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This page is about the IndustrialCraft 2 Extractor. For other uses, see Extractor.
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ModIndustrialCraft 2
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Max EU input32 EU/t
EU use2 EU/t
EU storage800 EU

The Extractor is a machine in IndustrialCraft 2 that is primarily used in processing Rubber, Biofuel Cells, Coalfuel Cells, and Hydration Cells.



The Extractor GUI

The Extractor's GUI

The top slot in the Extractor GUI is the input slot; whatever material that is being extracted goes there. The bottom slot in the GUI is the Battery slot; if the Extractor is being used without a connection to an Energy Unit (EU) network, it may be powered using RE-Batteries, BatPacks, or Single Use Batteries in this slot. Finally, the slot on the right is the output slot; extracted materials will be placed there upon completion.

Without any upgrades, one extraction will take approximately twenty seconds, and will use a total of 800 EU at a rate of 2 EU/tick. Overclocker Upgrades can be installed in order to speed up the process, but will increase the EU required. The Extractor's internal battery can hold 800 EU; it can be upgraded by adding Energy Storage Upgrades.

The Extractor can only handle Low Voltage Energy by default; any more than 32 EU per tick will cause the machine to explode violently. This limit can be increased by adding Transformer Upgrades.

When used in conjunction with Buildcraft's Transport Pipes or RedPower 2's Pneumatic Tubes, any material for the input slot needs to come from the top of the Extractor, while anything for the Battery slot should come from the bottom. Output can be taken from the sides of the machine.

If either the Atomic Striker or Immibis' Advanced Machines addons are installed, the Extractor can be upgraded to the much faster Centrifuge Extractor.

If GregTech is installed, the Extractor can also be used to remove dye from dyed wool and remove the content of GregTech cells.

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