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Q: Can I edit this wiki?

A: Try clicking the edit button at the top of the page. Certain pages might be protected, such as the main page and important templates, but yes you can. In the case of protected pages, you can request changes to these pages in their associated talk page or by contacting someone who can edit it. You don't need to sign up anywhere to start editing.

Q: Can I join the wiki staff?

A: We don't have an established staff, anyone and everyone (unless you're blocked) can edit and participate in discussions. If you wish to do something, do something! There's no signing up or anything like that (except for making an account, which we highly recommend if you intend to do a bit more than spelling fixes).

Q: What mods/modpacks can be documented here?

A: All Minecraft mods and modpacks! It doesn't have to be in any FTB modpacks or be an FTB modpack.

Q: I found an error on one of the pages. What should I do?

A: Don't be shy, edit and fix it!

Q: I've been blocked! Why?

A: Probably for a good reason. If you're using a shared IP, it's likely someone vandalized using the same IP. If you have an inappropriate user name, that may be why too. If you want to appeal your block, put a message on your talk page explaining your situation; we may unblock you if the reason is not too serious. Of course, if you are repeatably blocked and repeatably asking to be unblocked, you likely will remain blocked and unable to edit your talk page.

Q: Is this wiki official? What makes this wiki official?

A: Yes. We are affiliated with the FTB Team, and were originally one of their core projects. SatanicSanta technically represents us as part of the core team, although he is not very active nowadays.

Q: I used to have an account on wiki.feed-the-beast.com, but since this wiki is now hosted by Gamepedia/Fandom, I've lost my account! How can I reclaim it?

A: Checkout the User merge instructions on the Help wiki.

Q: Can you add mod XXYYZZ to pack ZZYYXX? When's modpack ZZYYXX coming out anyway? Can you make a modpack with YYZZXX features?

A: No, no and no! Sorry. Although the FTB Wiki is technically part of FTB, we (in general) are not involved with the modpack creation process.

Q: How can we/I contact the editors of this wiki?

A: There are a couple ways. Since we keep up with Recent Changes, you can put an inquiry on a particular article's talk page. For broader things, there are several noticeboards for various topics:
For quicker help, you can usually contact us through our Discord.

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