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This page is about the Extractor from RotaryCraft. For other uses, see Extractor.

Required power16,384-65,536 W
Required torque256-512 Nm
Required speed2048-8192 rad/s

The Extractor is machine added by RotaryCraft which consumes Shaft Power for ore processing of 5x for normal ores, and up to 15x for rarer ores.


The extractor has four different stages of processing, and each has different power requirements.

Power Requirements Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4
Power 65,536 W 16,384 W 32,768 W 65,536 W
Speed Any 2048 rad/s 8192 rad/s Any
Torque 512 Nm Any Any 256 Nm
Water Required? No Yes Yes No

The extractor has a 50% chance to double ores every stage, however the duplication chance varies from ore to ore. The more rare an ore, the greater the chance of duplication. This is mainly a balance factor, to ensure that the player doesn't end up with ridiculous amounts of the easy to find ores, and none of the other ores.

The final flakes, when smelted in a furnace, produce the same number of final items as the parent ore block normally drops (on average). For example, redstone drops 3-5 redstone dust per ore block, so the redstone flakes produce 4 dust per smelt.