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MC 1.7

Version 1.1.0k

  • Fixed connected textures being flipped on bottom sides
  • Fixed Trading Post packet splitting code crash
  • Fixed Bedrockium Recipe mistake
  • Fixed MFR Integration not registering itself properly
  • Minor changes to Angel Block code to help support custom block-placing permissions

Version 1.1.0j

  • Changed Bedrockium Ingot recipe
  • Changed Power drain multipliers of quarry upgrades
  • Renamed Creative Builders Wand to Super Builder's Wand
  • Doubled the base power level of potion generators
  • Fixed Ender Quarry only accepting a max of 1000 RF/T
  • Fixed Ender Transmitter registry crash
  • Added behind-the-scenes SideOnly support to various classes

Version 1.1.0i

  • Changed Recipes for 64x generators
  • Ender-Markers auto-rotate to nearby solid surfaces
  • QED cannot have items inserted automatically
  • Disabled converting Energy nodes to Multiparts (until an FMP crash is fixed)
  • Reverted nerf on Speed Upgrade recipe
  • Fixed Server/Client crash
  • Rewrote Ender Transmitter code to prevent world leaks (haven't had time to properly test sadly so hopefully this won't explode)

Version 1.1.0h

  • Tranfer nodes will no longer show particles automatically. You MUST place a piece of glowstone in the upgrade slot
  • Place a redstone torch into the upgrade slot of a transfer node to invert it's behaviour for redstone.
  • Ender-Flux Crystals will now auto-orientate to the nearest solid surface
  • Fixed crash with Colored blocks
  • Fixed connected textures flipping textures under certain circumstances on the bottom face
  • Fixed wings not showing when OpenBlocks is installed
  • Fixed liquid retrieval nodes not respecting filters
  • Fixed crash when dealing with tanks that have not implemented their interface correctly

Version 1.1.0g

  • Re-added MFR Integration and InvTeaks support
  • Fixed: Disabling the config option for the paintbrush also disabled the enderpump recipe. Do you see why I don't like adding hundreds of config options?
  • Fixed Crash with generator sounds
  • Fixed: Hyper-Rationing Pipes now fully compatible with FMP
  • Fixed Hyper-Rationing Pipes going invisible when wrenched
  • Removed smaller than 16x16 textures to prevent mip-mapping being disabled
  • Fixed Client-side worlds leaking
  • Fixed Solar Generators output not scaling with compression level
  • Fixed Galacticrafts ASM hacking of the EntityPlayer class causing real players to be identified as fake
  • Fixed Wither-immune blocks being destroyed client-side

Version 1.1.0f

  • Added Sounds (Zounds!) to generators, the QED and the activation ritual. These are 'Ambient' if you wish to adjust their volume in the sound settings.
  • Added Thermal Expansion 4 Integration
  • Added Higher Tiers of Generators (x8 and x64)

  • QED no longer requires power and the crsytals are cheaper. Now works much more reliably with crafting items.
  • Changed numerous recipes
  • Changed generator values and efficiency
  • Creative Builders Wand cannot be crafted from unstable ingots made from Semi-Unstable Nugget.
  • Explosion resistance of compressed cobblestone reduced. Now anything less than triple compressed is vulnerable to vanilla TNT strength.
  • The Creative Builders Wand can now only be crafted with ingots made with the Pseudo-Inversion Sigil
  • Watering Cans will now 'tick' blocks with a grass material (and that are configured to receive random ticks).

  • Fixed Various Shift-clicking issues/support in numerous GUIs
  • Fixed BC not recognizing the energy transfer nodes as valid destinations. Note this does not apply if the node is converted to a multipart (i.e. has microblocks).
  • Fixed RF API Dependency issue.
  • Fixed Added itemstack coloring to the colored bricks/wood. AE2 should display facades made from them with the correct default color now.
  • Fixed 'Air Spices' ore Dictionary detection method not working - related to secret thing
  • Fixed liquid transfer nodes ignoring filters
  • Fixed crash with transfer nodes crafting from inventories where one inventory affects the contents of another
  • Fixed Compressed Cobblestone not dropping on explosions (again)

Version 1.1.0e

  • Fixed Server crash on load when FMP
  • Fixed Compressed cobblestone of all compression levels being immune to TNT
  • Fixed Autocrafting not destroying damagable items which are broken.

Version 1.1.0d

  • Added Heating Coil: Powered by RF, can be used to fuel furnaces (very inefficient)
  • Hollow covers now support connected textures
  • NEI Documentation uses .documentation entries instead of .info
  • Soul fragments have a -10% max health drain rather than -1
  • Right-clicking a Soul fragment that you own to consume and restore a heart
  • Fixed Filing Cabinets only accepting items they weren't supposed to accept
  • Fixed Glass microblocks being difficult to break
  • Fixed Energy nodes having infinite energy when Buildcraft is installed
  • Fixed: Textures switched between Rationing Pipe and Hyper-Rationing Pipes

Version 1.1.0c

  • Added checks for proper texture registration or handling. This means if you are using Optifine it will force a crash until Optifine fixes (important).
  • Added Localization support (currently limited English, German, Chinese and Pirate)
  • Added Automatic NEI Documentation support (so other mods can automatically tie into it - see the localization github for details)
  • Added Shift-click support for Item Filters.
  • Added Shift-click support for upgrades in transfer nodes
  • Added Hyper-Rationing Pipes (only outputs exactly 1 item to an inventory)
  • Re-Added Sound Muffler and Rain Muffler
  • Re-Added FMP Connected textures support

  • High-temperature furnace generators rework, now gives 800 RF/t at a slightly lower effeciency than 10 furnace generaters would.
  • Transfer nodes can now have 6 upgrades
  • Ender-lillies on Ender Cores are slightly slower and spawn less seeds.
  • Optimized transfer nodes
  • Speed Upgrades half as effective
  • Adding multiple interaction upgrades to a transfer node not connected to anything increases the range that it can pick up items
  • FMP pipes and transfer nodes now have 'tight' selection and bounding boxes
  • Cursed Earth placed underneath a vanilla mob spawner will cause the mob spawner to periodically spawn mobs even if no players are nearby
  • Transfer pipes can be wrenched to have no outgoing directions
  • FMP Glass blocks are now auto-scaled to fit their block size (Slightly buggy on hollow covers but this is unavoidable)
  • Placing a RF-chargable item into the upgrade slot of an energy transfer node will charge them using the nodes buffer
  • Vanilla Change: Wither spawning noise will only play if the wither is nearby (client option, can be disabled)
  • Connected Textures algorithim optimized

  • Fixed Several issues from the 1.7.10 update regarding disappearing/changed methods
  • Fixed Destruction Pickaxe and Erosion Shovel not working
  • Fixed Deep Dark Portals will not teleport fake players
  • Fixed Reinforced watering cans reverting to regular when extenguishing a player
  • Fixed: Ore dictionary changes now implemented properly

Version 1.1.0b

  • Fixed Chunk corruption caused by Ender-Markers processing too early
  • Fixed Textures being flipped on certain blocks on certain sides
  • Fixed Ender-Markers being destroyed when not picked up with a tool
  • Fixed Watering Cans now working on non-bonemealable plants
  • Updated BC Api to version 6 and added compatibility for the new API
  • Generators can now output MJ (converted from RF) directly to adjacent machines/pipes.
  • Energy Transfer Node internal buffer increased

Version 1.1.0a

  • Fixed server crash

Version 1.1

  • Added Angel Ring - When you have the ring in your inventory, you can grow wings and fly around
  • Added Bedrockium Ingot - Very expensive ingot meant for end game items
  • Added Bedrockium Drum - Hyper dense liquid storage (256x more liquid than the regular drum)
  • Added Ender-Markers - Allow you to specify a quarry area (with 3 markers)
  • Added QED - Uses Ender-Flux to construct OP items
  • Added Ender-Flux Crystals - Convert RF to Ender-Flux, not very fast and multiple crystals are recommended
  • Added Depth-First Search Upgrade: Transfer nodes will traverse the pipe system methodically and will not reset until each connection is visited once.
  • Added Breadth-First Search Upgrade: Simillar to the Depth-first except that it will always visit closest inventories first
  • Added Item Sucking: Item transfer nodes with an interaction upgrade that are not placed against an inventory will suck up items in the block in front of them.
  • Added Auto-crafting: Transfer nodes connected to a crafting table and given an interaction upgrade will use inventories behind the table as slots to craft items
  • Added IC2 Support: Energy nodes can now recieve IC2 power, which is immediately converted to RF. Note: they will not transmit IC2 power
  • Added Transfer Node Pipes: Placing a custom pipe block (such as sorting,rationing,etc.) into the upgrade slot of a node will make the node use that pipe as its base.
  • Disabled Sound Mufflers - changes in the sound system make them no longer possible

  • Reworked Generator balance - many are less useful than they were before so be careful
  • Updated to 1.7
  • Item and liquid transfer nodes are now much cheaper but have a slower base speed
  • Energy transfer nodes are now crafted in the QED
  • Changed 'Mining Upgrade' to 'Interaction Upgrade' - they are now required for cobblestone/water generation, auto-crafting and item sucking.

MC 1.6

Version 1.0.3c

Version 1.0.3b

  • Changed recipe for Sandy Glass
  • Fixed Incorrect ore dictionary registrations
  • Fixed: Angel blocks now break properly
  • Transfer node multiparts are no longer marked as inventories, until an FMP bug is fixed. They will still function normally but items cannot be piped in by other systems.

Version 1.0.3a

  • Added Config options to change Ender quarry power consumption
  • Added missing documentation
  • NEI Item info will now show when the user press "R" over an item, after the crafting recipe.
  • Removed WIP notification from generators GUI
  • Fixed Ender Quarry tiles not being properly invalidated on destruction
  • Fixed "Fake Players" not being unloaded

Version 1.0.3

  • Added Ender Quarry
  • Added Generators
  • Added Forge Multipart Fences
  • Added Forge Multipart Pipe Jackets
  • Added Diamond-Etched Computational Matrix (Crafting ingredient)
  • Added Ender Core, which can boosts enchantment table
  • Added Custom entity rendering on certain players
  • Added TC4 aspects
  • Added MFR support for growing Ender Lillies
  • Added alternate cheaper transfer node recipe

  • Magical Wood boosts the enchantment table
  • Septuple and Octuple compressed cobblestone cannot be destroyed by the wither
  • Cursed Earth will spawn mobs even when players are not nearby.
  • Cursed Earth will be disabled at high light-levels and won"t catch fire if it can"t see the sky
  • Ender Lillies no longer glow at higher stages of growth
  • Fully grown Ender Lillies generate in the end (retrogen will occur on already generated worlds)
  • Ender Lillies can grow on Ender Cores (at the speed of regular end stone)
  • Unstable Ingots can now only be crafted in a vanilla crafting table
  • Using books with higher enchantments in the recipe for Magical Wood, gives more items
  • Re-enabled animals in the Golden Lasso being nameable in an anvil
  • Bats can now be picked up in the Golden Lasso
  • Watering Cans can no longer automated
  • Right-clicking an enchanting table with an activated Division Sigil now does nothing
  • Right-clicking a beacon with a non-activated Division Sigil now does nothing
  • TC4 harvest golems with order upgrade now replant ender-lily seeds
  • Fixed server-side entity code executing client-side.
  • Fixed Drums now have proper item localization
  • Fixed Drums will now lose immediately their color when they have been drained
  • Fixed: Pseudo-Inversion Sigil crafts unstable ingots properly

Version 1.0.2

  • Ender-Thermic Pump will now work in all dimensions by default (you can change this in the config)
  • Increased damage done by exploding ingots to maximum to ensure players cannot survive
  • Change Energy transfer nodes to display energy in terms of RF (should help prevent an overflow problem)
  • Fixed liquids not being filtered
  • Fixed Semi-Unstable Nugget recipe not working
  • Fixed transfer nodes with multiparts transferring back into inventories
  • Fixed Energy nodes checking for TE3 machine connectivity on the wrong side
  • Fixed Energy nodes crashing when there are vastly different energy requirements for different machines
  • Fixed a minor energy transfer node loss/dupe bug
  • Fixed code to suppress a non-issue error spam in chat logs regarding an unregistered IC2 tile entity
  • Other minor optimizations to transfer pipe code

Version 1.0.1

  • Magical Wood can now be used to boost enchanting tables. Each block of magical wood increases the max enchanting level by 5 levels
  • Fixed missing IC2 API classes
  • Fixed crafting recipe for Mod Sorting Pipes being assigned to Crossover Pipes
  • Fixed creative menu adding drums for improperly registered fluids
  • Fixed an issue with energy transfer to TE3 machines

Version 1.0

  • The Deep Dark now doubles non-vanilla ores.
  • Golden Bags of Holding can now be "enchanted" with magic wood. They will remain in the player's inventory on death at the cost of their enchantment.
  • Energy nodes support TE3 power and convert RF <-> MJ automatically
  • Energy nodes have a small power drain (very small) to prevent power loops
  • Energy node buffer changed to a 3200 MJ max
  • Energy node searching is now displayed while holding the portable scanner
  • Transfer nodes and Filter Pipes are now multipart compatible
  • All multipart compatible blocks can now be placed into existing multipart structures.
  • Ender-Thermic Pump now supports IC2 and TE3 power
  • Ender-Thermic Pump works on other liquids
  • Basic Filing Cabinets insists that all items contained must have the same ore dictionary registration, or no registration whatsoever.
  • Trading Post now works with any creature that implements IMerchant.
  • Unstable ingot tools don't take damage from their primary normal use.
  • Item Filters can be placed inside other item filters to effectively increase the number of available slots.
  • Portable Scanner gives additional info when used on TE3 and IC2 machines
  • Registered unstable ingot ore dictionary references ("ingotUnstable", "nuggetUnstable", "blockUnstable")

Version 0.3.5

  • Added Forge Multipart microblocks created using blocks with Connected textures will now connect under certain conditions.
  • The Deep Dark destination portal will now spawn at y > 120.
  • Mobs in The Deep Dark will spawn regardless of light level (magnum torches/chandeliers still prevent spawning).
  • Mobs in The Deep Dark are much more likely to spawn at lower levels rather than higher ones.
  • Enderlillies now randomly spawn an extra seed when grown and harvested on End stone (2% chance).
  • Regular Filing Cabinets will store items with the same id or have the same ore dictionary registration
  • Regular Filing Cabinets capacity increased to the equivalent of a vanilla chest.
  • Compressed blocks, Colored Stone Bricks, Decorative Glass, Ender-infused Obsidian and Decorative Stone blocks registered with ore dictionary.
  • Fixed: Missing BuildCraft API crash.

Version 0.3.4

  • Fixed portal recipe defaulting to an alternate recipe (which used diamond blocks and nether stars instead of unstable ingots and compressed cobblestone)

Version 0.3.3

  • Fixed Dirt and Gravel not generating
  • Improved crash handling for Transfer nodes
  • Fixed crash related to missing portal id

Version 0.3.2

  • Fixed debug console spam
  • Fixed crash related to missing BC API
  • Fixed crash related to missing recipe components
  • Added client option to disable portal texture animation

Version 0.3.1

Version 0.3

  • Transfer Node will generate water/cobblestone when placed in a suitable arrangement.
  • Liquid transfer nodes internal buffer tank increased to 8 buckets.
  • Transfer nodes base speed doubled.
  • Transfer node speed can now be upgraded to a maximum of 64 operations per second.
  • Transfer nodes recipe changed.
  • Transfer nodes speed upgrades recipe changed.
  • Drums placed in the world can now have liquid inserted/extracted with buckets and other fluid holding items.
  • Drum capacity reduced to 256 buckets.
  • Drums can be now have liquids inserted/extracted from either the top or the bottom.
  • Drums broken with a pickaxe (or any other appropriate tool) will preserve their internal liquid level.
  • Nerfed Iron Spikes drop rate for "rare" items to 20% of what it was previously.
  • Gravel Bricks recipe changed, 4 gravel -> 1 gravel bricks.
  • Magnum Torches prevent passive (non- screaming) endermen from teleporting closer to them (they can still teleport away)
  • Magnum Torches no longer prevent peaceful mobs from spawning.
  • Magnum Torches compatible with Forge Multipart.

Version 0.3a (1.6 prerelease 3a)

  • Fixed decorative block id conflict (note that placed decorative blocks may disappear from the world)

Version 0.3 (1.6 prerelease 3)

  • Liquids can be filtered with "Item Filters" - just double-click a liquid-container into a slot to select that liquid.
  • Filters can now be inverted by placing them in a crafting table with a redstone torch. It will then accept everything except the items specified.
  • Transfer nodes are disabled and reset when they receive a redstone signal
  • Transfer nodes work properly with inventories with non-standard stack limits
  • Fixed energy nodes crash
  • Ender-Thermic Pump power decay now fixed (redstone engines should now work)
  • Changed Magnum Torch texture to better blend in with other blocks

Version 0.3 (1.6 prerelease 2)

  • Added Forge Multipart compatability

  • Pipes can now have microblocks placed on them
  • Colored Bricks/Planks can now be made into microblocks and will render using the chunk palette. Note: If they're not rendering correctly try using the latest version of Forge Multipart.
  • Numerous other blocks also added to Microblock registry.
  • Right-clicking a Paintbrush on a vanilla brick/plank block in the world will convert it to a colored version of the same color-type as the last colored block the paintbrush shift-right-clicked.
  • Updated Inventory tweaks compatibility for the Golden Bags of Holding
  • Altered Golden Lasso recipe to require gold nuggets
  • Removed naming feature from Golden Lasso
  • Buffed Magnum Torch to work over 128 blocks
  • Drums now require steel if Railcraft is installed.
  • Drum must now have liquids inserted into the tops and pumped from the bottom

Version 0.3 (1.6 prerelease 1)

  • Added Drum (will need balancing)
  • Added Rationing Pipes
  • Added NEI Help Integration
  • Added Computercraft integration to the trading post and transfer nodes

  • Energy Transfer Nodes are now much more intelligent about distributing energy.
  • Cursed Earth buffs mobs that walk on it with speed and damage boosts
  • Redstone Clock can now be deactivated with a redstone signal
  • Watering Can makes flowers grow on grass
  • Wither boss rarely drops division sigils
  • Silverfish will rarely drop silver nuggets (if nuggets are available in the ore dictionary)
  • Right-clicking on a Rain Muffler allows you to permanently toggle rain sounds for you.
  • Node upgrades can be placed in the GUIs of transfer nodes

MC 1.5.2

Version 0.2.4g

Version 0.2.4f

  • Fixed crash when placing items into chests with solid blocks above them
  • Removed some debug text that was spamming console

Version 0.2.4e

Version 0.2.4d

  • Fixed a duplication bug
  • Fixed Magnum Torches not calculating directions correctly

Version 0.2.4c

  • Various minor bugfixes

Version 0.2.4b

Version 0.2.4a

  • Fixed server-side bug related to magnum torches

Version 0.2.4

  • Fixed transfer nodes losing their internal inventory on restart.
  • Fixed Unstable Ingots being valid crafting ingredients without a count-down timer being triggered.
  • Fixed bug with Rune of Thanatos from Thaumic Tinkerer
  • Added "Does not stack" warning to Unstable Ingots.
  • Chandeliers now prevent mob-spawns in a 16 block radius.
  • Watering Cans can now be used to put out fires, and if used on yourself it has a chance of "emptying". In addition using it on lava will cause lava to flow much faster.
  • Division Sigils can now spawn in temples

Version 0.2.3b

  • Fixed crash related to Trash Can not cleaning up tile entities properly

Version 0.2.3a

  • Node Upgrades now work linearly, not exponentially
  • Fixed Dupe Bug
  • Fixed custom recipes not working correctly with certain items

Version 0.2.3

  • Tweaks to Transfer node code - now unable to transfer through unloaded chunks.
  • Transfer Pipes can now be altered with Buildcraft compatible wrenches
  • Fixed numerous minor bugs

Version 0.2.2a

  • Fixed Fatal Rain Muffler bug
  • Spikes and Conveyors are "harder" blocks.
  • Slightly altered collision boundaries on Spikes so items shouldn't get stuck on sides.
  • Changed text on Division Sigil to be slightly clearer

Version 0.2.2

  • Changed rendering on Unstable ingots and tools
  • Fixed Peaceful Tables/Cursed Earth not spawning non-vanilla mobs

Version 0.2.1a

  • Optional update to fix a rendering bug on Transfer Nodes

Version 0.2.1

  • Fixed Transfer nodes not being loadable from the correct side.
  • Conveyor Belt now a full block.
  • Etheric Sword damage depends more on targets armor.
  • Transfer Node extraction rate doubled (still slightly slower than a vanilla hopper)
  • Switched to Real-time Obfuscation.

MC 1.5.1

Version 0.2

  • Added Recipe: Peaceful Nether Star
  • Added Recipe: Fast Obsidian Mining

  • Peaceful Table now requires a sword to be placed in an adjacent chest
  • Explosion from Unstable Ingot no longer destroys blocks (but still damages nearby entities and items)
  • Creative/Console spawned Unstable Ingots will not explode.
  • Nerfed Erosion Shovel, now only destroys one block at a time (still destroys sand/gravel above mined blocks)
  • Changed Recipes for Colored Bricks/Wood and Golden Lasso
  • Creative tabs automatically sorts blocks and items into respective alphabetical orders
  • Peaceful Tables have a new model
  • Adjacent one-way pipes that are both instructed not to feed into each other will not visually connect
  • "Primed" Unstable Ingots now have basic visual effect to show how much time is remaining.

Version 0.1.3

Version 0.1.2

  • Fixed dedicated servers not working

Version 0.1.1

Version 0.1

  • Initial Release