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This page is about the Ethanol from Forestry. For other uses, see Ethanol.


Ethanol is a liquid introduced by Forestry that produces 5 MJ/t for 40,000 ticks when consumed in a Combustion Engine. Ethanol is produced by refining Biomass in a Refinery, or distilling it in a Still.

Older versions of mod packs may refer to Ethanol as Biofuel. The two are virtually the same, however Biofuel may not be used in a Biogas Engine.

Ethanol can also be used in Railcraft's Liquid Fueled Firebox for Steam Boilers. Each bucket of Ethanol produces 32k heat for the Steam Boiler.

It is also much more efficient than Industrialcraft's Biofuel.

Ethanol vs Fuel

Ethanol is very similar to Buildcraft's Fuel, in that both are refined from another fuel source. However, as Ethanol is produced from Biomass, it is a lot easier to create sustainable Ethanol production than it is to produce sustainable Fuel production.

Ethanol is a less efficient energy source than Fuel. Ethanol produces 4 MJ/t for 40,000 ticks, whilst Fuel creates 6 MJ/t for 100,000 ticks. This makes Ethanol approximately 30% of the efficiency of Fuel

Fuel Output

Machine Output Output/t
Liquid Fueled Firebox 32,000 Heat
Force Engine 120,000 MJ 2 MJ/t
Combustion Engine 120,000 MJ 4 MJ/t
Generator 50,000 EU 10 EU/t
Bio Generator 128,000 EU 32 EU/t