Feed The Beast Wiki

General notices

  • The style guide has been updated.
  • We have now allowed all users to upload files.
  • The recent changes feed can now be accessed at #FTB-Wiki-recentchanges on esper.net.
  • A guide on creating crafting grids correctly has been created, please see the Crafting grid guide.
  • You no longer use {{Langbar}} to create langbars, you should use <languages /> now.
  • Please read and follow the new Article creation guideline.
  • New guidelines have been posted, please always follow the Image uploading guideline.
  • A new Template guideline has been created, please read it before editing and creating templates. Failure to comply can result in a block.
  • Strictly no biting the new comers, this includes the staff.
  • To find tasks to do, please visit the Maintenance page.
  • Be sure to follow out Username policy when creating an account, if you wish to change your account name, please request it on the Administrators' noticeboard. If your username violates the username policy, your user may be blocked from making edits.
  • Please add an edit summary to summarize your contributions when editing, for commonly used edit summary abbreviations, please see Edit summary legend.
  • Welcome to the official Feed the Beast wiki. Be sure to check out our manual of style and Wikipedia's plain and simple guide before you start contributing. For a more in-depth guide to editing wikis, see how to edit a page, and the cheatsheet can help you get familiar with basic wiki markup, feel free to practice and experiment in the Sandbox.
  • The Feed the Beast wiki is currently in the last stage of opening up to the community.

Formatting updates

  • Files beginning with "Grid" can no longer be uploaded.
  • A huge amount of files that already have a "Grid" counter part have been removed. All file redirects have also been removed.
  • Consensus has been achieved to use only one page for metals, with information on how to acquire that metal on the page.
  • A new section regarding the placement of category links and categorizing articles has been created on the Manual of Style.

Tips and tricks