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Maintained byThe FTB Team
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Current stable1.6.0
FTB Continuum is an expert style modpack packed with some of the latest tech mods by Feed the Beast! Majority of the recipes and intended progression that you are used to has been changed. Continuum introduces new, never before used mods to make things even more difficult and challenging. The overall goal of this pack is to extend game play by making large changes to progression throughout the mods. This pack contains a lot of custom quests to help you progress and provide tips/tricks and even rewards as you play through Continuum. Note that the quests are completely optional to play through the pack, but highly suggested due to the large number of game play changes. The survival difficulty has not been changed other than the introduction of Spice of Life, however this is setup in a way where it’s not a burden to the player. Good luck and enjoy!
FTB Continuum's CurseForge page

FTB Continuum is a Feed The Beast and CurseForge modpack created by the FTB Team. It is a tech-based modpack that uses CraftTweaker to rearrange the progression of the various mods within the modpack to make it more challenging and to require the user to experience different mods instead of focusing on using just one or a few.

Mods included

AE2 Stuff
Actually Additions r135
Advanced Rocketry 1.4.0-88
AppleCore 3.1.3
AppleSkin 1.0.9
Applied Energistics 2 rv5-stable-11
AutoRegLib 1.3-18
B.A.S.E 3.9.0
Bad Wither No Cookie - Reloaded 3.1.14
Baubles 1.5.2
Bed Patch 2.2
Better Advancements
Better Builder's Wands
Better Questing 3.5.262
Better Questing - Standard Expansion 3.4.143
BetterQuestingTriggerer 1.0
BiblioCraft 2.4.5
Binnie's Mods
Blockcraftery 0.1.3
Bookshelf 2.3.552
Career Bees 0.4.0
Chameleon 4.1.3
Charset Lib Lib-
Chest Transporter 2.8.8
Chisel 2
Chisels and Bits 14.18
Clumps 3.1.1
CoFH Core
CoFH World
Controlling 3.0.6
Cooking for Blockheads 6.4.40
CraftTweaker 4.1.9
Custom Main Menu 2.0.8
Dark Utilities 1.8.211
Default Options 9.2.7
Diet Hoppers 1.1
EFab 0.1.0
Elulib 0.1.12
Engineer's Doors 0.7.2
Engineers Workshop
Environmental Tech 2.0.11a
Exchangers 2.7.3
ExtraCells 2.5.13a60
Extra Utilities 1.7.6
Extreme Reactors
FTB Guides
FTB Utilities
FastWorkbench 1.5.1
Flat Colored Blocks 6.6
Flux Networks 3.0.15-9
Forge Multipart
HarvestCraft 1.12.2u
Immersive Engineering 0.12-83
Immersive Petroleum 1.1.9
Industrial Foregoing 187
Initial Inventory 3.0.0
Inventory Tweaks 1.63
Iron Backpacks 3.0.8-12
JEI Bees
JEI Integration
JourneyMap 5.5.2
Just Enough HarvestCraft
Just Enough Items
LibVulpes 0.2.8-32
Loot Table Tweaker 1.1.14
MTLib 3.0.5
Magic Bees 3.1.10
McJtyLib 3.0.2
MineTogether 2.0.3
ModTweaker 4.0.12
More Overlays 1.13
Morpheus 3.3.2
Mouse Tweaks 2.8
Nether Portal Fix 5.3.13
OpenBlocks 1.7.6
OpenModsLib 0.11.5
Ore Excavation 1.4.119
OreExcavation Integration 2.3.3
P455w0rds Library 2.0.29
Pretty Beaches 1.0.3
ProjectE PE1.3.1B
Quark r1.4-125
Quick Leaf Decay 1.2.4
RFTools 7.55
RFTools Control 1.9.1
RFTools Power 1.1.1
Ranged Pumps 0.5
ReAuth 3.6.0
Reborn Core
Redstone Arsenal
Redstone Flux
Refined Storage 1.5.34
Resource Loader 1.5.3
Shadowfacts' Forgelin 1.7.4
SimpleHarvest 1.2.6-18
Simply Jetpacks
Sonar Core 5.0.14-12
SplashAnimation 0.1.0
Steve's Carts 2
Storage Drawers 5.3.7
Storage Drawers: Misc Pack 3.1.0
TESLA 1.0.63
TOP Addons 1.7.0
Tech Reborn
Tesla Core Lib 1.0.15
The One Probe 1.4.23
The Spice of Life 1.3.12
Thermal Cultivation
Thermal Dynamics
Thermal Expansion
Thermal Foundation
Tinkers Construct
Tinkers' Tool Leveling 1.0.5
TipTheScales 1.0.1
Traverse 1.5.4-61
UniDict 2.5f
ValkyrieLib 2.0.11a
WanionLib 1.5
Wireless Crafting Terminal 3.9.67
XNet 1.7.3

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