aether/Gravitite Shovel)
  287. The Aether/Gravitite Sword (to The Aether/Gravitite Sword)
  288. The Aether/Healing Stone (to The Aether/Healing Stone)
  289. The Aether/Hellfire Stone (to The Aether/Hellfire Stone)
  290. The Aether/Holystone (to The Aether/Holystone)
  291. The Aether/Holystone Axe (to The Aether/Holystone Axe)
  292. The Aether/Holystone Brick (to The Aether/Holystone Brick)
  293. The Aether/Holystone Pickaxe (to The Aether/Holystone Pickaxe)
  294. The Aether/Holystone Shovel (to The Aether/Holystone Shovel)
  295. The Aether/Holystone Sword (to The Aether/Holystone Sword)
  296. The Aether/Icestone (to The Aether/Icestone)
  297. The Aether/Incubator (to The Aether/Incubator)
  298. The Aether/Islands (to The Aether/Islands)
  299. The Aether/Items (to The Aether/Items)
  300. The Aether/Light Dungeon Stone (to The Aether/Light Dungeon Stone)
  301. The Aether/Locked Chest (to The Aether/Locked Chest)
  302. The Aether/Mimic (to The Aether/Mimic)
  303. The Aether/Moa (to The Aether/Moa)
  304. The Aether/Moa Eggs (to The Aether/Moa Eggs)
  305. The Aether/Mossy Holystone (to The Aether/Mossy Holystone)
  306. The Aether/Nature Staff (to The Aether/Nature Staff)
  307. The Aether/Pendant (to The Aether/Pendant)
  308. The Aether/Phyg (to The Aether/Phyg)
  309. The Aether/Pickaxe (to The Aether/Pickaxe)
  310. The Aether/Pillar (to The Aether/Pillar)
  311. The Aether/Poison Bucket (to The Aether/Poison Bucket)
  312. The Aether/Poison Dart (to The Aether/Poison Dart)
  313. The Aether/Poison Shooter (to The Aether/Poison Shooter)
  314. The Aether/Present (to The Aether/Present)
  315. The Aether/Projects (to The Aether/Projects)
  316. The Aether/Projects/Blocks (to The Aether/Projects/Blocks)
  317. The Aether/Projects/Items (to The Aether/Projects/Items)
  318. The Aether/Quick Reference (to The Aether/Quick Reference)
  319. The Aether/Quicksoil (to The Aether/Quicksoil)
  320. The Aether/Quicksoil Glass (to The Aether/Quicksoil Glass)
  321. The Aether/Remedy Bucket (to The Aether/Remedy Bucket)
  322. The Aether/Ring (to The Aether/Ring)
  323. The Aether/Saddle (to The Aether/Saddle)
  324. The Aether/Saplings (to The Aether/Saplings)
  325. The Aether/Sentry (to The Aether/Sentry)
  326. The Aether/Sheepuff (to The Aether/Sheepuff)
  327. The Aether/Shovel (to The Aether/Shovel)
  328. The Aether/Silver Dungeon (to The Aether/Silver Dungeon)
  329. The Aether/Skyroot (to The Aether/Skyroot)
  330. The Aether/Skyroot Axe (to The Aether/Skyroot Axe)
  331. The Aether/Skyroot Bucket (to The Aether/Skyroot Bucket)
  332. The Aether/Skyroot Leaves (to The Aether/Skyroot Leaves)
  333. The Aether/Skyroot Pickaxe (to The Aether/Skyroot Pickaxe)
  334. The Aether/Skyroot Planks (to The Aether/Skyroot Planks)
  335. The Aether/Skyroot Shovel (to The Aether/Skyroot Shovel)
  336. The Aether/Skyroot Stick (to The Aether/Skyroot Stick)
  337. The Aether/Skyroot Sword (to The Aether/Skyroot Sword)
  338. The Aether/Skyroot Wood (to The Aether/Skyroot Wood)
  339. The Aether/Slider (to The Aether/Slider)
  340. The Aether/Stairs (to The Aether/Stairs)
  341. The Aether/Stone (to The Aether/Stone)
  342. The Aether/Sun Altar (to The Aether/Sun Altar)
  343. The Aether/Sun Spirit (to The Aether/Sun Spirit)
  344. The Aether/Swet (to The Aether/Swet)
  345. The Aether/Swetty Ball (to The Aether/Swetty Ball)
  346. The Aether/Tools (to The Aether/Tools)
  347. The Aether/Trees (to The Aether/Trees)
  348. The Aether/Troubleshooting (to The Aether/Troubleshooting)
  349. The Aether/Troubleshooting/1.01 (to The Aether/Troubleshooting/1.01)
  350. The Aether/Troubleshooting/1.02 (to The Aether/Troubleshooting/1.02)
  351. The Aether/Valkyrie (to The Aether/Valkyrie)
  352. The Aether/Valkyrie Queen (to The Aether/Valkyrie Queen)
  353. The Aether/Version 1.01 (to The Aether/Version 1.01)
  354. The Aether/Version 1.02 (to The Aether/Version 1.02)
  355. The Aether/Version 1.03 (to The Aether/Version 1.03)
  356. The Aether/Version 1.04 (to The Aether/Version 1.04)
  357. The Aether/Version History (to The Aether/Version History)
  358. The Aether/Victory Medal (to The Aether/Victory Medal)
  359. The Aether/Water Bucket (to The Aether/Water Bucket)
  360. The Aether/Whirlwind (to The Aether/Whirlwind)
  361. The Aether/White Apple (to The Aether/White Apple)
  362. The Aether/Zanite Axe (to Zanite Axe (The Aether))
  363. The Aether/Zanite Block (to Zanite Block (The Aether))
  364. The Aether/Zanite Boots (to Zanite Boots (The Aether))
  365. The Aether/Zanite Chestplate (to Zanite Chestplate (The Aether))
  366. The Aether/Zanite Gemstone (to Zanite Gemstone (The Aether))
  367. The Aether/Zanite Helmet (to Zanite Helmet (The Aether))
  368. The Aether/Zanite Leggings (to Zanite Leggings (The Aether))
  369. The Aether/Zanite Ore (to Zanite Ore (The Aether))
  370. The Aether/Zanite Pickaxe (to Zanite Pickaxe (The Aether))
  371. The Aether/Zanite Shovel (to Zanite Shovel (The Aether))
  372. The Aether/Zanite Sword (to Zanite Sword (The Aether))
  373. The Aether/Zephyr (to The Aether/Zephyr)
  374. TooManyItems (to TooManyItems) - wip
  375. Tropicraft (to Tropicraft)
  376. Twilight Forest (to Twilight Forest)
  377. Twilight Forest/Bighorn Sheep (to Twilight Forest/Bighorn Sheep)
  378. Wild Grass (to Wild Grass) - wip
  379. Wolfestone (to Wolfestone) - wip
  380. WorldEdit (to WorldEdit) - done

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