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The 200k Editathon (an editathon) is an event for any and all FTB Wiki users to take part in. This editathon highly encourages new users to edit, not just staff. The editathon starts the moment the wiki reaches 200,000 total edits, as a celebration for the milestone and for the summer. It will end after a week.

New editors are encouraged to create or extend or translate or improve any mod or modpack documentation as desired! Wiki staff members that participate should work on helping newcomers if possible, as well as finishing off anything that's been lingering on your TODO list for too long. Keep in mind participants do not need to edit continuous, although they are encouraged to sink a fair amount of time into it.

It is recommended to stay in contact with other editors through the #FTB-Wikiconnect IRC channel, in order to prevent any edit conflicts, ask for help and suggestions, and generally improve the experience by sharing it with others.

The editathon is over. It ended around 202,966 edits; very close to 3000 edits were made in a course of a week.

Tips for newbies

See also: Project:Tips for Editors and Project:FAQ
  • Not sure how to get started? Browse through the getting started guide, the translation guide, the crafting grid guide, the Manual of Style and the article creation guideline. Sound like a lot? Well, much of it is information that may not be relevant to you, or just common sense, so you can simply skim through it.
  • If possible, requesting the staff to create a navbox and/or a tilesheet is recommended- navboxes can be quite confusing to create if you're unfamiliar with wikis, and tilesheets can only be registered by staff.
  • Collaborating on documenting a particular mod is possible, but keep in mind MediaWiki as not as good at handling collaborations as, say, Google Docs. If collaborating, make sure to communicate with your partners so you don't accidentally write the same article independently, and consider copying (just using CTRL-C) your edits if working on an important page, such as the main mod article.


  • The FTB Wiki will give a $20 Steam gift card to the new user with the most contributions of both quality and quantity, based on staff consensus. This new user cannot be part of the existing FTB Wiki Staff, or ex-staff (up to a retirement period of a year). If no new users have significant contributions (as according to FTB Wiki Staff), the FTB Wiki will not give away anything. Steam is not a sponsor of this promotion, nor does the FTB Wiki have any association with Steam. Additionally, this text is not small with the goal of making it unreadable, it just has the goal of not bothering the reader, which it isn't doing that well.
  • Additionally, Gamepedia will automatically give "PRO" subscriptions to active editors. See this page for more information.


Sign up by putting your name below!

  1. Xbony2 [staff] working on The Mists of RioV, maybe Engineer's Toolbox, maybe Simply Jetpacks, maybe Aether II. Maybe creating mod pages and possibly navboxes/tilesheets, so we can manipulate search results potential new users don't need to deal with that crap and have something to build off of.
  2. ImmortalPharaoh7 working on Draconic Evolution, maybe Aether II, maybe Thaumcraft 4 or Thaumcraft 5, and (hopefully) Blood Magic along with translations.
  3. TheSatanicSanta [staff] working on WR-CBE, Twilight Forest, and Witchery. Perhaps just going down the TODO list like Xbony suggested.
  4. Chocohead [staff] randomly jumping between IndustrialCraft 2 pages inbetween breaks. Potentially translating some tiles.
  5. Retep998 [staff] not actually participating in this editathon but probably might still work on GregTech 6 anyway.
  6. Sokratis12GR [staff] Working on ArmorPlus, WeaponsPlus, UsefulRecipes and maybe Tinkers' Construct also with Translations.
  7. 3tusk [staff] will try working on AcademyCraft and translation stuff, even though this guy feels that he has not enough time, and maybe ChromatiCraft as well if time is available.
  8. KaBob799 will try working on random small things I see while playing Infinity Evolved, both normal and skyblock.
  9. Heniousycthe has no idea how to create wikis, but will try anyway. She also has a typo in her username.
  10. Coolway99 will sign up anyways, why not fix what's annoying and get a reward for it anyways.
  11. Jungalist81 new to wikis, decided to help update/create pages while learning mods. Versed in technology and industry mods; still learning magic and nature mods.
  12. LuminousLizard [staff] If I find time, then Biomes O' Plenty and the crafting recipe animations. Maybe BuildCraft ... but ... *grumble* .
  13. Franzmedia Will try to make changes as I find general issues, likely be Applied Energistics 2
  14. 016Nojr Will try to translate EnderIO and other mods.
  15. Suchtie Continue on the Logistics Pipes guide, and I hope to find the time to create some new articles because I have tons of red links in there.
  16. blockingHD Will try to do something remotely helpful.
  17. Jinbobo [qualified ex-staff] will "Kappafy" the wiki.


The 200k Editathon was a great success! Due to advertisement from the site notice and FTB's Twitter (great thanks to them for letting us use it), participation was outstanding, especially when compared to other edithathons, which have traditionally been staff-only with not more than 4 participants. This editathon had 17 participants, more than quadrupling previous edithathons!

More importantly, there were many newcomers. Although not all newcomers were particularly active, some were quite active. The edits from newcomers debatably outnumbered the edits from staff, making this unlike any other editathon.

About 3000 edits were made in the course of a week, mainly focusing on the creation of new documentation. That quantity of activity outclasses several small Wikipedias!

After staff consensus, a very debated consensus, we decided that ImmortalPharaoh7 deserved the gift card best, based on their contributions to Draconic Evolution, as well as some Arabic translation. We applaud their services, and the services of other editathoners that worked hard. If you didn't win, don't be disappointed; your contributions are still greatly appreciated and it's possible you'll have another chance to win in the future.

Since the editathon is over, all newcomers can take it easy! We do encourage you however, although we don't require you, to continue editing. Of course, you're free to edit at your own pace, or to not edit at all. You can continue and aim to finish the projects you started, and maybe work to achieve editor rights, or even staff. It's up to you.

Once again, this editathon was a great success. There will likely be another editathon before the end of the year, and maybe even before the end of the summer, although it might be a smaller one than this one.