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The Invisible TODO list is a hypothetical but totally existing list of everything that needs to be done on the wiki. As the goal of this wiki is basically to document everything in modded Minecraft, from the most popular modpacks to that weird hamster mod hosted on Planet Minecraft, there's certainly a lot missing. And to add on to that, it grows every day as mod authors develop new features. The invisible TODO list is not quite an infinite list, but it is certainly very large. If this wiki was complete, we would very likely be the largest Gamepedia wiki, or maybe even the largest gaming wiki in general. But unfortunately, reaching this goal of completing the invisible TODO list is highly unlikely. It's very probable we'll never get everything documented, but who knows? Maybe some day we can at least get half of it, or a fourth. It is this wiki's dream; and the harder we work, the more likely we could live that dream.

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