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Evorsio (Destruction) is a bright constellation added by Astral Sorcery. It is associated with breaking the environment.

Attunement Perks

Main article: Attunement Altar

On recent versions, attuning to Evorsio unlocks a root node with +1 added reach, and allows to gain perk experience by breaking blocks.

Name Description Effect Required perks
Prospector Grants increased mining speed Increases mining speed by 50% (x1.5)
Gives 0.01 Alignment Charge while mining
Different Angles Using your pickaxe as shovel or axe Allows all Pickaxes to mine blocks Shovels and Axes can at full speed Prospector
Precise Hits Attacks have a chance of disarming the target Each attack on an entity has a 20% (+20% per half heart damage done) chance to cause the target to drop a piece of its worn armor
Gives 0.15 Alignment Charge each time an armor piece is dropped
Static Charge Chance to damage another entity next to an attack Each attack on an entity has a 75% chance to deal 175% bonus damage and also deal the bonus damage to the closest entity within 4 blocks Prospector
Last Breath Higher attack damage and faster mining at low health Increases damage dealt by up to 300% (x4) and mining speed by up to 150% (x2.5) as health goes down, maximum reached at no health
Gives up to 0.05 Alignment Charge per hit and 0.02 Alignment Charge while mining, scaling like the bonuses
Static Charge
Stacking Destruction Higher attack damage and faster mining over time Attacking an entity or mining gives a bonus for 1.5 or increases its duration by that amount, up to 15 seconds at a time
Increases damage dealt by up to 200% (x3) and mining speed by up to 300% (x4) while the bonus is active, maximum being reached when the bonus is at 15 seconds remaining
Last Breath


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This constellation will bestow Efficiency on tools and Books and Haste on potions.


Main article: Ritual Pedestal (Astral Sorcery)

This constellation will break any solid blocks near the Pedestal.

Mantle of Stars

Main article: Mantle of Stars

This constellation will cause the player to break blocks faster and deals significant damage to nearby hostile mobs when one is slain.

Astral Tome entry

Shattering and destructive; the piercing light of this constellation forces its way even through most solid materials.
Astral Tome