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This page is about the mod development team. For other uses, see Esteemed Innovation.
Esteemed Innovation Team
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ModsEsteemed Innovation
Discontinued modsFlaxbeard's Steam Power
Flaxbeard's Steam Power Mobile[note 1]
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The Esteemed Innovation Team is the group of people who develop the Esteemed Innovation mod. They formerly developed Flaxbeard's Steam Power (FSP) and its mobile version, though FSP was discontinued for its successor, Esteemed Innovation, and the mobile developer, kingbudderjr, has not remained in contact with the rest of the team.

It was technically created by SatanicSanta and Xbony2, because the original development team of Flaxbeard and Zenith never had a name or its own GitHub organization. Since SatanicSanta and Xbony2 have created the team, it has expanded. The team's name originates from the name of the in-game guide book, Esteemed Innovation.


Esteemed Innovation is divided into 4 main subteams: General Developers, Mobile Developers, Aesthetics Team, and the Testing Monkeys.

The General Developers are the primary contributors to Esteemed Innovation (formerly Flaxbeard's Steam Power), as well as any other projects that may be started be Esteemed Innovation.

The Mobile Developers contribute to Flaxbeard's Steam Power Mobile.

The Aesthetics Team create the art, models, and lore for the mod.

Testing Monkeys are given access to early releases in order to catch major bugs so that they can be resolved before proper beta or full releases.


Current members

Name Team Specializations Notes
SatanicSanta General Developers Core feature development and bug fixing
ExpensiveKoala General Developers Core feature development and bug fixing
Xbony2 General Developers Cross-mod interactions and ForgeGradle
Strikingwolf General Developers Stylistic and pragmatic improvements
Kingbudderjr Mobile Developers
Drullkus Aesthetics Team Models Laughter which Destroys Evil's Marks. On hiatus while working on Chisel.
DoopPatrol Aesthetics Team
Lance5057 Aesthetics Team and General Developers Primarily focuses on art, but helps with development and game design as well when needed.
DivineAspect Testing Monkeys Game design and balance Prince among men, font of awesome ideas, wielder of the sacred wrench, and living rubber duck to many programmers.
OutcastZeroOne Testing Monkeys
OrcAndHat/Xulk Testing Monkeys

Previous members

At the time that these members were involved, the previously described sub-teams were not present. The teams listed in the below table are assumed based on their involvement and contributions.

Name Team Specializations Notes
Blorph Aesthetics Team Textures
Flaxbeard General Developers Lead developer and project lead

Has sporadically returned to the team since leaving, and thus, he is still listed in the GitHub organization.

Zenith General Developers Still largely helps with design, recipes, lore, and balance aspects of the mod, but is not considered to be on the team, as that is the extent of his contributions. Members of Esteemed Innovation also help design and contribute to his Essential Code projects.
dmillerw General Developers Fixing Steam Exosuit bugs Was only on the team briefly until the main few bugs were resolved
Dimitriye98 General Developers Worked on the mod when it was known as Steamcraft or SteamPower.

Explanation and philosophy of membership

There exists a core set of people who have decided that a portion of their everyday time is best spent working on the projects of the EI Team, as described above. Though this is true, the difference between members and average users in the community is fairly arbitrary.

Ownership and hierarchy

The EI Team operates as an organization utilizing a mixture between common and collective ownership practices in which contributions by community members are valued equally to those of the members of the team.

There is no hierarchy of value or importance between contributors and EI Team members. In that respect, membership itself is arbitrary and simply a bureaucratic decision based around time management and allocation of permissions in social media and Git repositories, rather than the creation of a hierarchy based around worth and labor.

Members of the community and the organization have equal say in the direction of the mod, if they choose to provide it, and can contribute by testing, development, and asset (textures, models, sounds, localization, etc.) production.


The EI projects hosted on CurseForge accumulate profits through the CurseForge Rewards Program. Since the ownership of the organization is common/collective, this can become muddied. Community members who contribute frequently have the ability to request a share of the profits accumulated through the Reward Program. Reward profits are distributed evenly among those who have opted-in as is expected of a socialist-oriented organization.

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  1. Though never explicitly stated, the developer of the Mobile version of FSP has been in contact with the team rarely and has not committed to the Mobile repository ever.