Etched Quartz Plate

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Etched Quartz Plate (Pattern 1)

ModFactory Tech
Etched Quartz Plate - Pattern 1
Etched Quartz Plate - Pattern 2
Etched Quartz Plate - Pattern 3
Etched Quartz Plate - Pattern 4

The Etched Quartz Plate is a crafting component added by Factory Tech. Etched Quartz Plates are the second step in the production of Factory Tech circuit boards. They are created in the Circuit Scribe. There are four variants, each bearing a unique pattern. The four patterns are detailed in the Blueprint Collection and are reproduced here for players' convenience. Etched Quartz Plates are used to create Filled Quartz Plates.

Programming the Circuit Scribe

Upon opening the Circuit Scribe GUI, the player is presented with a blank, white slate. By left-clicking on the slate, squares are turned gray. While the pattern of white and gray squares does not match one of the four variants, a red X will be displayed in the bottom-right corner of the GUI. When a pattern is correct, the red X will change to a green Tick mark. When the green Tick is displayed, a Blank Quartz Plate can be placed in the input slot and it will be etched with the pattern.