Explosion Furnace

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Explosion Furnace

ModProdigy Tech
Tooltip textUses an explosive reaction to process items
Blast resistance52.5
Technical details
First appearance0.1.0

The Explosion Furnace is a machine added by Prodigy Tech. It is used to craft several materials, including Ferramic which is used in nearly all further recipes in the mod.


The Explosion Furnace's GUI
1: Explosive
2: Dampener
3: Input
4: Reagent
5: Output

The Explosion Furnace's GUI is split into 9 slots:

  • 1 Explosive slot
  • 1 Dampenerslot
  • 3 Input slots
  • 1 Reagent slot
  • 3 Output slots

The Explosive and Dampener slots must contain valid Explosive and Dampener items respectively. The Input slots contain items to be processed, the Reagent slot can contain an optional secondary input and is required for some recipes, and the Output slots contain processed products.

When the Explosion Furnace has a valid Explosive and receives a redstone signal all Explosives is consumed to generate Explosive Power (or EP) and all Dampeners (if any) is consumed to dampen it. The amount of EP generated/dampened depends on which Explosive/Dampener was used and is proportional to how much was consumed. An explosion which does not destroy blocks also appears in front of the Furnace.

Inputs are processed top to bottom, consuming the appropriate amount of generated EP to process each item, stopping once there is not enough EP or input items to continue. Excess output items are dropped in the world in front of the Furnace.

If a recipe requires a Reagent, then the appropriate amount of items from the Reagent slot will be consumed as it is crafted (rounded up). If there is not enough Reagent or the Reagent is incorrect, the Furnace will switch to a valid recipe that does not require a Reagent or skip the operation if there is none.

If there is more EP generated than dampened, part of the output will be lost in the process. In this case the final multiplier to the amount of output items created is given by the formula:

Where multiplier is the final multiplier, generated is the amount of EP generated and dampened is the amount of EP dampened.

If there is more EP dampened than generated, the amount of EP useable by the Furnace will be reduced, although whatever is crafted will be at no loss. The formula for the useable power in this case is:

Where useable is the amount of EP used for crafting.

Before 1.1.0

This information pertains to an older version of the mod. This information was changed in version 1.1.0.

Explosives and Reactants (placed where Dampeners are placed now) came in pairs with ideal proportions. Crafting would not start unless the Explosive and Reactant matched. The percentage of items lost depended on how far the given proportions are apart from the ideal ones. The final multiplier was given by the following formula:


  • e is the amount of consumed Explosive item
  • r is the amount of consumed Reactant item
  • E is the amount of Explosive item in the ideal proportions (see table below)
  • R is the amount of Reactant item in the ideal proportions (see table below)

The following pairs of Explosive/Reactants were valid:

Explosive Reactant Ideal ratio (E:R) EP per Explosive


5:4 288


Red Sand
5:4 288

Eye of Ender

Ghast Tear
1:1 2160


1:1 15

Valid Explosives

The following items or ore dictionnary tags are accepted as Explosives by the Explosion Furnace.

Explosive EP generated per item




Valid Dampeners

The following items or ore dictionnary tags are accepted as Dampeners by the Explosion Furnace.

Explosive EP dampened per item