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Extinguish Fires

Witchery Information

Witches' Brews
Extinguishes fires on blocks and creatures in an area. Harms blazes.
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Extinguish Fires is a level 1 custom brew effect component from Witchery. The Extinguish Fires effect can be obtained by putting a Coal in the brew before bottling. This effect only works with Instant and Gas. Technically it does work with Liquid as well, but the usefulness of the effect is questionable, due to all liquids extinguishing fire.

This effect costs 0 extra Altar power.

A splash potion with the Extinguish Fires effect will cause a 3x3 area around the collision block to have all fires extinguished. A gas splash potion with the Extinguish Fires effect will cause all gas blocks to extinguish fire in the same blocks. Brews of level I strength cannot extinguish fires in the Nether. Extinguish Fires will also damage Blazes with an amount of damage dependent on the strength or level of the brew (4 points of damage per level); however, since level I brews do not work in the Nether where Blazes are often found, level I Extinguish Fires brews will only damage Blazes if used outside of that dimension.