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This policy describes how one should operate bots, and what behaviors are acceptable and unacceptable here on the wiki. It also describes how inappropriate bot behavior will be dealt with.

For general guidelines and standards, please see Wikipedia's bot policies.

When to use a bot

A bot should generally be used when a person plans on performing repetitive tasks that do not require manual human-provided checks for quality and correctness. This is not required, but it is a generally accepted standard here on the FTB Wiki.

If you are performing more than 20 sequential edits that are identical, you should heavily consider using a bot. If you are performing 25 or more sequential identical edits, you are hereby required to use a bot. This is due to the huge amount of spam that a bot causes in the Recent Changes log, and its default amount of edits to show. You will receive a warning and potentially a temp-block for neglecting to do this and not providing reasonable justification for the action.