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Editor's Note: The original draft was submitted by Chezziks.


FTB Pyramid Reborn is a modpack made for experienced mod users. The concept of the pack is that 4 players or 4 teams will race against each other to accomplish all 16 goals, and whoever is fastest will win.

Even though the main purpose of the pack is competitive, the pack can be played casually; just ignore the clock in the top right, or turn it off completely. When played this way, it can be a very nice introduction to many tech mods, because the tedious work of farming materials has nearly been completely eliminated.

At the time of my playthrough (October 2018), the latest version of this modpack was v3.0. This guide is based on that version. If you have a later version, some things may have changed.

General things to know (not unique to this pack)

Middle clicking a chest (or your inventory) will sort it.

The Crescent Hammer can be used to remove unwanted Fluiduct connections and quickly pick up Portable Tanks.

Vein Miner is turned on. To use it, hold down the ` key while using a tool to cut down a tree or break leaves. This will break a large amount of that block for you at once, saving a lot of time. If won't work if your hand is empty. If you are holding a breakable tool (e.g., an Iron Axe) and break a lot of blocks at once, it may completely use up all the durability on the tool. Even if your tool is unbreakable (i.e., clay axe or a torch), you will still be very hungry after breaking many blocks this way.

Make a Reservoir if you want a large bucket. It can easily move water around without placing/breaking blocks, and in most cases, it can be used in your hand the same way a bucket can be. There are many cases where it can be buggy, though, so use at your own risk.

An Iron Drum can hold 256 buckets of liquid and retains its contents when broken. Be aware that they are a little more buggy than using the standard Portable Tanks from this pack, but once you get either Fluiducts or Transfer Nodes connected to them, they seem to work fine. The bugs tend to be when machines try pushing to them directly, or when you use a Bucket in hand to get things in or out of them.

Cooked apples refill more hunger than standard Apples. Use them.

General things to know about that are specific to this modpack

CTRL + G can be used to bring up the 16 quests aside from using the guide book provided at the beginning. It can also be used for turning in items and receiving rewards. It cannot be used for turning in liquids, power, or mana. For those, you will need to go to the island, and make connections to the ports there.

I will be referring to the quests with the numbers 1-16. I am numbering the top row 1-4, then each subsequent row after that. This is not necessarily the order you have to finish them, in fact, you are forced to go out of order in at least one case.

This pack does not contain any client-side mods to show light levels. I recommend installing something like Better Overlays, then using F7 to see light levels and F9 for seeing chunk boundaries.

The clay tools you are given at the beginning are unbreakable. Try not to fall into the void with them. If you do fall into the void with them, you can definitely replace them with iron tools. It will be annoying, but it definitely is not a game-ending problem.

If you do get completely stuck, follow the in-game guide for tips on getting a second set of initial items. If you lose quest rewards that are necessary for advancement, you can turn in the quest a second time to get a second set of rewards. After rewards are given the second time, you can never receive those rewards again.

Task 1: Storage Drawer

Aside from task 16, this is by far the easiest task. Plant the sapling you are given, and use Bone Meal on it. Use vein mining to harvest the leaves. If you are unlucky and get 0 saplings, just restart the pack, or cheat in a new sapling. You will not be able to progress otherwise. Use vein mining to break the tree.

Make some planks, make a chest, and then a Storage Drawer. Turn it in.

Rewards: Iron Ingot, Redstone, Lapis Lazuli, Basalt, Marble

Before going on, plant/fertilize a few more trees and harvest the wood. If you wish to preserve the grass on the initial dirt blocks, then only use 3 of the 4 dirt blocks. This way the grass can always grow back. If you plant trees on all 4 spaces, don't worry too much. You'll get a single Pasture Seed in the next step, and it can be used to build a pasture later when you need one.

Make half slabs, and start extending your base outward. Many players connect half slabs to the bottom half of the existing cubes when building out. This is useful for 2 reasons: you don't need light to prevent monster spawns, and it won't decrease the number of monster spawns in your mob spawner, if your mob spawner happens to be close by.

Personally, I find neither of these reasons to be compelling, so I often use the half slabs on the top half, just so that my machines don't appear to float. Feel free to do whatever feels most comfortable.

Getting the rest of the starting items and item duplication

The FTB team likes hiding one extra starting chest in the nether, and they have done it again in this pack. Take the one Water Bucket they give you and place it in your floor (you may need to cut a hole for it) in such a way that it goes close to the nether portal below you. Put everything valuable away. I carry just a stack of planks and a stack of half-planks. Descend down the water column. I face upward as I do this, and place a long pillar of wood as I go. This can be useful later if you decide to build a ladder, but the main reason I do it is to make it easier to build floors below the main level once I get back. Making basements is my favorite way to attach wires and pipes to the bottom side of machines that I place on the floor. I also put my boring equipment in the basement, so it doesn't interfere with my main workflow.

Once you get near the nether portal, build a floor off the bottom of the portal using half planks.

Once you have enough of a floor built, walk across it and into the nether. On one side of the portal, you'll see a block of sand and a sign that says "the final gift". Break the sand, and loot the chest beneath it. If the sand falls into the void, that's fine, there's another 4 in the chest. Go back home, and store everything in a safe place.

Once you get back, go and make a floor beneath your main floor. It needs to be large enough that you can mine the cobblestone above you without losing too much of it. You will need to mine 9 cobblestone (8 for a furnace, and one for duplication). Replace the cobblestone with half-slabs.

Now, make a furnace. Place it down, and put the Seeback Generator next to it. Place the Resource Generator on top of that, and then a chest on top of the generator. Make an item frame, and attach it to one face of the resource generator, and place your cobblestone inside. Now, place one log in the bottom of your vanilla furnace, and a stack of logs in the top. Use it to make charcoal. As the furnace heats up, the resource generator will begin duplicating your cobblestone.

Keep feeding your furnace. Use cobblestone to make 3 more furnaces, and attach them all to the Seeback generator. This should speed things up. When you begin running out of wood to cook, you can begin turning cobblestone to stone. The key is to keep those 4 furnaces on as much as possible to keep your resource generation up. You can also duplicate your charcoal if you are running out of charcoal.

Once things are going decently well, begin duplicating your iron ingot. Once you have 9 (plus your original), switch to redstone. Once you have 6 (plus your original 1), stop, and remove all 4 furnaces and your Seeback Generator, and go on to the next task.

Task 2: Furnace Generator

Objective: Turn in one Furnace Generator.

This is also fairly straightforward.

Do not turn in this furnace generator. Instead, place it where your Seeback generator had been. Now you can put fuel in it directly to power your resource gen, and things will much more smoothly!

Eventually make at least one more furnace generator. Since these are so cheap, you will probably use lots of them through this playthrough, since setting up new generators is generally easier than placing lots of wires or fluxducts. I'd suggest making at least 4 now, but it wouldn't hurt to make 20. You'll use them all eventually!

Rewards: Tin Ingot, Copper Ingot, Gravel

Mob Farms

Editor's note: From here on, I'm just pasting in my own notes from my playthrough. I will work over the next couple weeks to make these sections far more detailed.


Make 3 Mob Fans and 3 Iron Spikes. Make a 3x3 region of cursed earth, place the mob fans on one side, and the spikes on the other. Use Levers on the fans to turn them on.


Task 3: Greenhouse Fan

Reward: Lead, Rubber Sapling, Rice Seed

Task 4: Pressure Chamber valve

Make TNT and a Lever, then throw 5 stacks of Iron Ingots near the TNT and light it with the lever. The Iron Ingots will turn into Compressed Iron Ingots.

Use the Compressed Iron Ingots and Glass to make a Pressure Valve. Make a pressure chamber wall, and then make a pressure chamber valve.

Reward: Black Quartz, Glowstone Dust, Nether Quartz

Task 5: Shock Absorber

To make Invar, you need a Pulverizer to pulverize iron and nickel. Alternatively, use a Crusher.

Invar is used to craft the Igneous Extruder, which is used to make Obsidian automatically from Lava and Water.

To make Lava, make a Fel Pumpkin. Place 2 Iron Bars on top of each other, then the fel pumpkin on top as a head. A Blaze will spawn in its place, and can be killed for its Blaze Powder for replication.

Next, make a Drying Basin, and hook it up to a Tank. Put a Squeezer beside it, put the Blaze Powder inside, and jump on it.

Once you have Obsidian, replicate it and put it in the Pulveriser.

Rewards: Silver , Diamond

Task 6: 50,000 mB BioMass

Make a Fermenter and connect it to a power source and an Aqueous Accumulator. Insert saplings and fertilizer into the Fermenter and pipe the output to an Iron Drum.

Rewards: Sugarcane, Coal, Nickel

Task 7: Crafting Grid

Place Nether Quartz in a Furnace to make Silicon.

Make a Cutting Tool, then cut 8 diamonds, 32 Gold Ingots, and 32 Iron Ingots. Use this to craft:

  • 12 Cables
  • a disk drive
  • a grid (screen)
  • controller
  • 2 Crafting Grids

Set down a Furnace Generator next to a Controller. Put a Disk Drive next to the Controller and a Crafting Grid on top of the latter.

Make 5 4k Storage Parts, craft them into 4k Storage Disks, and insert them in the disk drive for 20k's worth of storage.

Rewards: Platinum , Mushroom (red), Mushroom (brown)

Task 8: 30,000,000 RF

Plastic Production


  • 4 Tree Fluid Extractors
  • 1 Latex Processing Unit

Put the Tree Fluid Extractors by logs. The Latex Processing Unit may only be able to accept liquids from the side.

Use Tiny Dry Rubber to make Dry Rubber to smelt into Plastic.

Use Plastic to craft a Mob Slaughter Factory and 3 Survival Generators.

Make a Petrified Fuel Generator. Add 51 Blocks of Coal, and set it to RF (FE) mode to finish the quest.

Rewards: Amadron Tablet, Menril Sapling

Task 9: Material Stonework Factory

Make a Drying Basin and use Rotten Flesh to make Leather to craft a Mob Slaughter Factory. Craft a Meat Feeder to keep yourself fed.

Place Pink Slime in the world, and Pink Slime (mob)s will spawn. Kill them for the Pink Slime to craft the Material Stonework Factory.

Pulverize logs to get Sawdust, which can be crafted with Water to create Paper, which is used to craft the Mob Crusher. Spawn another Blaze by placing a Fel Pumpkin on two Iron Bars to get its Blaze Powder. Make a Squeezer and set it next to a Drying Basin. Set a Pressure Plate next to the Squeezer. Put the Blaze Powder in it and stomp on it to make Lava.

Make a chest, and at least 21 pieces of Coal in it. Shift right-click on it while holding the Amadron Tablet then right-click to place an order to get an Emerald.

Reward: Angel Ring, Unbreakable Builders Wand


Make a Glass Cutter and use it to cut your Ender Pearls into Ender Shards.


Place the Polished Stone in the Mill. Turn the crank to make Stoneburnt.

Make 3 Water Mills.

Make gold Pressure Plates and throw them in mill to make an Upgrade Base. Use it to craft an Upgrade Speed.

Task 10:50,000 Tectonic Petrotheum

Make an Iron Drum and connect it to a Mob Crusher to draw out essence. You'll need 40 buckets worth to make the 50 buckets of Tectonic Petrotheum.

Use Rice and Water to make Rice Dough, convert to Rice Slimeballs, make a block, then convert back to vanilla (green) Slimeballs. Craft those with Blaze Powder to make Magma Cream, to make Magma Blocks, which can be dried in a Mechanical Drying Basin into Netherrack.

You will need to make a mechanical drying basin. Squeeze Menril Logs to get Menril Resin, which can be crafted into batteries for the Mechanical Drying Basin.

Make an Induction Smelter and hook up 8 Furnaces with Leadstone Fluxducts.

Pulverise some Lead and place it in the Induction Smelter with Pulverized Obsidian to make Hardened Glass.

Craft a Magma Crucible and a Fluid Transposer.

Place the Fluid Transposer down and set 2 input faces and one output face. Bring mob essence in through one input, and Pulverized Obsidian through another. Place a chest at the output to pick up Basalz Powder.


  • 4 Hardened Upgrade Kits
  • 4 Reinforced Upgrade Kits

Right-click with them in hand on both the Fluid Transposer and Induction Smelter.

Make Electrum in the Induction Smelter and craft 10 Auxiliary Reception Coils and right-click them onto the Transposer, Smelter, and Pulveriser.

Set up the magma crucible and add the Basalz Powder. It can be automated by connecting all these things together if you wish.

Rewards: Energy Cell (Resonant), 10 Blacker Lotus

Creosote Oil production

Make a Redstone Furnace and Augment: Pyrolytic Conversion. Upgrade the furnace and add the new augment and one Augment: Auxiliary Reception Coil. Put in Obsidian and hook it up to an Iron Drum to collect Creosote Oil.

Make an Engineer's Workbench from Immersive Engineering. Make the "components" engineering blueprint.

Task 12: Mana

Make Floral Fertilizer.

Use Shears on tall flowers. Craft flowers to get their petals. You can then plant the petals or use them in with Mortar and Pestle to get Floral Dye, which can be used to make more Floral Fertilizer.

Make a Petal Apothecary. Put in 1 bucket of water, 4 white petals, and wheat Seeds. You'll get a Pure Daisy. Make 4 of these.

Plant the Pure Daisies. Place 8 logs each around 2 of them, and 8 Stone each around the other two. Harvest the transformed Livingwood and Livingrock. Use the Livingrock to make Mana Pools and the Livingwood to make Mana Spreaders.

Use 6 Livingwood to make 3 Livingwood Twigs. Craft them with two Mystical Petals of any color to make a Wand of the Forest.

Duplicate lots of Brown, Light Gray, and Red Mystical Petals (especially brown), then throw in 2 brown, one light gray, one red into the apothecary with water to make an Endoflame. Make about a dozen of them.

Place 3 Mana Spreaders in the world, but with a one block gap between them and the ground. Place a Mana Pool in range of all the spreaders. Plant your Endoflames around the spreaders (up to 6 per piece)

Use your wand to link the Endoflames to the nearest spreaders and throw Blocks of Charcoal near the Endoflames. They will consume the blocks and begin filling the spreaders. Now use the Wand to link the Spreaders to the Mana Pool.

Get 2 Diamonds and throw them into the Mana Pool to turn them into Mana Diamonds. Use them to make a Runic Altar and a Mana Tablet.

Make 7 Lapis Lazuli Blocks, some Mana Powder, and components for runes. Set a Runic Altar down direct Spreaders to it, and throw in Mana-imbued ingredients for runes. Right-click with Mana Powder and Livingrock to get your rune.

Take 5 runes plus some Manasteel blocks and make a Terrestrial Aggomleration Plate.

Place a Spreader near the input Pool and link it. Link a Mana Pool to the Spreader.

Throw your Mana Tablet into the main Mana Pool so it soaks up some Mana. Carry it over to the Mana Pool on the island and throw it in. You should see Mana in the pool. Throw in 3 Blacker Lotuses and wait. It should be enough to finish the quest.

FIXME: Rewards: ???

Wireless power

Make a fire and throw in Redstone to make Flux. Make Flux Cores, a basic flux network, and a Flux Plug.

After you turn in the mana, you'll get a Flux Controller. Make an Energy Cell or place the one you had. Place it down in the world, with the Flux Plug next to it. Route power from the Core to Plug and set the Controller on top of the Flux Network.

Through the controller UI, make a network, make it public, and choose a color and name. Select the network and turn on wireless charging; go to the second tab and turn off the main player inventory (the center portion). Turn off the rate limit. Through the plug UI, connect it to that network.

Task 14: Starfield Generator

Go back home, place a Livingrock bordered by 4 Lapis Lazuli Blocks and then 4 more Livingrock in the corners. Place your Agglomeration Plate on top of the center Livingrock.

Make some more Lapis Lazuli Blocks and make two Sparks.

Fill at least half a Mana Pool. Craft a Manasteel Ingot, Mana Diamond, and Mana Pearl by throwing an Iron Ingot, Diamond, and Ender Pearl respectively into a Mana Pool. Use one Spark on the Mana Pool and another on the Agglomeration Plate. Throw the Manasteel Ingot, Mana Diamond, and Mana Pearl onto the Plate. Terrasteel will be made.

Reward: Draconium Dust

Task 11:Garden Cloche

Use your new Aluminum to make a blueprint (crafting components). If you want, throw the old one into an Item Frame. Use the new blueprint to make Vacuum Tubes, Copper Wires, Steel Structures, and 2 Garden Cloches. Turn one in and use the other to make Cactus and Canola Seeds.

Place a 2x storage drawer in front of it (on the space above the ground)

Rewards: Canola Seeds, Cactus

Task 13: Programmer

Place down an empty Drum and an empty Chest. Store emeralds in the chest and shift-click both with the Amadron Tablet. Place 64 orders for oil. Also buy some lubricant the same way.


  • TNT
  • a Lever
  • Compressed Iron Ingots


  • 2 stacks of Pressurized Tubes
  • 16 Air Compressors
  • 2 Pressure Chamber Interfaces
  • Pressure Chamber Glass
  • Pressure Chamber Valves

The PCB blueprint can be bought with the Amadron Tablet.


  • Plastic Mixer
  • 3 Refineries
  • a Thermopneumatic Processing Plant
  • a Crescent Hammer

Put Oil in the Refinery, Processing Plant, and the Plastic Mixer in that order to get Plastic.

Make 16 Heat Sinks and 12 Vortex Tubes.

Place a 3x3x3 cube of Pressure Chamber Walls but leave the center empty, and the centers of 5 faces as empty. Place valves in two of the centers. Notice they have an I on one side and O on the other: those are for input/output. Have one going in and one going out. Place pressure glass on the back and place one more Wall in the top center, and it will form its own multiblock structure.

Stack 3 Refineries on top of one another. Place 2 Vortex Tubes at the base with the hot side (red) facing the tower. Place heat sinks against the cold sides.

Place down 2 Air Compressors and use Pressurized Tubes to connect them to the Vortex Tubes. Put a stack of Coal in each.

Place down an Oil Drum and use Hardened Fluiducts to pump it into the bottom Refinery.

Place your Processing Plant next to the bottom refinery and put coal in it. Use Fluiducts to connect the top Refinery (that produces lpg) to the Processing plant. Right-click with the Crescent Hammer to remove unwanted connections.

Place two Vortex Tubes next to the processing plant (hot sides touching the plant), and Heat Sinks on the cold side. Use Pressure Tubes to connect to another Compressor and give it coal or connect it to one of the going compressors.

Make 8 Security Upgrades. They prevent explosions.

Place an Amadron Tablet order for 8 Lubricant and one PCB blueprint.

Make some Speed Upgrades.

Place 8 more Compressors connected to the back of the main machine. Put Coal and a Security Upgrade in each. Put a Sound Muffler beside it, to mute the sound.

On the main machine place a Hopper onto the input. Attach the lever near the output; this will allow you to turn on/off item dispensing.

Open the interface for the output (O) interface. On the left is a tab for redstone. In there, choose "high signal". Now your lever can be used to open the output door. This is very important.

Place a chest directly on the O.

Place the Plastic Mixer by the Processing Plant. Get red/green dyes and Lapis Lazuli and place them in the Mixer.

In the Mixer, set to green (tab on the right side) and it will make a green plastic; make three of these. Throw one plus a Compressed Iron Ingot into the Hopper, and watch the front until you see it combine. Then use your switch to turn on the output for a second, so it goes into your Chest. It should be an empty PCB.

Make a UV Light Box. Place it down and hook up pressurized air to one end of it. Place in a Security Upgrade and 3 Speed Upgrades. Place your empty PCB inside, and wait.

Look up the Etching Acid recipe and add all those items into the main oven. Once you get the Acid, place it in the world and throw your completed PCB in it and wait 5 minutes.

Put 6 Gold Ingots and 12 Redstone into the machine to make the 2 turbine blades you need to make the propellers for the Programmer.

Make 3 Capacitors and 3 Transistors and make the Programmer. Turn it in, get your armor rewards, and charge them.

Go to settings &rarrow; controls, find the COFH Items category, and change the cycle key to V. That key can be used to activate your bow. It takes power, but is very powerful.

Rewards: Flux Infused Amour, Tools and Weapons

Task 15: Draconic Fusion Crafting Injector (FIXME)

Our main goal here is to get enough skeleton heads that we can spawn one Wither Skeleton, then use a Syringe on it so we can make a Wither Spawner, and get the materials we need to generate vast amounts of RF necessary for Draconic Evolution.

Take down your Mob Crusher system and make a Mob Masher. It has upgrades that let it behead creatures. Get 10 Beheading mob masher upgrades and 6 Sharpness mob masher upgrades.

Make sure you have 4 Fans. Get 2 "mob fan upgrades", which let them cover a larger area.

Make a 5x5 region of cursed earth (if you don't have one already). Place a mob masher facing into the area, and put in the 16 upgrades. Place 2 fans with upgrades on the opposite wall, pushing all 5 columns of mobs towards the wall with the masher. Place 2 fans in the row with the masher, pushing them into the masher.

If you want, make 10 Looting upgrades and put them in also. That will be useful for getting Ghast Tears later.

Make an Absorption Hopper. It can grab things from a decent ways away and push items one way and fluids another. Make a Fluid Trash Can (for XP) and a Diamond Chest, and place them both by the Absorption Hopper. Set up the hopper to push into those.

Make a chicken spawn egg (gold block), and then make a cage for a chicken out of Trapdoors. Put a Hopper down for the floor of your chicken cage. Spawn the chicken in there so that Eggs will go into the Hopper.

Get the mob masher going. It should collect Skeleton Heads. Once you have enough, use them with the chicken Egg to make a Wither Skeleton Spawn Egg.

Make a syringe and make a 1x1x2 column of air for the Wither Skeleton and spawn it there. Use your syringe to get its DNA. You'll have to click it several times to fill the syringe. Kill the Wither Skeleton once it is full.

Make a Compactor and place Blaze Powder in it to make a Blaze Rod (you'll need it for the mob spawner)

Make a Mob Spawner from RFTools. Make 7 Matter Beamers and place your Mob Spawner in the ceiling of the mob tank. Place it from the inside so that it is pointing down, and place your full syringe in it temporarily to look at the stuff you'll need.

Place your 7 matter beamers and give them all power. You'll need a group of 5 together and the other 2 should each be by themselves. Connect a Chest to each of the single Matter Beamers and another chest connected to the other 5. Put potatoes in the chest connected to the group of 5 and Netherrack and Bones in the other Chests.

Make a Smart Wrench. Use it to link each of the Matter Beamers to the Spawner. Make 7 Levers and attach them to the Matter Beamers so that you can turn them on. Turn all of them on and you should have Wither Skeletons spawn to be killed by your Mob Masher.

Make some Reinforced Obsidian because they are Wither-proof. Make Soul Sand by putting Sand in front of an Atomic Reconstructor).

Make a 1x3x3 area for withers. It should be out away from your base (at least 8 blocks away). Place your mob crusher 8 blocks away and give it power. Spawn Withers and let the mob crusher take care of them to get your Nether Stars.

Make a Wither builder and it should create Withers above where you place it.

Make 4 Energy Core Stabilizers and 1 Energy Core. Place them in the world with the Energy Core in the center. In the Stabilizer interfaces, make them active and bump them up to tier 3.

Make 26 Draconium Blocks and use them to encase your Energy Core in a 3x3x3 block. Make 2 Energy Pylons and place each next to different Stabilizers. Place a block of Glass on top of each pylon and link them to the main Core. Place plugs coming out the bottom of each Pylon, and make one input, and one output. You can now use this with your wireless power network.

Craft Wither Skeleton Heads with Obsidian to make Ghast spawn eggs. Spawn them where your mob masher is to get Ghast Tears.

With the Ghast Tears, make 4 End Crystals. Craft an Enchanting Table and 14 Bookshelves to enchant your armor, bow, and sword.

Go to the end, spawn the Ender Dragon with End Crystals and kill it. Wait 20 seconds, get the dragon heart, and return to your base.

Make some Uranium by making the ore first in the powered Crafter before smelting it). Make 4 stacks of Reactor Casings from Extreme Reactors. Duplicate your Uranium Ingots. From the same mod, craft a Reactor Redstone Flux Power Tap, 2 Reactor Access Ports, and a Reactor Controller.

With the casings, make a 7x7x7 hollow cube (5x5x5 interior), but leave the top open. Put the Reactor Redstone Power Tap in the center of the bottom wall.

Control rods go on top with fuel rods below.

Make Gelid Cryotheum.

Make 12 Reactor Rods and put them in a checkerboard pattern for the top then fill in the rest of the gaps with iron blocks (for insulation). Fill in the top wall holes with casings.

Put two Reactor Controllers in the side walls. The UI is in those blocks.

Put in the Reactor Access Ports. One will output waste through a pipe into a chest. The other will bring in Uranium Ingots from pipes from a chest.

Make a Crafter from Refined Storage. Make some Patterns from the mod and put them in your crafting grid (right side, above the down arrow). Make patterns for

* 9 Wyvern Cores
* 18 Draconic Cores
* Wyvern Energy Core
* Block of Redstone  
* Draconium Energy Core 
* Block of Iron
* 9 Basic Fusion Crafting Injectors

Press the down arrow to take the empty pattern and write to it.

Put the written patterns in the top section of your Crafter.

Make a Fusion Crafting Core. Place it in the world, one block off the ground. Place 9 Basic Fusion Crafting Injectors facing it one block away. Give them power.

Make 9 Draconium Blocks.

Reward: Barrel

Task 16:Clay Bedrock

Reward: Win

Unclassified Notes

Weapons/armor can be charged in the Energetic Infuser or Power Cell.