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Editors are trusted users that have access to a set of restricted tools, for example, editors can delete pages, modify tilesheets and OreDict entries, move pages and files, review translations, view deleted histories, and undelete pages.


Admins or SysOps are trusted users that have access to a set of restricted tools (more restricted than for editors), for example, admins can protect pages, block users, rollback changes, and nuke edits made by users. You can request support from admins on the administrators' noticeboard or communicate directly with one on their talk page.

There are currently 3 admins on this wiki:


Bureaucrats are users that can assign users to groups, modify abuse filters, manage achievements and wiki points, hide usernames, and other bureaucratic tasks.

There are currently 3 bureaucrats on this wiki:


Editor tasks
Category Description Relevant page
Patrol Patrol the recent changes made to the wiki. Unpatrolled pages
New page patrol Patrol new pages added to the wiki. Unpatrolled new pages
Resolve issues Resolve issues and proposals on the wiki. Project:Current issues (10)
Resolve deletion requests Review and resolve normal deletion requests. Request for deletion (5)
Admin tasks
Category Description Relevant page
Resolve speedy deletion requests Review and resolve speedy deletion requests. Request for speedy deletion (0)
Bureaucrat tasks
Category Description Relevant page
Approve bots Approve and grant bot status. Project:Bot operators' noticeboard (0)
Name Description Relevant page
Administrators' noticeboard General noticeboard for administrators. Project:Administrators' noticeboard (2)
Bot operators' noticeboard General noticeboard for bot operators. Project:Bot operators' noticeboard (1)
Translators' noticeboard General noticeboard for translators. Project:Translators' noticeboard (0)
Community noticeboards
Name Description Relevant page
Help desk General questions on editing this wiki. Project:Help desk (0)
Centralized discussion Discussions seeking for more attention. Project:Centralized discussion (9)
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