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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

The FTB Wiki Discord server is for users, editors, and administrators of the Official FTB Wiki to discuss topics relating to the wiki, view recent changes, and/or test bot commands in a sandbox channel.

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  1. The main rule of the server is "don't be a dick" in all cases when posting a message or related. This rule covers:
    • Spam, self-promotion, and advertising.
    • Offensive content and hate speech.
    • Harassment, personal attacks, and derogatory language.
    • Illegal content.
    • Sharing others' personal information.
  2. Server discussion should stay at PG-13 or below. Off-topic discussion is allowed including politics and other adult topics; however, it should be refrained from if it gets in the way of wiki-related discussion.
  3. Requesting for editors to document a particular mod is allowed, but most people have their own agendas and are not paid for wiki work. If you're an established mod author looking for someone to document your mod, we can maybe find someone, but we'll see.
  4. Hostility to other wikis is not allowed, e.g. towards ftbwiki.org. Politely discussing and criticizing "competing" wikis is allowed, but be respectful (see #1). Editors of "competing" wikis are in this Discord server and are welcome like anyone else.
  5. Anyone is allowed to ask questions freely, but this is not the place for non-wiki related support. #Other Discord servers has links to some better places to get help for issues with FTB, modding, or Minecraft.
  6. Discussion in other languages is allowed, but keep in mind the server has an English-majority of users. Do not abuse knowing how to read, write, or speak in a language to talk behind people's backs or exclude people from your conversation (see #1).
  7. Discord moderators reserve that right to kick and/or ban users from this server if they break any of the rules outline here, including the catch-all rule 1. Moderators attempt to kick/ban with good reason, but the right to a trial is not ensured for anyone.
  8. All members, including the moderators, editors, and anyone else, must follow the Discord Terms of Service (ToS). This includes the requirement to be 13 years of age or older to have an account.

If you have read the rules outlined above and are confident you want to discuss matters relating to the wiki itself, press the button below that says "Join the server."

Join the server


On this Discord server, there are multiple roles that help to identify users on the wiki or in the community:

  • Discord owner is the Discord owner, Xbony2 (t · c).
  • Bureaucrat is the bureaucrat user group on the wiki.
  • Administrator is the sysop user group on the wiki. This role also has rights to perform administrative actions on the Discord server.
  • Editor is the editor user group on the wiki. Having the editor role does not mean the user is an active editor, but that they at one point were active enough to be given the role by the community. This group is often pinged on the server to draw attention to votes, discussions, etc.
  • Translator doesn't correspond to any user group on the wiki, but can be assigned to anyone who translates/has translated for the wiki. See Feed The Beast Wiki:Translation guide for information on how to get started.
  • Moderator is for Discord moderators. It doesn't correspond to any user group on the wiki but has been given to trusted individuals by the administrators. Some of these users also are part of the banhammer user group on the wiki. Discord moderators are responsible for enforcing the rules as conservatively and forgiving as possible, along with assigning roles to users.
  • Gamepedia staff is for Gamepedia staff that can be found listed at gphelp:Gamepedia staff.
  • SOAP is for users of the Spam Obliteration and Prevention team.
  • WikiPack 1 is for members of the WikiPack 1 modded Minecraft server.
  • WikiPack 3 is for members of the WikiPack 3 modded Minecraft server.
  • WikiPack 4 is for members of the WikiPack 4 modded Minecraft server.
  • Creator is a general group for Minecraft/modded creators including modders, modpack makers, artists, editors from other wikis, YouTubers, mod translators, and more. Wiki editors from this wiki do not count since active editors should eventually be put in the editor user group.
  • Bot is for bots used to run and manage the Discord server.

Obtaining roles

To get a role, ask a Discord moderator or administrator to add the role to you. If you want the Editor role, make sure you have already been added to the editor user group by a previous vote on the centralized discussion board. Having your Discord linked to your user profile makes it easier to confirm you are the same person on the wiki. Ask a moderator or admin for the role and wait to receive it.

Channel layout

The channels on this Discord server are split up into multiple categories:

Text channels


  • #annoucements
  • #rules
  • #help
  • #recent-changes


  • #general
  • #off-topic
  • #dev
  • #wikipack-1
  • #wikipack-4 (formerly #wikipack-3)
  • #music
  • #bot-spam-and-sandbox (formerly #sandbox)

Voice channels

  • General
  • Editors' voice
  • WikiPack 1 (locked to members of the WikiPack 1 role)
  • WikiPack 4 (locked to members of the WikiPack 4 role)


There are three Bots currently used on the server. "eh there's more that than three, but some are not always on -bony"

  • Dyno is used for moderation and logging of user actions. It also has a helpful tag section used to direct new users to proper help servers. Do ?tags in #sandbox for more information.
  • FTB Wiki IRC is a bot that bridges the IRC channels and Discord server together. It is written in JavaScript and can be found at reactiflux/discord-irc.
  • Statbot is a simple bot used to track statistics related to the server like message count, user count, and more.
  • Wiki-bot is a bot which provides various integrations with MediaWiki and Discord; namely, it provides [[Wikilinking]] while chatting. The bot can be found here.

Current server team

Server administrators
Server moderators

Other languages: