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The modding group Ladysnake is currently partnering us, the FTB Wiki! As a token for our dedication to documentation, they have given us a special Gas Grenade skin (and matching Diffuser skin) that can be used with their new mod, Gaspunk. The Gas Grenade is designed to look like a red book, representing knowledge. Anyone that is on the FTB Wiki Discord server can claim it through Ladysnake's Hissie bot.

Claiming the skin

The Gas Grenade and Diffuser with the FTB Wiki skin on.

  1. Make sure you are in the FTB Wiki Discord.
  2. Enter, preferably in the #sandbox channel, ladyrewards register [uuid]. The uuid should be the full uuid of your Minecraft player, which can be looked up here.
  3. Then, enter ladyrewards claim and you should be good to go! If you leave the FTB Wiki Discord, the skin will cease to function.
  4. Finally, go to the in-game config and make sure the "specialGrenadeSkin" is set to "Encyclopedia". With it on, the Diffusers and Gas Grenades that you craft will possess that skin, along with the Grenades in the Gaspunk creative tab (although not JEI). This is not a client-side feature, so other players can see your swagger.

Also, by the way, there's also a Ladysnake-themed skin that can be claimed on the Ladysnake Discord, which I encourage you to join.

The Hissie bot

"Hissie the Ladysnake" is the name of the bot operated by Ladysnake, used to claim the FTB Wiki skin. Hissie has other functions, however, including large emotes and a search function. These are documented in the #bot-manual channel of the Ladysnake Discord (linked earlier) or here (WIP) and can be used in the FTB Wiki Discord.