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The 2021-2022 Editathon (an editathon) is an event for any and all FTB Wiki contributors to take part in. It does not have an official start; rather, it can start at any time a participant wishes so. However, after starting, said participant must continuously contribute for the rest of the year (until it is 2022).

Keep in mind times are subjective due to time zones. The ending/starting time for each editor will likely be at different times, but it should end at 12:00 AM in the editor's local time (or 00:00 in 24-hour time).

All wiki activity is encouraged: new documentation, translating, maintenance, etc. Bathroom/snack breaks are okay, as long as they aren't too long. Just no big breaks; you know who you are.

This editathon is more geared for experienced editors, but any newcomers that would like to participate are certainly welcomed. If you're new to wikis, feel free to check out the getting started guide as well as our other guides and guidelines. It is recommended to stay in contact with other editors through the FTB Wiki Discord or the #FTB-Wikiconnect IRC channel, in order to prevent any edit conflicts, ask for help and suggestions, and generally improve the experience by sharing it with others.

This is a promotion by Xbony2. Fandom does not sponsor nor endorse this promotion, nor are they responsible for this promotion.


  1. Xbony2 (UTC-5), starting at 17:25, 31 December 2021 (UTC), ending at 05:01, 1 January 2022 (UTC), working on... probably whatever the latest FTB pack is. Quite possibly dipping early.


This editathon did not have much participation, unfortunately. Perhaps next editathon will be a general editathon, although when promised in the past, that hasn't happened.