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The Lazy Bunny Editathon (an editathon) is an event for any and all FTB Wiki contributors to take part in. It starts on September 28th 2017, 0:00 AM UTC and ends on October 2nd, 0:00 AM UTC.

New editors are encouraged to create or extend or translate or improve any part of the wiki as desired! Anything that improves this wiki counts. Experienced participants should work on helping newcomers if possible, as well as finishing off anything that's been lingering on the TODO list for too long. In particular, finishing the move of the defunct Mystcraft Gamepedia to here is on the agenda. Participants do not need to edit continuously, although they are encouraged to sink a fair amount of time into the editathon.

It is recommended to stay in contact with other editors through the FTB Wiki Discord or the #FTB-Wikiconnect IRC channel in order to prevent edit conflicts, ask for help and suggestions, and generally improve the experience by sharing it with others.

Sign-ups begin at September 26th, 0:00 AM UTC. You can sign up late/during the editathon if desired.

This is a promotion by Xbony2. Neither Curse nor Twitch sponsors or endorses this promotion, nor are they responsible for this promotion. The name of this editathon is not meant to cause offense to any bunnies.

Newbie help section

See also: Project:Tips for Editors and Project:FAQ
  • Not sure how to get started? Maybe try.... the Getting started guide! There are also other pages worth looking at, including the Manual of Style and Article creation guideline.
  • If possible, asking for the creation of a tilesheet (what's used to make all of the little pictures) for a particular mod is easier to take care of before the editathon than during. If need be, you might be able to ask an experienced editor to make a navbox for you if you can't be bothered to do that.
  • Collaborating to document a particular mod is certainly possible, but keep in mind MediaWiki as not as good at handling collaborations as something like Google Docs. If collaborating, make sure to communicate with your partners so you don't accidentally write the same article independently, and consider backing up your edits (just copying them into the clipboard before saving is usually good enough) if working on an important page to avoid potential edit conflicts.
  • Don't be shy to ask for help! The Discord or #FTB-Wikiconnect is the best place to do this.


  1. Xbony2 working on implementing the "mcversion" parameter to the rest of the mods, hopefully updating Immersive Engineering, Quark, and maybe some other mods that he has too... and maybe he'll make that Industrial Foregoing navbox that he needs to make.
  2. Hubry trying to either finish or get close to finishing Botania, maybe other stuff.
  3. SirMoogle keeping an eye on articles that need to be retouched and attempting to clear more of the backlog. If tilesheets are updated, hopefully get some work done on Psi spell pieces.
  4. Jovianarchiver wants to update GregTech 5 Unofficial to the latest experimental.
  5. Retep998 is mildly confused.
  6. ImmortalPharaoh7 may or may not finish his 1-year-old to do list of finishing Thaumic Tinkerer and maybe Thaumcraft 4 or some other small mod cough Realm Of Yendor's Artifacts of the Lost cough IndestructiblePharaohVII 15:45, 27 September 2017 (UTC)
  7. TheSatanicSanta xbony2 told me to put my name here so this is really only to make him happy


The Lazy Bunny Editathon was pretty successful! It wasn't really advertised outside of Discord, but there were 7 editathoners total. Despite this being less than other editathons, the participants were fairly active for this mini-editathon. Plenty of documentation was created, with some stuff done by people who didn't sign up but that's fine. As it's over, feel free to relax, editathoners. For the one or two (or one) newbies, we encourage you to continue editing. Of course, you're absolutely free to edit at your own pace, or to not edit at all. You can continue and aim to finish the projects you started and maybe start new projects as well.

The next editathon will probably be the 2017-2018 Editathon. We do have three months before that though, so maybe something else will be fit in, but how likely that is is up for debate. We'll see. (Feel free to shoot up Xbony2 with ideas)