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Mage Quest
Maintained byThe FTB Team
A modpack based around magic
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FTB Mage Quest is a Feed The Beast and CurseForge modpack created by the FTB Team for Minecraft 1.7.10. It is primarily based around magical mods, becoming a 'sequel' to the Magic World 2 modpack for Minecraft 1.6.4.

Main menu

FTB Mage Quest 1710 Mainmenu.png

Mods included

Mod Name Authors
Adventurer's Amulets GustoniaEagle
Archmagus Agadar
Aroma1997 Core Aroma1997
AromaBackup Aroma1997
Automagy Tuhljin
Bagginses LordDusk
Baubles Azanor
bdlib bdew
Blood Magic WayofTime
Botania Vazkii
BrainCore Arkandos
CG Origin Gountry_Gamer
CodeChickenCore ChickenBones
CodeChickenLib ChickenBones
CoFH Core Team CoFH
CoFH Lib Team CoFH
D3 Core DoubleDoorDevelopment
Dark Menagerie RWTema
Forge Multipart ChickenBones
FoxLib Kihira
GreenThumb DoubleDoorDevelopment
Headcrumbs ganymedes01
I'm Looking At Blood Pokefenn
INpureCore Denoflionsx
Inventory Tweaks Kobata
JABBA ProfMobius
JourneyMap Unlimited techbrew
MineMenu dmillerw
MobiusCore ProfMobius
Necromancy AtomicStryker
NEI Addons bdew
NEI Plugins Unofficial tonius11
NEI ChickenBones
Ruins AtomicStryker
Sanguimancy Tombenpotter
Storage Drawers jaguadro
Super Crafting Frame EdgarAllen
Tails Kihira
Talismans 2 Gigabit101
Thaumcraft Azanor
Thaumcraft Mob Aspects Parker8283
Thaumic Tinkerer pixlepix
Torch Tools DoubleDoorDevelopment
Villager's Nose StarSheep
WAILA ProfMobius
WAILA Harvestability squeek502
Weeping Angels Country_Gamer
What's This Pack Robosphinx
Witchery Emoniph

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