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Questions? Missing stuff?[]

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Todo List[]

  1. Guide formatting, style and voice not uniform. source #6
  2. All GregTech machine Crafting Grid Templates use the GT4 GUIs. Many of these GUIs have had additional elements added to them in GT5, as have their recipes, making it impossible to make complete recipes for the new version.


  1. Armors, tool and weapons comparison. source #10
  2. IC2 crop breeding. source #10
  3. Energy comparison. source #10
  4. Ore processing guide source #10 #63
    • Ore processing output comparision sample
    • Mod specific guides.
  5. Guide to transfering between different transport systems. source #63
  6. Tree breeding guide. source #63
  7. Comparison of how much per tick each liquid movement mechanism is capable of. source #70
    "Definitely a great idea. We really should be making a list of "common" things that each mod does and a comparison between them. Off the bat I got..."
  8. "Energy Output/Type (I know Jaded wanted a page for engines and such, this may fall under that)" -CoderJ (source #71)
  9. Update tilesheet with an updated version of GregTech 5U and GT++ since this wiki seems to be the best repository of GregTech information - lots of machines are missing from newer versions. -- Preceding unsigned comment was added by Fapiko (talkcontribs)