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This page is about the Exosuit Plates added by Flaxbeard's Steam Power. For other uses, see Exosuit Plates.
Exosuit Plates

ModFlaxbeard's Steam Power
Technical details
First appearanceIron: 0.26.0
Gold: 0.26.0
Copper: 0.26.0
Brass: 0.26.0
Lead: 0.26.0
Enderium: 0.26.0
Vibrant: 0.26.0
Thaumium: 0.26.0
Elementium: 0.26.0
Terrasteel: 0.26.0
Fiery: 0.26.0
Yeti: 0.26.0
Sadistic: 0.26.0
Zinc: 0.29.0
Gilded Iron: 0.29.0
Flaxbeard's Steam Power Information
Journal entry Exosuit Plates
The exosuit on its own is a fragile framework for upgrades. One of the most critical upgrades is plates. Various types of plating can be installed in the exosuit, providing the wearer with significantly more protection. All plates provide an equal baseline of protection, equivalent to that of iron armor, but each plate provides a unique proficiency. Iron plating, for example, is better at protecting against projectiles.
Journal entry Copper Exosuit Plate
I've found that installing copper plates in my exosuit helps to protect me from explosive damage. This exosuit plate is particularly useful for confrontations with creepers and ghasts.
Journal entry Iron Exosuit Plate
While experimenting with different plating materials, I've found that iron is useful at stopping fast-moving projectiles. The density of iron provides a little extra protection against ranged foes such as skeletons.
Journal entry Brass Exosuit Plate
I've found that brass used as a plating material helps to insulate my body from extreme heat. Brass plates are a useful for caving or expeditions to the Nether, as it can buy me a few seconds after falling into lava.
Journal entry Gold Exosuit Plate
While exosuits can't be enchanted, the magical potential of gold can be harnessed in a different way. While wearing gold-plated exosuit parts, all the experience points I gain will be increased.
Journal entry Thaumium Exosuit Plate
Plating my exosuit with thaumium augments the already powerful abilities of the suit with a vis discount comparable my thaumaturge's robes. Now I can use one suit for steam tinkering and thaumaturgy.
Journal entry Terrasteel Exosuit Plate
I wasn't sure combining my powerful botanical creations with my exosuit was a good idea... Until I tried plating the suit with terrasteel! Terrasteel plates increase my maximum health, although less than terrasteel armor itself would.
Journal entry Elementium Exosuit Plate
This elven metal works wonderfully with the exosuit. Plating my exosuit with elementium will spawn pixies to aid me when hurt, although less often than elementium armor. I must ask the elves if they have exosuits in Alfheim...
Journal entry Fiery Exosuit Plate
I've been able to adapt the deadly fiery magic of the Twilight Forest's Hydra and Ur-Ghast for use in my exosuit. Just like fiery armor, fiery exosuit plates have a chance of lighting foes aflame when hit.
Journal entry Yeti Hide
My dangerous treks to the snowy ends of the Twilight Forest have rewarded me with valuable alpha yeti fur, which I can stitch together and install in my exosuit to freeze my foes in place if they dare to attack me.
Journal entry Sadistic Exosuit Plate
Combining a few reinforced slates with a rune of self-sacrifice creates a rather powerful exosuit plate. This plate, when installed, adds a small amount of LP to my network whenever I take damage, rewarding me for pain.
Journal entry Lead Exosuit Plate
Lead is an unusually heavy metal, and while I wouldn't suggest gnawing on it, makes for a good exosuit plating material. Installing lead plates in my exosuit will reduce the knockback that I receive.
Journal entry Vibrant Exosuit Plate
Although I'm still not entirely sure how it works, I've been able to harness the mysterious ender properties of vibrant alloy for use in my exosuit. When I reach low health, I have a chance to dodge damage and teleport away.
Journal entry Enderium Exosuit Plate
Plating my exosuit with this mysterious ender metal has allowed me to harness the teleporting power of endermen as a weapon. Enemies that attack me while I wear an enderium plated exosuit have a chance to be teleported away from me.
Journal entry Zinc Plate
Through studying the function of the rupture disc, I've learned how to make an armor plate which contains steam within it. When sufficiently damaged, this plate explodes off of my body more than negating the force of a potentially critical blow.
Journal entry Gilded Iron Plate
Combining iron plates dipped in gold seems to combine the effects of these metals, increasing my protection from projectiles and the experience I gain; however these aspects are slightly weaker than the plates fully made of those metals.
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Exosuit Plates are a type of Steam Exosuit upgrade from Flaxbeard's Steam Power applicable to all four exosuit parts. These plates provide defensive bonuses to the player, as well as a unique effect depending on the plate.



Plate Required Mod Effect

Flaxbeard's Steam Power Provides diamond-level protection against explosive damage

Flaxbeard's Steam Power Provides diamond-level protection against projectile damage

Flaxbeard's Steam Power Provides a 25% experience bonus.

Flaxbeard's Steam Power Provides diamond-level protection against fire damage

Flaxbeard's Steam Power See #Zinc Plate

Gilded Iron
Flaxbeard's Steam Power Provides a 12.5% experience bonus, and diamond-level -1 projectile protection, both less than Gold and Iron respectively.

Twilight Forest Has a cumulative 12% chance per suit piece to set enemies on fire when attacked

Yeti Hide
Twilight Forest Slows enemies when attacked

Any mod that adds lead Reduces knockback by 25%

Thaumcraft 4 Provides a vis discount (1% helmet and boots, 2% leggings and chestpiece, stacks with Mask of Revealing).

Botania Increases max health

Botania Has a chance to spawn Pixies when hit

Blood Magic Adds LP to the player's LP network when hurt

Ender IO Has a 20% chance to teleport the player to safety when at low health

Thermal Foundation Has a 7.5% chance to teleport enemies away when attacked

Zinc Plate

The Zinc Plate has particularly complicated functionality. When a user takes damage, if it will bring them below half health (or if they are already below half health), it will negate all damage. The plate will break after a single use, and drop 2 Zinc plates in front of the player. It will not affect drowning, withering, starving, or out-of-world falling damage. By default, it will consume an additional 30 SU on use. This value can be configured.


Version history
0.26.0ADDITION: Added several exosuit plates (Iron, Gold, Copper, Brass, Lead, Enderium, Vibrant, Thaumium, Elementium, Terrasteel, Fiery, Yeti Hide, Sadist's)
CHANGE: Exosuit plates now have various effects
0.28.9NEW: Config option to toggle lead plates
0.29.0NEW: Zinc Exosuit Plate
NEW: Gilded Iron Exosuit Plate